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Hip DJ (00000104)
2.8/5 (157 Votes)
I lied about myself living a double life as a DJ in China throughout my high school life in order to be accepted.

Posted on 26.06.2011, 17:01:57 CET
Place: Manila, Philippines
A trustworthy person (00000096)
2.5/5 (78 Votes)
I cheated on my math test, my math teacher later told my parents at parent-teacher conference that I'm the most trustworthy person she knows and commended me for being so honorable.

Posted on 03.03.2011, 06:23:52 CET
Place: 601 N P H S Boulevard, North Pole, AK
Water Indicator (00000079)
2.8/5 (182 Votes)
Four week ago my iP*d Touch fell into the water. All new instruments have water indicators that register water damage and thereby the voiding of the guarantee. Said instrument's indicator was red, of course, ergo, guarantee voided. I thought about it a bit and had a genial idea. I went to the discount store and bought myself a bottle of chlorine bleach. For a couple of days, with a soaked toothpick I nicely painted the water indicator (in this instrument it's conveniently mounted in the headset port). What can I say, indicator white, instrument sent in, new instrument received. I don't feel bad about it, that Cupertino company's profit margins are too high anyway, besides now I can always beautifully bleach my whites.
Tags: Fraud Lie

Posted on 13.03.2010, 22:12:28 CET
Horny Teen Chick (00000071)
2.8/5 (159 Votes)
I have a typewriter that I've actually been wanting to sell. The attempt really didn't make any sense, nobody takes a typewriter off one's hands these days. But there is high demand for the online auction pictures. Why? I saved them in a folder and named it "Horny Teen Chick" After that, provided access on our student dormitory's network and added a hit counter. Until now, "she's" had 900 clicks, that's almost double the clicks as there are possible users. About 500 students live in our dormitory, all networked. I'd really like to know who keeps clicking on it to stare at the typewriter. For that reason, I still haven't given up the hope of one of these days selling the typewriter; maybe soon someone will actually marry her.
Tags: Lie Curiosity

Posted on 22.10.2009, 20:42:11 CET
Place: Weingarten, Germany

Wrong Kind of Fame (00000063)
3.0/5 (373 Votes)
I (w/27) must confess that I have a small supporting role in a German television series. Now and then it happens that somebody recognizes me on the street, never mind that my part is so small that they don't know my name or can't quite remember the series. Then, mostly they say something like "I know you from somewhere," or "aren't you on TV?" When it's a male accompanied by girlfriend or wife I respond without fail "sorry, I only do porn movies."
Tags: Lie Media

Posted on 29.09.2009, 15:27:55 CET
Place: Berlin, Germany

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