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Almost in the Mile High Club (00000137)
2.9/5 (129 Votes)
A few years ago, I was on an airplane. I decided that it was in my best interest to jerk off in the bathroom. This was before The Hangover, so I felt very accomplished for an original idea. I wasn't caught, and there was something awesome about being surrounded by so many people who had no idea what I was doing. I don't regret it one bit. I guess I'm almost part of the mile high club.

Posted on 05.01.2012, 04:49:10 CET
Place: The sky
Happy Moments (00000125)
2.7/5 (90 Votes)
When I was in 3rd grade, [...]
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Posted on 21.08.2011, 04:06:54 CET
Place: NC
Hallway Onanism (00000067)
2.7/5 (103 Votes)
I (m) would like to tell you something very embarrassing from the days of my youth. I was around 14 and often had the desire to masturbate, which I did regularly, of course. One day I'd forgotten our apartment key and was forced to wait on the staircase for my mother. Of all things, I got the urge to masturbate there in the staircase, and so I did. I never thought at all about someone coming out of the apartment next door to ours. Anyway, I was about to come as a bunch of young people emerged from the apartment and I, in lusty urgency, simply let it squirt. Not realizing what I was doing, I took off with my pants still down, and almost ran into the arms of our downstairs neighbor. You can imagine that from then on I avoided crossing paths with the neighbor. For several years, to be exact!

Posted on 09.10.2009, 23:30:10 CET
Fun in the Gondola (00000062)
2.9/5 (172 Votes)
When I was still a bit younger, about 14 or 15, I always used to go on vacation in the mountains with my parents. And just how it is at the height of puberty, off and on you get the urge to masturbate. Because I didn't want to wait until evening and my bed, I got an idea. We had been on an excursion up a mountain and were heading down in 4-person gondolas. My parents together took one gondola. Because not much was going on that day, they let me sit by myself in the gondola behind theirs. And that's where I acted on my pubertal urges. When the downhill journey started, I opened my pants, pulled out my little friend and started to masturbate. No one was sitting in the gondola behind me, from their gondola my parents couldn't see into mine and when somebody was going up on the opposite side, I just sat there in my seat like a well-behaved little boy. As soon as no one was around any more, I proceeded with my hand job. That's how it went for the whole trip. Shortly before exiting at the bottom station, I sprayed my semen all over the gondola's floor and closed my pants up proper.

Now, on exiting, you get assistance from a worker, whose job it is to hold the gondolas steady or as it were to open the doors. As I got out, he grinned at me, as if barely stifling his laughter. What, is he retarded? I thought. No, the idiot was me. Mounted on the wall were several screens that showed live video from surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, I hadn't noticed them during the trip. As a result, the worker could observe my entire hand job procedure, climaxing with the ejaculation. That was so embarrassing. Even if not a soul knew me there, I could have sunk into the ground with shame. Puberty sucks!

Posted on 21.09.2009, 02:57:33 CET

Attic mirror (00000053)
2.7/5 (106 Votes)
I live in an attic. That's why my room has a sloped ceiling over where my bed stands. Yesterday evening, I got the urge to give myself a hand job, stood up and went at it. I made sure to stand under the sloped ceiling, otherwise the neighbors in the house next door could see me through the window. After I was done, I stood by the window, looked out and saw my neighbor. I gave him a friendly "hello." To which he responded: "God, that's really abnormal." I didn't know right away what he meant. Then I realized that the lamp on on my bedside table had thrown my shadow on the wall as I was giving myself the hand job. That's what he must have seen alright. Now, when I go at it, I turn out the light.

Posted on 30.07.2009, 20:46:51 CET

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