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Abstination (00000282)
2.6/5 (95 Votes)
I get bored easily, so one night a couple years ago I started to get into online anime sex . I didn't want to do it but it was sort of like an addiction. I've tried to stay away from it but it haunts my brain. it went from cartoon pictures, to games, videos. real people freak me out so I'd usually stay away from that stuff. I'm so ashamed, I haven't told my parents this because I'm afraid of what they'll think. I don't stir on myself, but every time I shut it off, I feel so empty and embarrassed.

Posted on 07.03.2013, 05:04:46 CET
Apex (00000274)
2.5/5 (124 Votes)
I know that, for women, an reaching your peak is apparently a waste of time as it does not help to accomplish anything other than fulfilling our own selfish desires, but sometimes I can't help myself. I don't have as many climaxes as most women I know, but I have had one already this year, and I had 5 last year. I wish to be forgiven for every single one I have ever had, and I will try to remember that only men should get orgasms in the future.

Posted on 24.02.2013, 04:48:43 CET
Fellatio (00000273)
2.4/5 (152 Votes)
My husband forbids me to ever stimulate by myself. Well, last night I was lonely and thinking about things I shouldn't be thinking about since he had been away on business for a week now. So, I masturbated despite his wishes.

Posted on 22.02.2013, 11:17:49 CET
Wild and Free (00000271)
2.6/5 (73 Votes)
I was raised in a religious family, since I was forced to go I grow up hating the church, now I'm an atheist. Now my life took the turning point and I'm doing things I never would have since now I feel free and unafraid, like lying, and pleasuring myself, Haha at the age 15 and and I'm going crazy.

Posted on 20.02.2013, 17:54:33 CET

Stir it Up (00000270)
2.6/5 (93 Votes)
I am now 13 years old, and I have been watching hardcore adult movies for the past 3 years. I have also been stimulating myself with the use of a pillow or a blanket for around 5 or 6 years since.

Posted on 18.02.2013, 20:58:16 CET

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