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Drinks on the house (00000269)
2.7/5 (171 Votes)
I let my mom get drunk before the night before I got my sister up for school and was beat up with a brush because I woke my mom up before she was ready which pretty much hurt like I was interrogated and tortured by some special services agency.

Posted on 16.02.2013, 22:55:33 CET
2.7/5 (145 Votes)
Nearing the end of the year 2012, me and my best friend were exhausted and sick of school so we decided to skip school for a couple days, but days became weeks which got really worse that the I got caught came. But the thing is, what I dreaded more was that my parents and the police would find out, my friend was not as innocent as I once thought she was. She stole from every single clothing line in the mall, I was absolutely god smacked and impressed by the sum of clothes she took. As a gullible teenager, I once was I surprised her by snatching 2 coke cans, and a mars bar from the supermarket. Together we both stole nearly $600 dollars worth of items. My mother asked me where I got the clothes from I lied to her and said that I 'got them from a friend', but there was that moment of realization i knew that my actions were wrong and I'm probably going to be found out soon so the next day my best friend asked if I wanted to do go and shoplift I said no, a week after she was taken in by police, and I knew it would be the same for me if I continued.

Posted on 12.02.2013, 08:33:13 CET
My pet mountain goat (00000260)
2.7/5 (109 Votes)
I had an intimate quality time with my pet mountain goat, I have enjoyed every last second until out of curiosity, why not get down and to add, get a fellatio? Unfortunately, the idea had turned out not the way I had thought of it. The furious horned beast bit my genital almost completely off, and now I regret everything.

Posted on 06.02.2013, 13:49:55 CET
Bellowing in the Car (00000245)
2.5/5 (54 Votes)
Sometimes when I (m) am traveling alone and I feel absolutely unobserved for example, when I'm driving on country roads or on the highway, I shout in the car just for fun. I have various scenarios. I either bellow tunelessly and unsuitably at any song that's currently playing or I scream at the radio DJ that he should finally stop talking and play a song. The whole thing is completely artificial of course. It's fun for me to think that at that moment no one can hear or see me in the car and I can simply scream loudly without disturbing anyone. Then I always have to grin about my silly behavior. I have to confess that a lot of people would probably end up in the loony bin for this kind of behavior. Nevertheless, I can only recommend that everyone try it sometime and simply get out of your skin and scream. I always feel better afterwards and have to laugh at myself.

Posted on 24.01.2013, 22:35:21 CET

Hardware Store Customers (00000236)
2.6/5 (80 Votes)
I've worked for six years at a hardware store. I like advising the customers and always take the trouble to help as much as possible. Unfortunately, Hollywood gives the impression that store employees spend the whole day standing around the store, using their phones, reading books, and not giving a damn about the customers. Because of that, customers often ask a question and simply don't let it go when they don't like the answer. For example, they'll ask about an item. When I tell them, "I'm sorry, we don't carry that here", (even when I double check in the catalog), they'll ask again and again because they think I'm just too lazy to really look or they’ll say, "Ok, thanks", and simply go to another employee to ask again. The same thing happens when the item isn't currently available. I know this is very annoying (not only for the customer), but it happens sometimes. So I tell them that it's not currently in stock because, for example, many people have already asked about the item and I know. Then the customer always asks, "Can't you take a look in the back anyway?" Of course I can't say, "No, you idiot, I just told you that we don't have it currently!" So I'd like to confess that I often go to the stockroom, wait a few seconds (or simply count to three), come back out to the customer and say, "No, I'm sorry, it's not there". But I only do that when I really know that nothing is there.

Posted on 18.01.2013, 04:28:23 CET

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