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Men's Cologne (00000481)
2.3/5 (202 Votes)
Got some pheromone based cologne that's designed to operate a vehicle my wife crazy. Our German Shepard finds me fascinating, but don't know if she will discover that it's appealing.

Posted on 07.06.2013, 20:10:17 CET
2.7/5 (178 Votes)
Characteristics of Genre in An American Story. Every year, there are thousands of Immigrants who make sacrifices to come to the U.S. They have to sometimes even be parted from their family for a long time, and may never see their families again.

Posted on 24.05.2013, 18:13:07 CET
The Man - The Legend (00000223)
2.5/5 (124 Votes)
Something terribly stupid happened to me today. I was sitting in the kitchen filling out an online application and had just finished my cover letter when my roommate came in. He noticed the letter on my laptop and told me I should jokingly write "The Man - The Legend" under my name. So I actually did it, just so I could see what it looked like and laugh about it. Well, you can guess the rest of the story. Now I'm waiting to receive a reply from the company that asks me why I’m a legend. Forgive me please, but with so much stupidity and carelessness, I probably didn't deserve the job anyway.

Posted on 04.01.2013, 05:29:25 CET
The Cheater and the Garbage Cans (00000176)
2.6/5 (151 Votes)
My buddy and I (22) have something to confess. He's been with his girlfriend for four years, but recently it's been going poorly, and we both had a feeling that she might be seeing someone else. We all live in a more or less tiny town. Two weeks ago, a friend, who lives across from said girlfriend, told us that she was being visited by a guy once in a while late at night. He always parked his car in a small dark parking lot and then snuck up to her house. Her room is next to her parent's house. It was clear to us that her parents didn't know anything about it because they get along well with my buddy. We lay in wait and as expected, the guy came back on that night. He parked his car and slinked over. Then we realized for the first time who it was. The guy was also a friend of both of us and we had realized all along that it might be him. Naturally this didn't sit well with us and we planned our revenge. After a few minutes, we came up with something. We got ourselves an extra-long rope and took it to the cheater's car. Then we attached the rope to the rear towing eye and to a mailbox and four garbage cans that were in the parking lot. Then we lay down by our friend's window to watch and wait. After nearly four hours, the guy came out and went to his car. My buddy's girlfriend stood at the door to her room wearing a bathrobe and wanted to wave as he drove by. Then he drove off, of course not slowly, but almost in full throttle. That went well for a few seconds, but then the four garbage cans and the mailbox followed behind. You can easily imagine how loud that was on a street with houses on both sides in the middle of the night. Ironically, he then stopped with the whole mess right in front of the girlfriend's door. Her parents and a few neighbors were immediately outside of course. Consequently, a few days later, my buddy was finally single again.

Posted on 07.11.2012, 00:28:34 CET

Small, Successful Corner Shop (00000156)
2.7/5 (169 Votes)
About 10 years ago, I (m/32) took over a kind of village shop because my father died unexpectedly. I didn't actually want to take over the shop because I was still very young. Since my two siblings also didn't want to take over the shop because they both had higher goals, I did it, mostly out of love for my mother who was very attached to the business. I always got to listen to the same prophesy rom my dear siblings who said that I wouldn't keep the business for three years since no one stood a chance against the big stores in the cities. They always had a big laugh about that. At first it really was a lot of work. 14 hour days were not unusual for me because I still had to do orders and accounting work after normal business hours. I made just enough money to live and I was lucky that I didn't have to pay any rent for the shop location since I took it over along with the business. I also thought that I couldn't withstand the big stores for long.

Meanwhile, the situation changed against all expectations because the elderly people from our village buy almost everything from me since it is difficult to get into the city at their age. The young client is also increasing since not everyone can afford a car or wants to ride 30 minutes on the bus to the city. In short, I'm probably won't become a millionaire with the shop, but I have more than enough for my wife and two children, I can pay off the house, and can also have a treat now and then. Now for my confession: It's currently not going well for my siblings financially and so they regularly ask me for discounted food prices. I don't agree with it since my other customers have to pay full price. In addition, they always put me down since I took over the store. I offer them quality goods that are about to expire for free. I could slap the both of them when they suggest that I stick the business etc. up my butt and that I'm an egotist.

Posted on 11.10.2012, 15:19:07 CET

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