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Part-time Meter Maid (00000199)
2.7/5 (80 Votes)
Last time I drove to the city, a totally unknown woman started shouting at me from a distance. When I came closer, I caught, in addition to various insults, a few phrases like, "aren't allowed to write me up", "drive the same anyway", or "I can stick my ticket up my butt". The woman apparently took me for a meter maid because of my dark blue trench coat. Because I was really angry about the yelling and the insults, I played meter maid and explained to the woman that she had to pay 20 euros for she exceeded the maximum parking time and parked in an unsafe manner, she wasn't actually well positioned in the space, which I had to punish according to the latest legislation change. However, she had the option of paying immediately in cash, which would only amount to 15 because it saved transaction costs. Among further insults, the woman gave me 15 euros and drove away swearing. I ask for forgiveness for taking money from the woman, but people shouldn't behaved that way, and if she can afford to drive an expensive SUV she'll get over it.

Posted on 24.11.2012, 05:40:02 CET
2.8/5 (156 Votes)
I'm fat and i want to be thin, because other people laugh at me and the others don't say anything but deep down in my heart i know they think i'm fat. I don't want to be like this. I didn't choose and i didn't wanted everything end like this so give me a chance, i'm begging you people. Let fat people live happy don't say anything and don't laugh at them, please share this message to everyone in the world.

Posted on 29.10.2012, 15:49:35 CET

Blaming the Maid (00000136)
2.8/5 (132 Votes)
During 2011, my friends texted me to hang out at the mall (a very popular place in my country). Even though i didn't have any money to grab a bite to eat or anything, I still accepted their propasal. So how did I get the money? I know my dad's daily routine very well. Around 6 pm, my dad usually goes to the mosque to pray, and I know he always leaves his wallet on the table. I went upstairs and took $100. At first, I thought my dad wouldn't realize that the money was gone because he doesn't usually count his money, so I didn't worry. The next day, I heard my mom yelling at the maid because she thought that the maid took it. She kept insisting she didn't until my mom finally believed her. My mom asked me if I took the money, and I didn't admit to it. So my mom was furious with the maid again until the maid lifted the holy Quran and swore to my mom that she didn't take it. When the fight was over, I wanted to confess to my parents, but I was too afraid. I let the maid take the blame. For many months, my memory has haunted me, but I'm still afraid to confess. I hope I have the strength to confess and be forgiven.

Posted on 02.01.2012, 21:13:27 CET
Place: Brunei Darussalam
Gifts for the yards (00000110)
2.6/5 (156 Votes)
I, when I was about eight or nine, lived in this very Family-oriented apartment complex. However, I lived in the very back of the apartment complex, and my school bus dropped me off at the very front of the complex, and I'd walk home alone. On my way home, being the little douche bag I was, I'd go into people's yards, take their things, and put it in other people's yards.
One time, I took someone's stepping stone that had their kid's hand prints on them, and put it in front of a house a couple buildings away. Two weeks later, the apartment I put the stone in front of was vacant, and every other house in the complex guarded their things like it was golden.

Posted on 12.07.2011, 10:34:24 CET
Place: Lake Mary, FL
My horrible Grandfather (00000106)
2.5/5 (117 Votes)
My grandfather has always been there for me, but he's such a jerk, he used to beat my grandmother( who I love very much) but that was before I was with them. Now he never lets me go anywhere, you may be like that just a kid thing but he is just so rude and thinks things differently then most. He thinks that when I go over to friends a house I'm using them and that they'll get tired of me. He won't let my grandma's family stay, like my dad because he thinks he's just coming to use us, he wanted to be with me because I had a cancer scare.

He yells at my crippled grandmother. I just have a terrible hatred for him for almost nothing, he hasn't really done much to me, I just hate him. Sometimes I wish he would die. Sometimes I want to kill him myself, then a couple months back I found out he is dieing and I didn't really care. I know that when he does die I'll feel terrible, but at this moment I really don't know how I feel.

Posted on 03.07.2011, 04:07:46 CET
Place: Quincy, IL

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