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Puppy Love (00000409)
2.7/5 (106 Votes)
So I am a 14 year [...]
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Posted on 02.05.2013, 04:33:54 CET
Not hung like a horse (00000407)
2.7/5 (173 Votes)
I (m/20) am black, and I must say that it has been annoying me recently. Because I'm black, every girl that I take home thinks that I have a real schlong. In reality it is actually "only" 5 inches and I always see the look of disappointment on women's faces. Girls, wake up, just because it is on TV doesn't mean that it is true!

Posted on 01.05.2013, 22:09:53 CET

Small talk on the toilet (00000370)
2.8/5 (99 Votes)
When I am all by myself in public toilets, at portable service stations, and notice that someone inside, I knock on the door and ask stupid joke-questions. Here's a selection: "Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus?", "How are you? Are you hiding something that you want to talk about?", I also try to build up small talk about the weather and football. The topics and patter come mostly completely spontaneously, because they have just come to mind. I know that this is strange behavior, but I love the thought that someone is there crouching on the toilet just thinking WTF?

Posted on 15.04.2013, 05:49:43 CET
No Pain, No Gain (00000359)
2.7/5 (82 Votes)
I get turned on by pain. I think this is called masochism? God I'm so fucked up, aren't I? I don't even know what to do about it, so I'm just writing about it here. Any suggestions would be great I guess. The last time was I heated up a Bobby pin and burned my arm, no one was home. And I got extremely horny, I was so turned on I didn't even know what to do, even trying to masturbate didn't help. It just got me more aroused so I just sat there burning myself and then I started touching myself and I ended up. Well you know! It was amazing, I've never felt that good before but oh my god, it's so wrong and I don't know what to do.

Posted on 09.04.2013, 08:04:25 CET
I, Obsession (00000355)
2.6/5 (78 Votes)
I have a deep and burning hidden desires for a famous ultimate bowler. He is born of the hump species. Slightly slow and mentally challenged. He "does it" with poop cat consistently. All I can do is sit back, enjoy, and watch. God forgive my soul.

Posted on 05.04.2013, 19:28:14 CET

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