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Confucius says... (00000340)
2.6/5 (47 Votes)
I was out to get revenge on some asshole who nearly took the front bumper off of my car. So I followed him to a mall parking lot. Did a few rounds so he had time to get out and leave. I then jumped out and made 5 long and deep key scratches along his whole Camaro. I get in my car and pat myself on the back when I notice a completely different guy getting into the car, and yelling when he saw the scratches. I tried to open someone elses' car.

Posted on 29.03.2013, 04:25:04 CET
Made in China (00000327)
2.5/5 (64 Votes)
I was messing around in my friend's bedroom with a rubber ball while she was out getting us lunch. Anyhow, She has a lot of delicate things in her room and one of them is this 150 year old china doll. I accidentally threw the ball and the head fell off. I was stressing out and shoved the head back on hoping she wouldn't notice. She didn't but every time I go over to my friend's house the china doll still has the crack where it broke off and my friend hasn't noticed yet.

Posted on 21.03.2013, 08:02:25 CET
Decks and Sniffs (00000315)
2.6/5 (84 Votes)
Two nights ago, I threw a little get together with all of my close buds. Everybody got shitty drunk and one of my good guy friends busted out a sack of cocaine. We did a couple lines and he talked me into having sex with him. I still haven't slept.

Posted on 12.03.2013, 02:34:43 CET
2.7/5 (73 Votes)
I know that it sounds pretty mad and unbelievable, but this actually happened to me. A good three years ago, I (m, now 28) I worked as an office boy for a lawyer as a part-time job while studying law. My job was just making coffee, sorting documents and bring the post, but I was well paid. As a law student I was obviously interested in all the cases and sometimes read the case files. One case impressed me in particular. It was about a girl from Romania who came to Germany through a large network of human traffickers and had to work in a brothel, so she came to this lawyer. The case was already four years old at that time. I felt so much sympathy for this unknown person and sometimes I almost had tears in my eyes as I read the record of proceedings. A year later I had a different job and had almost forgotten about the case. At one of our flat parties, where there were always new people because friends brought their friends with them, I got to know a young, pretty girl who was studying Art History with a friend of mine. We instantly hit it off and talked the whole night, and after that we organised to meet up over coffee or at the cinema. One day she invited me back to her flat and told me her surname so that I knew which buzzer to ring. The whole time I had the feeling that I had heard the name somewhere before and when I stood in front of the door, the scales fell from my eyes. She was the girl from Romania. At first I didn't know whether to ignore this knowledge or whether I should speak to her about it. I distanced myself for a while and in hindsight I regret this enormously. Finally I made up my mind to say it to her and she was obviously hurt; she thought that I was distancing myself because she was made to sell her body. I felt even worse after that and contact dropped to a minimum. Motivated by friends, because I withdrew more and more, I made a last attempt to say sorry, and luckily she accepted my apology. Since then we have had a happy relationship and a few months ago we even moved in together. My confession is that I was an idiot and because of a few doubts I nearly let the love of my life get away.

Posted on 03.03.2013, 01:16:24 CET

The Professional (00000277)
2.7/5 (77 Votes)
I'm (f) 33 years old and work as a German and History teacher in a grammar school in Germany, which, named after a famous German writer, specializes in different languages. Sounds great, but it actually means nothing. The school is hardly different from any other, apart from maybe the technology facilities. In every unassuming room hangs a Smart board, which many of my older colleagues can't get to grips with. The boards can't be used without the technology, so if the technology fails, the teaching is pure improvisation. What's the use in all this apparently helpful technology and the Net books for IT classes? This school is in a sink estate. I have nothing against foreign pupils or students from poorer backgrounds, but even the younger years take a dim view of learning. Nobody wants to do homework, study, or even just listen, let alone take part. The higher up the school you go, the percentage of students who have to repeat a year increases. I have to answer questions like "what does reinforce mean?" coming from 16 year-olds. Recently, a girl in year 8 asked if Europe was a continent! I am driven to despair by my job. The parents shift the blame onto the teachers for bad grades, the teachers lose their drive, and each year, the students get more and more stupid. They know how to use the Smart board, but they have no idea whether the Weimar Republic (which was a liberal democratic republic in Germany) was a dictatorship or not. Once, I was so pissed off, that I threw a piece of cucumber at a pupil. I was extremely embarrassed, but it was generally assumed that I was joking. I just can't see why I should waste my time preparing an interesting, varied lesson for a bunch of primitive apes that aren't capable of concentrating for more than five seconds. So this is what I have done, although it upsets me, because I didn't study for years to do this: I have intentionally become every pupil's nightmare. I give out homework every day; I force the children to stand up when I come into the classroom. As soon as anyone speaks out of turn, that pupil goes straight outside and gets a "D" whoever hasn't finished their essay or presentation gets a letter to their parents. I know that instilling fear isn't the best way to teach, but lately it has been wonderfully quiet. I carefully read finished homework without getting into a fuss. I think I'll carry on torturing the pupils a while longer, and when they have internalized their good behavior, I will be a bit more lenient. When I was at school, I liked those teachers most, and I learnt best from them.

Posted on 26.02.2013, 06:26:14 CET

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