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Final Fantasy (00000431)
2.3/5 (136 Votes)
I did something terrible. I cut my wrists, I hate my life, and it needed to happen. And I think I'm bisexual which is a disgrace to God. Dear Mom and Dad, I'm sorry but I have to say this. I'm suicidal and bisexual. Please understand me I didn't want it but, its who I am. I'm sorry.

Posted on 13.05.2013, 08:28:55 CET
Revenge is a dish best served cold (00000272)
2.5/5 (145 Votes)
I usually lose my temper. I don't like people and don't like to talk to them. I prefer to be alone. I get jealous when I see people with more beauty and money. I long for love. I've been masturbating since at the age of 9. Before, I didn't know what I was doing at first, but I can understand what I was doing that I have lied to my parents. I am a very lazy person. For many times I felt like someone is sucking the complete life out of me. I can't do any work properly. I beat my parents, sister and scold very badly. Completely I hate myself now . Many people betrayed me in the past too. It's pay back time.

Posted on 21.02.2013, 16:21:56 CET
skin of his teeth (00000201)
2.4/5 (154 Votes)
When I was 14, I had this best friend who was a guy. When we started seeing each other, things were great until I came home from camp to find that he'd cheated on me. I was going to a different middle school than him at the time, so I wanted revenge without him knowing. I sent a guy, who had a black belt in martial arts from my school to the same gym he attended, and this friend beat the crap out of him. He had no idea it was me. Months later after we made up, i confessed and he forgave me for indirectly inflicting $4000.00 in dental damage on him.

Posted on 04.12.2012, 21:21:10 CET
Vandalism in the family (00000151)
2.7/5 (177 Votes)
My brother and I don't get along. Like at all. One day he tried to hack into my phone, (a Samsung Galaxy SII) which, after too many passcode attempts, gives you the option to get into the phone with your google account. Thing is, I forgot my password. I tried changing the password, signing in with my youtube account. And I didn't want to factory reset it because I had really important things on it. Anyway, I tried EVERYTHING. Still couldn't get into it. I was so mad. And since he was supposed to be getting paid soon, I told him he was gonna buy me a new phone. He refused to do that, so one day while he was out I took his $800 dollar laptop, broke it in half, shattered the screen, broke off all the keys, broke the circuit boards and smashed what was left into little pieces. Then I put it all in a plastic bag and threw it in the woods down the street. I took a nap after that, and around 6:00pm he woke me up yelling, "WHERE'S MY LAPTOP!?" I looked at him with a confused face. "Isn't it in your room?" I asked sleepily. He yelled back NO. "Well I don't know where it is, then. I've been asleep the whole time you were gone." He actually believed me. Haha, He's such a dumb ass.

Posted on 24.08.2012, 08:32:49 CET

Keying the Car (00000147)
2.6/5 (221 Votes)
I drove to the store with my mother so she could pay her electric bill. While we were sitting in the car, a woman drove up and opened her door with (I swear) the power of a hydraulic ram into my mothers door. I got out of the car and was quite pissed. I started saying WTF, and instead of saying, "I'm sorry," or, "I didn't mean to do that," she just acted like I was not there and walked into the store. I was so pissed that I did something I would never do again. I took out my keys, went to her car, leaned into the key, and keyed her entire car from trunk to hood with as much force as I could so that it would have to be repaired with some body work. Needless to say, her car looked like shit, and we left before she came back out. I am not really sorry.

Posted on 27.06.2012, 00:00:29 CET
Place: Houston, Texas

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