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Imaginary Lover (00000471)
2.4/5 (160 Votes)
I made up a whole story to my friends about me being in a relationship with this super hot guy and the want to meet him. Whatthe hell do I do?
Tags: Curiosity Lie

Posted on 31.05.2013, 02:06:44 CET
Place: 6th avenue, Lexington, ky, usa
First Love never ever lasts, or does it? (00000446)
2.7/5 (85 Votes)
I had sex twice with this [...]
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Posted on 19.05.2013, 19:37:52 CET

Not hung like a horse (00000407)
2.7/5 (173 Votes)
I (m/20) am black, and I must say that it has been annoying me recently. Because I'm black, every girl that I take home thinks that I have a real schlong. In reality it is actually "only" 5 inches and I always see the look of disappointment on women's faces. Girls, wake up, just because it is on TV doesn't mean that it is true!

Posted on 01.05.2013, 22:09:53 CET
Gangsta's Paradise (00000390)
2.5/5 (175 Votes)
At a very young age I learned how to deal drugs, and exploit under aged women. Realizing how hard it is to live life in the "ghetto". I have also experienced how to steal, lie, and even take someone else's life. Now, things are much clearer, that I completely understand whatever it is we do in life, is what we have to go through in order to understand how change could apparently manipulate and shape things to the obvious.

Posted on 25.04.2013, 03:14:19 CET
Rebound, Offensive or Defensive? (00000372)
2.6/5 (84 Votes)
Well I can't confess of my [...]
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Posted on 15.04.2013, 07:28:53 CET

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