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I (00000428)
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I watch porn. I masturbate. [...]
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Posted on 12.05.2013, 22:23:58 CET
Change the World (00000389)
2.5/5 (158 Votes)
I'm now 35 years of age, where at this state, my predetermined life as I believe would be of somewhat vague, and I am still trying to figure things out on how to workaround things. I came from the Northern part of our country, decided to move and hopefully recover from meth addiction. There's this someone I now look up to as an inspiration, she's almost half my age, however, she makes me feel comfortable, accepted, understood, and loved. I just hope that this isn't one of my speculations, and be unfortunate enough to end up otherwise. But, whenever I look into her eyes, she always reminds me that I am alive.

Posted on 25.04.2013, 03:06:55 CET
No Pain, No Gain (00000359)
2.7/5 (82 Votes)
I get turned on by pain. I think this is called masochism? God I'm so fucked up, aren't I? I don't even know what to do about it, so I'm just writing about it here. Any suggestions would be great I guess. The last time was I heated up a Bobby pin and burned my arm, no one was home. And I got extremely horny, I was so turned on I didn't even know what to do, even trying to masturbate didn't help. It just got me more aroused so I just sat there burning myself and then I started touching myself and I ended up. Well you know! It was amazing, I've never felt that good before but oh my god, it's so wrong and I don't know what to do.

Posted on 09.04.2013, 08:04:25 CET
Teacher's Pet? (00000330)
2.7/5 (99 Votes)
I've really wanted to kill myself because of my teacher in English class, which is apparently one of my goals in life. She is mad at me for lending an owner to a seventh grader and thinking that I was in a food fight when I know I,m not. She just makes me want to die I know. She hates all of the students in my class. I know she wants us dead and I wanted to which I know is against God's will.

Posted on 23.03.2013, 00:39:41 CET

If they only knew (00000313)
2.5/5 (117 Votes)
I am a stage four throat cancer survivor slipping into alcoholism. Since my illness my wife of 36 years is detached. She never prepares food. I fix one or two eggs a day. Some times I do not eat for one or three days, she never notices, No one knows. She is not concerned. I have been a good provider and husband. I am just not able now. I am scared. I have lost 142 lbs in the last year and I am afraid that I may have survived my cancer just to succumb to a vice. I cannot eat and swallow, drinking is easy. I am losing this fight. I'm 57. I find myself welcoming an early demise. I am overwhelmed, I am alone. We have two children and 4 grand children that I very deeply love. I fear that I am doomed. I just wanted to say this. I know there will be cruel remarks, it does not matter. I have lost the love of my life and my health. I have lost my purpose. I am a proud man. I served this life well, cancer stole my life. My children and Grand children love me. I just wanted to say it to someone.

Posted on 11.03.2013, 07:13:14 CET

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