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Why Can't I be Happy (00000508)
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I don't eat, I hurt myself because everyone leaves me. I said to my friend that they were accidents of what she sees, and I fooled her but she's moving away, and my father hates me communicating with others. I see how happy others are, and I'm so jealous.

Posted on 08.07.2013, 21:09:02 CET
Place: East Kathleenshire
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Characteristics of Genre in An American Story. Every year, there are thousands of Immigrants who make sacrifices to come to the U.S. They have to sometimes even be parted from their family for a long time, and may never see their families again.

Posted on 24.05.2013, 18:13:07 CET
Tonight's the Night (00000410)
2.7/5 (171 Votes)
I did not think even for a nanosecond that my life would become so miserable. It was all due to a single mistake, which I did. I agree that my mistake was no small. But even then, it is very much easy to forgive my mistake. The things I did not were not at all done consciously. And I am sure God knows that. I was in complete chaos; I did not realize my duties, responsibilities towards my family, and the world. I thought I must only do what I liked in the life. I did not think about my parents, who have worked hard endlessly, to make me lead a happy life.In my selfish motive to live my life, I stole my friend's laptop and mobile. Afraid of returning it, I threw them away. My parents paid the lost amount to them, but it hurt them and me. I will never ever repeat any mistake in my life. I did not think about how it would hurt my friends, if they found that I was a bad guy. I was completely selfish, 100%. Those made me do a serious mistake, which almost ruined my career. Yes, it nearly ruined my career. But again, by God's grace, I was saved. Even though I have let him down due to my actions, it was done during my unlucky days. Now God, I know I still am your favorite. I know you have forgiven me. You know that I have reformed. You know that I still deserve one more chance.

Posted on 02.05.2013, 06:31:46 CET
Love will conquer all (00000356)
2.7/5 (149 Votes)
I'm the vice chairman at a local organization and we receive international volunteers on a regular basis. I'm 31 years of age, and have become very friendly with one, of 19, who has been with us for over a month, but leaves again in three weeks. For reasons beyond my understanding, practically my ENTIRE family dislikes her, despite that she's genuinely a wonderful girl though. I'm torn beyond description because I absolutely KNOW she will never be accepted, but I love her. I'm in no position (due to myriad circumstances at home/work) to simply move with her when she leaves, yet, even if I could, she still has about two years of university to finish and has a tough family life herself. Her parents having fled dangerous cultural wars in her own country. I haven't so much sinned as landed in a precarious, and very messy situation no matter what direction I go, no matter which decisions I make, no matter what I say or think, something will be ruined irreparably. I see no opportunity for us to be together happily, though I want nothing but! She is amazing, more than likely the one. But, logically, I can't bring myself to do anything other than hope for a miracle, unless I'm missing something. Would someone please help me. What am I supposed to do?

Posted on 07.04.2013, 12:52:14 CET

A few good men (00000351)
2.7/5 (147 Votes)
I was seventeen with my first [...]
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Posted on 03.04.2013, 05:54:47 CET

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