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Encounters with the Elderly (00000241)
2.6/5 (53 Votes)
I (f) am a college student in my second semester. Every day I ride about an hour on the train from my home to my university. The other day I was sitting with a friend on a bank of four seats next to the bicycle compartment with the folding seats. The bicycle compartment was completely empty except for one young man. At a stop, an elderly man got on with his bicycle, and I didn't really pay much attention. But he went into the practically empty bicycle compartment and grumbled to the young man who sat there alone that he should (literally!), "Move his ass because this spot is reserved for bicyclists". No, "Good day", no "Please" My friend and I and the young man were all quite stunned because the row opposite was completely empty, but the older gentleman and his bike naturally had to go exactly where the young man sat. The nice gentleman then said, "I'm always right, so be accommodating and do what I say!" The young man then stood up wordlessly and sat in the opposite row and the friendly man and finally had enough room for his bike but he didn't even say thanks. My friend and I exchanged glances and thought about our section. Then I suddenly heard, "You don't need to look so dumb!" Puzzled, I looked around and sure enough, the elderly gentleman was looking out way and these outrageous words were meant for us! I couldn't hold back any longer and said, "Excuse me sir, but I don't have to let you insult me! Your behavior is beneath contempt, you could have just asked the young man nicely!" The nice man actually stood up, came over to us, sat next to us, and said to me, "Ok, girl, I'll tell you how it is!" I replied, "Thank you, but I can do without your company too", then my friend and I switched compartments. For the rest of the ride home, I was in a bad mood, and it wasn't improved when my mother called me and asked me to bring something home with me from the supermarket. As I stood in the checkout line, an elderly lady with two things approached me and said, "May I go in front of you?" Since I was only buying a few things, I said, "No", since I thought that the nice woman could be patient for two minutes. She then slammed her things on the belt and snapped, "You little snot! What are you even doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?" At that moment I could almost believe all the elderly were conspiring against me that day. At the end of my patience, I snapped, "I'm an adult and a college student, good woman! And what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in a nursing home?" Everyone in the checkout line including the cashier had to obviously keep from grinning, while the nice woman turned bright red and screamed at me, "Young people today simply don't have respect for the elderly anymore!" Luckily, I was checked out just then and as I packed up my things quietly, I responded to the nice woman, "The elderly clearly have no respect for youth anymore, so why should we show respect?" and left the store. The old woman was still happily clamoring behind me. I'd like to confess, that twice in one day I behaved disrespectfully to the elderly, which isn't how I normally am. Quite the opposite, I actually have a lot of respect for older people and I love to spend time with the elderly ladies who live next door. I simply can't take it when these older folks believe that they can take every liberty with youths and young adults. I'm really only sorry for the cashier who had to deal with the impudent woman after I upset her. I ask for forgiveness!

Posted on 21.01.2013, 20:12:07 CET
2.3/5 (71 Votes)
I was in the house painting business with my best friend, who became my ex-best friend for two reasons: He was the "business" department and I was the "labor" department. He had all the good contacts so while he was supposed to be drumming up work I would run the job sites. This was all going just fine until the work began to run out because instead of finding work he was sitting at home getting drunk and watching TV. When I found out about it I informed him that I was going to have to look elsewhere for work, and I think that's what led him to the second reason: one night while he was of course drunk he began to make threats about withholding the money he owed me. When I threatened back to sue him, he put a gun in my face. This probably would have been the final straw for a lot of people, but I had the opportunity to be able to reflect on it before making any decisions on what to do. I am not normally the vengeful type, but this guy was a real "type A" personality and I wanted to do something more than call the cops. I really wanted to take him down more than just a simple notch and I knew there was only one way to do that. He had this 19 year old daughter, you see, and she was a virgin. Was. But it wasn't just about taking her virginity. No. It had to be more. So I waited. I pretended like nothing had ever happened until I finally got the money from him. Then I just up and moved to another town, more of a city really. I had friends there who offered me a place to stay until I got on my feet and a month later I moved into my own place. During the last couple months in my old town I had established a relationship with said ex-friend's daughter. We had not had sex, but I had made sure that she had fallen in love with me, despite our age difference. I was 37 at the time. Anyway, she was heartbroken that I had moved away so as soon as I was moved into my new place I began my campaign to convince her that she should quit her job and move in with me. Her dad, needless to say was furious. So one evening she gathered up whatever belongings she could carry and bailed while he and his new wife were out for dinner and one of her friends drove her the six hours to where I was now living. She lost her virginity soon after. But that wasn't good enough. My ex-best friend, you see, had made the mistake of confiding to me his depraved sexual fantasies. He was really into dominance over women. So I did to her all the depraved things he had ever told me he like to do. I won't go into details, but let me assure you it was some pretty intense stuff, and she loved every minute of it. And more. As an added insult I convinced her to let me cut off all of her beautiful, long hair that she had been growing since she was a toddler. She lost a lifetimes worth of hair to a 1/4 inch buzz cut in about ten minutes. As a final insult I dumped her shortly after, citing age differences. In a last humiliation, the only person she had to turn to was her father to come and get her. And the punchline? She was still in love with me. I had to cut off all contact with her because she continued calling and online stalking me for a few weeks after. When he came to pick her up, he didn't say a word to me, but I could see by his expression that he knew that all his biggest fears about what I would do to his daughter had come true. And they did.

Posted on 03.01.2013, 05:48:32 CET
Turkish Superman (00000160)
2.6/5 (115 Votes)
When I was 10 years old, my parents and I took a vacation in Turkey. Every evening, the hotel we stayed at put on a little show for the children. While my parents and I watched, a superhero was fighting a villain. The Turkish puppeteers did a terrible job of putting on the show. As predicted, the villain hurt Superman so badly that he lay there on the ground, unconscious. All the children were now told to come on the stage and touch Superman in the right spot in order to bring him back to consciousness. All the other children touched him on the forehead, the chest and the stomach and nothing happened. Because my parents had forced me to go up, I hit him in the balls, which woke him up immediately. The other children were jealous, because I'd found the right spot. My parents of course didn't think it all that good and sent me to Superman after the show, and I had to apologize.

Posted on 16.10.2012, 04:47:48 CET
Place: Manavgat, Turkey
Keying the Car (00000147)
2.6/5 (221 Votes)
I drove to the store with my mother so she could pay her electric bill. While we were sitting in the car, a woman drove up and opened her door with (I swear) the power of a hydraulic ram into my mothers door. I got out of the car and was quite pissed. I started saying WTF, and instead of saying, "I'm sorry," or, "I didn't mean to do that," she just acted like I was not there and walked into the store. I was so pissed that I did something I would never do again. I took out my keys, went to her car, leaned into the key, and keyed her entire car from trunk to hood with as much force as I could so that it would have to be repaired with some body work. Needless to say, her car looked like shit, and we left before she came back out. I am not really sorry.

Posted on 27.06.2012, 00:00:29 CET
Place: Houston, Texas

Casting the First Stone (00000119)
2.3/5 (103 Votes)
When I was in 4th grade, there was this boy who rode my bus. He was mentally retarted or something. And God, was he annoying. So one day, after we got off the bus (he lived in my neighborhood too), his annoyance became unbearable, so I picked up a rock and threw it at his head. Needless to say, he started bleeding all over the place and he ran home. When confronted, I said I hadn't ridden the bus that day....

Posted on 29.07.2011, 12:56:28 CET
Place: NC

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