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Murder he wrote (00000391)
2.5/5 (124 Votes)
Well, I was driving down the highway, when I got this voice mail from my girlfriend. I checked it, and it seemed as if she had accidentally dialed it. I heard her cheating on me with another man, and it filled me with rage to the point of no return. I couldn't help it. I went all the way from my business meeting in Louisville, Kentucky then all the way back to Little Rock, Arkansas, and I went berzerk. I flipped out on her, and I was yelling at her, cussing from the top of my lungs for her to die. She yelled at me saying I didn't love her as much or that I "Wasn't the same" anymore. I lost my mind. I looked her in the eyes and I said if I couldn't have her, nobody could. That night I drove back to her apartment and I broke in through the window. I climbed in as stealthily as I could, trying not to make a single sound, a sharpened knife in one hand, a gag in the other. I went and snuck into her room ever so slightly, and I held my hand over her mouth. She couldn't scream, and all I kept saying was, "I told you nobody else could have you." She whimpered as I held her so close to me. I put the gag in her mouth to make sure she shut up. Then I had the knife in my back pocket, making sure she couldn't reach it. I then pulled every piece of clothing off of her body and I then touched her in every way possible. I raped her, and I was feeling great about it. I hurt her and it pleased me. I then finished after 4 hours, bruises were creeping up her body, she was crying, and I licked the tears off of her face because I loved the taste of her fear. I enjoyed it. I then finally pulled out my knife and twiddled it between my index finger and my thumb, humming the tune that we danced to on our first date. She was still weeping so softly. I loved every succulent moment of it. I had such an adrenaline rush! I then wiped it very gently across her neck, and then I said, "Remember, I'm only doing this because I loved you when the feeling wasn't mutual." I then dug the knife deep into her skin, watching the blood drip down her body, loving every minute of it. I then dug deeper, hearing her gasps for breath, hearing the blood spurting out of her trachea, loving how she still could not scream, even if she wanted to. After about four or five minutes, she was dead. Her pulse had gone, and so had our love. But that was gone sooner. I then went back into her kitchen, and pulled out a big plastic trash bag. I put her body in it, and I dragged it down the stairs back to my car, making sure no one had seen what I had done. I then put her in my trunk, and I got in the car and drove away, speeding a little. I felt it. The rush. The power. I realized what I had done, and I could not take it back. I went and I got some bricks and some rope and tied it to the trash bag, then wrapped it with a heavier cloth bag, and I took her out onto a lake. I threw her into the lake, watching the air bubbles seeping through the seams of the bags, watching her float further and further down until the bag was a faded memory just like she was. I then drove back to my place, I didn't even care that there was blood in the back of my brand new Lincoln. I then pulled into my driveway, and I went back into my house and sat there. And sat there. And sat there. That was 12 years ago, and now she's gone. My sweet Susie is gone. All because of one mistake she made. All because of the main mistake I had made. I am glad I am forgiven for this, because it gives me hope that people will accept me, even knowing how much of a monster I was. Thank you all for this. I will never do that again...

Posted on 27.04.2013, 16:30:07 CET
Cold Cuts (00000357)
2.6/5 (69 Votes)
I work the night shift at my job, and it just so happens that I don't like any of my coworkers. Since we work 24 hours a day there is a refrigerator in our office. Every day people come in and complain that the stuff they leave in the refrigerator comes up missing. Never a lot at once. Just small stuff like one bottles of water or a single piece of fruit. I often let them know who I think is behind it and tell them why I think that person is the culprit. The truth is I lied. It's me. I never eat anything. I just take it to a different office and throw it away. That's my way of punishing everyone in the office for being such assholes.

Posted on 08.04.2013, 14:48:28 CET

Confucius says... (00000340)
2.6/5 (47 Votes)
I was out to get revenge on some asshole who nearly took the front bumper off of my car. So I followed him to a mall parking lot. Did a few rounds so he had time to get out and leave. I then jumped out and made 5 long and deep key scratches along his whole Camaro. I get in my car and pat myself on the back when I notice a completely different guy getting into the car, and yelling when he saw the scratches. I tried to open someone elses' car.

Posted on 29.03.2013, 04:25:04 CET
Rebounds and Revenge (00000339)
2.7/5 (80 Votes)
I used to have this really huge crush on a classmate in school. I would try to make my move, but fail, and every time I would try to bond with him, I would fail and feel ashamed. Well, he moved a couple months back, and I don't think he really liked me. I went a little too far. I messed around with his best friend, and soon gained a crush on his best friend. I started to slightly flirt with him and he didn't even notice. I'm talking about his best friend. I still continue to trash talk about him and flirt with his best friend.

Posted on 29.03.2013, 02:40:38 CET
Murder he wrote (00000338)
2.8/5 (72 Votes)
I killed my neighbor yesterday because he yelled at my dog. I hate it when people yell at my dog so I just got really fed up with him. I just walked up to him and stabbed him 3 times in the chest, and then I hit him over the head with a hammer.

Posted on 29.03.2013, 02:04:01 CET

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