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Paranormal Activity (00000400)
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I (m/38) just had three storm-free days; that is to say, my wife and children are not at home. Yesterday late at night I watched the horror film Paranormal Activity 2 and it creeped me out. I was really scared groping through the house in the dark, so I turned on lights everywhere, which I don't normally do. Now to the point. As I was lying in bed, the motion sensor light suddenly came on by itself. It is mounted near the children's beds so that if the baby wakes up at night and you stumble in half asleep, a little light is already on near the bed. It's impossible to activate it from my bed and I was alone in the room. I almost died of fright and I couldn't sleep for ages and had nightmares. I confess, that I as a grown man of almost 40 almost crapped my pants in fear because of a stupid horror film.

Posted on 25.04.2013, 08:49:59 CET
The hated flatmate (00000382)
2.8/5 (81 Votes)
This year, I got a large repayment on my utility bills of nearly 500 Euros. My former flatmate would be due to receive about 150, but I kept the amount a secret and only transferred her about 20. Reason; without my knowledge she kept a subtenant in her room and sent the key by post, although I am the main tenant and she herself was only a subtenant. She informed me of this when we were celebrating the end of the semester and I had already had a few. When I later called her out on this, she snapped, insulted me, and told me she couldn't get along with my impossible nature and gave her notice for her room. But of course only after the subtenant (from whom she was making a pretty packet) had been paid by our employer. Since the subtenant had already agreed, I didn't want to be mean and ban her, so I said she could stay for three months. During that time my flatmate (because I really am this stupid) just communicated to the subtenant that her parents should come and get her things and so on. This bitch annoyed me so much that I kept the money from her, she saved enough up and I don't owe her a cent! She never transferred her rent on time anyway.

Posted on 22.04.2013, 03:15:25 CET

The case of the test-tube stand (00000375)
2.7/5 (137 Votes)
I must confess. My own act of stupidity: In chemistry class not all that long ago I had the idea of sticking my hand in a test-tube stand. For everyone who doesn't know what that is: a board with holes roughly the diameter of a finger. What will happen will happen and the way out of this misery was impossible, since I couldn't raise my finger out. Meanwhile I had attracted the attention of the teacher and the whole class. Naturally the first reaction was resounding laughter. But after my finger couldn't be pulled out even with washing up liquid and cold water, the teacher looked for help from her colleagues. A short while later the majority of teachers were standing around me and suggested their own theories for a solution. These ranged from liquid nitrogen to a hammer, from a saw to calling the fire brigade. Luckily my finger was freed by combination therapy and I promptly stared at the ground, which I wished would swallow me up. And now to my actual confession: I did it again last week!

Posted on 15.04.2013, 22:55:25 CET
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I hate your babies they are [...]
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Posted on 10.04.2013, 01:01:07 CET
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Turtle in a half shell (00000352)
2.8/5 (100 Votes)
When I was little I found the cutest turtle outside in my back garden. I knew my friend Heather had a huge turtle shell and I just thought it was the coolest thing. So I left the turtle, went inside and got a knife. I went back outside and started stabbing the turtle inside the shell. And when he wouldn't die and I got sick from seeing so much blood, I started to cry and put it down, praying it would get better. I still feel like shit for doing that, I know it's not close but I feel like a murderer.

Posted on 03.04.2013, 06:04:29 CET

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