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Fabric Softener (00000154)
2.7/5 (103 Votes)
We have tenants that we rented an apartment to who haven't paid rent in three months. But besides that they're also insolent and threaten us; they're loud, they lie, and they drive the water bill sky high. They don't waste any time working either. Now to the actual story: they steal our fabric softener and laundry detergent. They don't bother to buy anything anymore and they have the nerve to use our stuff. I just did something totally childish. I got really nice fabric softener, the new kind from Lenor, and I mixed it with dye powder from class. The choice between neon blue and shocking pink was really tough. They're welcome to help themselves tomorrow morning and I'm as giddy as a child.

Posted on 09.10.2012, 03:51:13 CET
A Case of Retaliation (00000153)
2.6/5 (97 Votes)
My mom's ex liked to take me to hospital appointments and make us dinner. He appeared considerate, but I wanted to see just how considerate he actually was. He sped around corners and gave me neck cramps for 1 hour drive each time I got a ride from him. When he cooked, he didn't check to see if the food was expired, nor clean out the fridge and cupboard when food expired so we frequently got food poisoning. I had enough. One day he left his dishes in the sink. So did I. He left his clothes in the washer and dryer. So did I. When I was told by my mom's ex in front of her that I was being a leech, I did stuff for my mom all the time any time she asked. This infuriated her ex cause I just made a liar out of him. When he confronted me in private I told him he had no bearing on my life and I didn't owe him anything. He got so up-in my face when he got drunk, he actually told me to get out of his face. I stood my ground infuriating him further till he threatened my life just to get me to leave the room. I told my mom this, and made it very clear how serious I was about that. Even though I couldn't care less cause he was a wuss that never did what he said. Finally, after mom and I had moved out without him, he came looking for mom late at night. She had gone to the landlord's mom's place for dinner cause she was invited by the landlord's mom. I told mom's ex, "she is out with "landlord's name". He assumed she was dating behind his back, made a scene, caused a ruckus, embarrassed mom and the landlord which finally resulted in him being banned from the property for trespassing. Now this man is in rehab for drinking issues. So that's why I tell people that get on my nerves, "don't mess with me or I'll copy you."

Posted on 16.09.2012, 13:23:50 CET
Place: Portland, Oregon
Piercing the Condoms (00000138)
2.8/5 (149 Votes)
I pierced my ex-boyfriend's condoms after [...]
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Posted on 11.01.2012, 22:58:36 CET
Place: Gracani, Zagreb, Croatia
Digital Revenge (00000121)
2.8/5 (89 Votes)
My boyfriend was cheating on me with my best friend. When I found out, I hacked her phone and sent a message to his whole family containing a dirty picture he had sent me. To this day he thinks that my ex-best-friend did it.

Posted on 06.08.2011, 22:09:15 CET

From Devoted to Unvoted (00000105)
2.8/5 (108 Votes)
A while ago I had a boyfriend I was very much in love with. But then he cheated on me and broke up with me without even telling me. So my friends had to tell me finally and they also told me he denied being in love with me and denying our whole relationship. He said sorry after that, but ofcourse it wasn't forgiven yet. I once modeled for a website and he'd told me several times he was pretty jealous.

So I encouraged him to enter a contest for the same website, which he did. He told me to vote for him and gave me the link. Too bad he underestimated my abilities and anger. Let's just say, the people that already had more votes than him have a whole lot more now. And I admit it: I love having this much power over the competition and whether he wins or not.

Posted on 27.06.2011, 20:03:00 CET

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