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Lustful (00000424)
2.6/5 (139 Votes)
I have an ongoing issue with looking at pornography. I'm so disappointed that I can't seem to put this sin to a stop. I sin against my wife, and our Lord. Father, please forgive me and help me to overcome this perversion by the power of Your Spirit! Thank You for your love and faithfulness to me.

Posted on 08.05.2013, 15:54:30 CET
My very young mistress (00000378)
2.5/5 (65 Votes)
I (51) work in a big company and am pretty much on the shelf, although I am young at heart. I am pretty happy in my role, I earn a lot and still have time for my family. That many of my former colleagues changed to other positions, departments of even companies for career reasons didn't bother me particularly, I was happy. Of course, with time the average age sank because of new recruits and I had problems getting along with the new colleagues. Hardly any of my colleagues are married or in serious relationships. For example, a new conquest would be talked about a lot in the office and the impression that they thought I was too old to join in with these conversations grew. I have been happily married for 20 years, but it doesn't mean that I'm prudish. So I was often left out; obviously my colleagues thought I was boring. Alongside these conversations they also discussed work and friendships built up, which slowly but surely started to topple my authority, since they gave certain pieces of information to their favorite colleagues first before it was made official to the team; they passed me by. On top of this, and I must admit this honestly, I felt old and boring. Around Christmas I broke a leg on a skiing trip. Since my daughter (22) only has to make a small detour to go to my work on the way to school, she took me with her in the mornings. She would help me out of the car, I would thank her and say, "have a good day, sweetheart". My daughter would blow me a kiss on her way out. I have to add that she is as pretty as a picture: long dark hair, big eyes, long legs. This game repeated itself for a few days until a colleague, also married, but who shags intern after intern, took me to the side and advised me not to openly present my lover if I didn't want my wife to get wind of it. After a moment it became clear to me that there had been a misunderstanding which they had already discussed in the department. Thus I confess: Since my colleagues have been thinking that I have a young, beautiful mistress about which my wife has no idea, I am back in the middle of everything that happens. It has lasted a few months like this, and I have quite a bad conscience , because I have sort of lied to my colleagues and I enjoy knowing that they think I am a real stud. I plan to tell them soon that my "mistress" was becoming too dependent and therefore I left her. By the way my wife found it quite funny. And they still tell me that women over 40 are worth nothing!
Tags: Work 50+ Lust

Posted on 21.04.2013, 04:43:48 CET
The Barracks (00000374)
2.8/5 (56 Votes)
I am in the military stationed [...]
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Posted on 15.04.2013, 18:29:58 CET
I, Obsession (00000355)
2.6/5 (77 Votes)
I have a deep and burning hidden desires for a famous ultimate bowler. He is born of the hump species. Slightly slow and mentally challenged. He "does it" with poop cat consistently. All I can do is sit back, enjoy, and watch. God forgive my soul.

Posted on 05.04.2013, 19:28:14 CET

I touch... (00000353)
2.8/5 (80 Votes)
Stimulation and lustful thoughts have occurred, and I am so sorry for my sins. I always wish I could take things back but there is no way to do so, and I hope that God can forgive me because I wanted to do confession now, and there is no way of me being able to get to a church at this point, and time.

Posted on 03.04.2013, 17:14:48 CET

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