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Stamp Pad (00000064)
2.7/5 (112 Votes)
I (m/25) played a prank on a co-worker (m/52) that wound up giving me a bad case of remorse. I should add that we don't have a problem with each other and that we frequently kid around. On Friday, half an hour before the start of the weekend, I smushed his telephone receiver on his stamp pad. Luck would have it that as usual someone called him and he was on the phone 10 -15 minutes for sure. His sideburns and his entire ear were a really beautiful green. Unlucky for him, too, he then left 5 minutes early, with the result that nobody encountered him on the way to the car and he drove off like that. I confess this here now, because, considered in hindsight, even I found this prank to be very much borderline.

Posted on 01.10.2009, 22:31:44 CET
Alcoholic (00000056)
2.9/5 (137 Votes)
When I was still about four years old, my mother told me that the father of the neighbor family was an alcoholic. Until I was twelve, I thought "alcoholic" was a profession.

Posted on 11.08.2009, 17:39:58 CET
Attic mirror (00000053)
2.7/5 (106 Votes)
I live in an attic. That's why my room has a sloped ceiling over where my bed stands. Yesterday evening, I got the urge to give myself a hand job, stood up and went at it. I made sure to stand under the sloped ceiling, otherwise the neighbors in the house next door could see me through the window. After I was done, I stood by the window, looked out and saw my neighbor. I gave him a friendly "hello." To which he responded: "God, that's really abnormal." I didn't know right away what he meant. Then I realized that the lamp on on my bedside table had thrown my shadow on the wall as I was giving myself the hand job. That's what he must have seen alright. Now, when I go at it, I turn out the light.

Posted on 30.07.2009, 20:46:51 CET
Ghostbuster (00000051)
2.7/5 (96 Votes)
In 6th grade, I took the fire extinguisher, tied it to my back and played ghost busters. I got expelled from school. My parents had to pay damages and the re-filling of the extinguisher.

Posted on 26.07.2009, 15:07:18 CET

Sauna lady (00000049)
2.7/5 (89 Votes)
I was on holiday with a few colleagues a couple of years ago, and we decided to visit the Sauna to see how we liked it. Lying down, being bare naked, a very hot, roughly 30 year old woman entered the room. Of course, I got the biggest hard on ever. Being embarrassed, I got up and headed for the door. The woman saw my hard on and shook her head. Being in a crowd, with my colleagues present, I was a dare devil and said to her: "Quite a sight , don’t you think. You’re responsible for that hotty!"

Thinking I'd never see her again I wanted to be funny in front of the colleagues. After summer break I had to return to school. We were getting a new teacher. Guess the woman from the Sauna was the new teacher. The shame. She gave me a queer look, but we never talked about it. I am still embarrassed when I have to talk to her in the mornings.

Posted on 22.07.2009, 09:12:29 CET

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