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A Case of Retaliation (00000153)
2.6/5 (97 Votes)
My mom's ex liked to take me to hospital appointments and make us dinner. He appeared considerate, but I wanted to see just how considerate he actually was. He sped around corners and gave me neck cramps for 1 hour drive each time I got a ride from him. When he cooked, he didn't check to see if the food was expired, nor clean out the fridge and cupboard when food expired so we frequently got food poisoning. I had enough. One day he left his dishes in the sink. So did I. He left his clothes in the washer and dryer. So did I. When I was told by my mom's ex in front of her that I was being a leech, I did stuff for my mom all the time any time she asked. This infuriated her ex cause I just made a liar out of him. When he confronted me in private I told him he had no bearing on my life and I didn't owe him anything. He got so up-in my face when he got drunk, he actually told me to get out of his face. I stood my ground infuriating him further till he threatened my life just to get me to leave the room. I told my mom this, and made it very clear how serious I was about that. Even though I couldn't care less cause he was a wuss that never did what he said. Finally, after mom and I had moved out without him, he came looking for mom late at night. She had gone to the landlord's mom's place for dinner cause she was invited by the landlord's mom. I told mom's ex, "she is out with "landlord's name". He assumed she was dating behind his back, made a scene, caused a ruckus, embarrassed mom and the landlord which finally resulted in him being banned from the property for trespassing. Now this man is in rehab for drinking issues. So that's why I tell people that get on my nerves, "don't mess with me or I'll copy you."

Posted on 16.09.2012, 13:23:50 CET
Place: Portland, Oregon
Take My Wife and Don't Bring Her Back (00000141)
2.8/5 (183 Votes)
Facebook, one of the Internet's most fundamental stalking tools, plays a key role in this sin of mine. A few days ago, a person who had practically been my stalker at one point went out of her way to start a conversation with me over Facebook. While chatting, I looked up her profile and saw the gist of what was going on in her life. She was 20 years old, married to a trucker, horribly obese, a mother, and apparently unfaithful. On her wall, her husband had posted something that went along the lines of "I am posting this on my wife's wall so that all you a**holes like Nick and others realize that I can find out about my wife's unfaithfulness. If you want her, you can contact me on Facebook and I will give you the address to my house. You can come pick her up, but if you take her then there is no bringing her back." So here I am, chatting with this ridiculously pathetic human being whose husband didn't even want her, and do you know how I feel? Fantastic. Because I love seeing how other people are just wasting their lives while I keep being more and more successful. Their failure only gives me strength. And since I really couldn't care less about the welfare of this girl that I was talking to, I commented on her husband's wall post which pointed out her infidelity. I said "Hahahahaha...oh man. You're seriously worried about other guys wanting to get a piece of that heap of disgusting flesh that you call a wife? Dear God. How low an example of man must you be to want to commit adultery with such a cow. I would try to convince you that it's only blind leprous wretches that you would have to worry about, but...well, who am I to be optimistic about the kind of guys that would associate with your precious spouse. But if that is the case and someone is idiot enough to run off with her, I would consider myself the luckiest man alive if I were you. Hasta luego." So really, I've two sins to confess. 1) I take pleasure in watching the misfortune of others and 2.) I get a blissful release by telling people off who do or do not deserve it, which merely reinforces the first sin. It's good to be bad, am I right?

Posted on 20.02.2012, 04:52:44 CET
Place: Seattle
Horrible Niece (00000139)
2.7/5 (107 Votes)
I don't love my niece anymore. I raised her myself until she was two. She was perfect and everyone loved her. She called me mommy and things were great. But then one day, my mother told me to teach my niece to call me by my first name becuase it was wrong. I did it, understanding her concern. But I came back from a three day trip and found that my mother had used that time to train my niece to call her mommy instead. I had demanded that my mom tell my niece to call her grandma. My mother wouldn't. She said she wasn't going to stop a little girl like my niece from knowing her rightful mother. I was enraged. But she still did everything she could to turn my niece to her. She bribed her with gifts and goodies. She bought her with candy and whatever she wanted. She is now a four-year-old screaming little brat. She screams everywere we go to the point of embarrassment. I won't walk behind her because of how embarrassing she is. My mom will buy her what ever she wants even if it will put her in the hole. She lets my niece hit me, bite me, spit on me and treat me like crap. And then she tells me that she can do whatever she wants to me. My sin, the one that I don't want forgiveness for, is that I hate my niece. I loathe the very sight of her. Her eyes are poison and greedy. She doesn't care about anybody, and she is rude beyond her years. She is manipulative and cruel, nasty and gross. I hate her. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her. I could never love a monster like that child. And my mother turned her into that screaming banshee, all becuase she was jealous that my niece wanted me and not her. I hate that child. And I will not take it back. I know you all will be mad, but you would have to meet this child to understand. This child will pee on the floor or make herself vomit in public places if you say no to her. We've been banned from 22 resturants and fast food places already. We have friends and family that forbid us from bringing her with us because she is so crazy. I hate her. She has ruined everything.

Posted on 16.01.2012, 08:50:36 CET
The Babysitter's Worst Nightmare (00000130)
2.5/5 (88 Votes)
Back when I was little, I had babysitters. I have three older siblings, and the four of us combined were absolute monsters to watch. Never once did we get a repeat babysitter! We were so bad that we actually had 2 babysitters. Anyway, this one time we were exceptionally horrible, stealing shoes and hiding them, cracking eggs under the table, and screaming bloody murder! The babysitters decided to put us all in time out, but we would have none of it! We all stood up and scattered, me running to my parents room. I had just learned the phone number for the police in school, and I picked up the phone by parents' bedside table and dialed 911. The police showed up 10 minutes later yelling at the sitters to take better care of the children!

Posted on 09.10.2011, 10:20:55 CET
Place: USA

Casting the First Stone (00000119)
2.3/5 (103 Votes)
When I was in 4th grade, there was this boy who rode my bus. He was mentally retarted or something. And God, was he annoying. So one day, after we got off the bus (he lived in my neighborhood too), his annoyance became unbearable, so I picked up a rock and threw it at his head. Needless to say, he started bleeding all over the place and he ran home. When confronted, I said I hadn't ridden the bus that day....

Posted on 29.07.2011, 12:56:28 CET
Place: NC

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