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Babysitting (00000113)
2.8/5 (118 Votes)
I'm having sex with my boyfriend while I'm supposed to be babysitting for my mother, watching my brothers and sisters.

Posted on 21.02.2011, 07:06:08 CET
Pushing her off the edge (00000111)
2.5/5 (178 Votes)
So back when I was around 14, I hung with this girl who had a crush on me so I could get closer to her best friend, who I was extremely attracted to. This worked out very well for a while, until the girl who had the crush on me tried to make out with me. I made it very clear that I had no interest in her whatsoever, and she ran away crying. That was the last I heard of her for a few days.
As it turns out, she was from a troubled home, with abusive parents. I found out she was in the hospital, when her mother found her in a bathtub with her wrists cut. I guess I pushed her off the edge, and she tried to kill herself. A year later with that girl out of the way I lost my virginity to her attractive best friend, a guilty pleasure kinda feeling. I regret nothing.

Posted on 14.07.2011, 02:09:28 CET
Place: TX

Mom told so (00000101)
2.6/5 (175 Votes)
I tell my younger sister daily that mum has asked her to do certain chores before she gets home, when I was really asked to do these chores.

Posted on 28.04.2011, 08:13:18 CET
Gamble in peace (00000011)
2.9/5 (173 Votes)
I slip my girlfriend a sleeping tablet in her dinner every night so I can gamble online in peace.

Posted on 27.04.2007, 14:14:55 CET

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