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Final Fantasy (00000431)
2.3/5 (136 Votes)
I did something terrible. I cut my wrists, I hate my life, and it needed to happen. And I think I'm bisexual which is a disgrace to God. Dear Mom and Dad, I'm sorry but I have to say this. I'm suicidal and bisexual. Please understand me I didn't want it but, its who I am. I'm sorry.

Posted on 13.05.2013, 08:28:55 CET
Young Wild and Free? (00000429)
2.7/5 (139 Votes)
I am a 16 year old who has a secret life living as a prostitute. Now I'm not talking about real life I'm talking about an online job. Ever since I was nine I felt sexually active, and had watched porn (gay, straight, anime, furry, etc.) and have always felt like I wanted to be a porn star. I come from a very strict family who knew I did that and took all internet away for the longest time. Flash forward to when I was thirteen I was beautiful (I still am) but I used it in the worst way. I've sent nudes (to more then one person) I talk dirty on the phone, and I masturbate (LOUD) my parents think it's natural but they don't know the things I think about at night mostly kinky dreams like bondage with someone I know or furry sex (wolves) specially teachers with students. Fast forward to know and I have a teacher who likes me and I don't know what to think I go to a private school and on top of that a christian school! my current boyfriend is very pure and doesn't know about my past I wanna clean up but at the same time I don't wanna stop I love it, and I wanna keep doing it! I'm hoping to ask my boyfriend soon if he wants to have sex but if he doesn't me and my ex were going to I will have another sin about him soon but I need help!

Posted on 12.05.2013, 23:57:10 CET
Candid Camera (00000426)
2.8/5 (99 Votes)
Last week, my mom asked me to audition at a comedy bar. The director's name was Jacqueline Night. The audition went great. Until they decided I was not fit for the position, and my mom was actually playing a practical joke on me, that's when I loaded in burst of rage, and faced the music. What I'm trying to say is, if she wasn't so mean maybe she wouldn't have to go and play everything, things might have turned out ok, and we wouldn't be so tired. None should ever judge anyone when no one is perfect in this world.

Posted on 12.05.2013, 07:29:47 CET
Hung Up! (00000397)
2.5/5 (107 Votes)
Back when the annoying telemarketing calls were in vogue, I angered quite a few people. I was just starting kindergarten, and at that age, you look up to your parents a lot. Since my mother always hung up when she received a telemarketing call, I did the same. But of course I didn't understand that she was only doing this with annoying telemarketing calls, so I after I said a friendly hello, I hung up every time. People called back again and again and I always hung up again. At some point my parents realized what was happening and explained things to me. I hope the calls weren't very important.

Posted on 25.04.2013, 20:53:33 CET

Sucks-cess! (00000371)
2.6/5 (84 Votes)
I'm male 22, am tired of everything going on my life. I'm tired of being unsuccessful in my life, either it my studies or living up to my family's expectation or anything else. The only thing good in my life will be my "friends" but I don't want to talk to them about this "problem" because I'm afraid they will take this as a joke. I know that I have a much better life than many others out there, not that I am super rich or something, but still this small problem is eating me out. And, I have moved into drugs i.e. alcohol or weed to suppress this. I know that it's not much of a confession but it feels good to get it off my chest. "I am not happy with almost everything that is going on my life."

Posted on 14.04.2013, 21:27:16 CET

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