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Gifts for the yards (00000110)
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I, when I was about eight or nine, lived in this very Family-oriented apartment complex. However, I lived in the very back of the apartment complex, and my school bus dropped me off at the very front of the complex, and I'd walk home alone. On my way home, being the little douche bag I was, I'd go into people's yards, take their things, and put it in other people's yards.
One time, I took someone's stepping stone that had their kid's hand prints on them, and put it in front of a house a couple buildings away. Two weeks later, the apartment I put the stone in front of was vacant, and every other house in the complex guarded their things like it was golden.

Posted on 12.07.2011, 10:34:24 CET
Place: Lake Mary, FL
Ghostbuster (00000051)
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In 6th grade, I took the fire extinguisher, tied it to my back and played ghost busters. I got expelled from school. My parents had to pay damages and the re-filling of the extinguisher.

Posted on 26.07.2009, 15:07:18 CET

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