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My horrible Grandfather (00000106)
2.5/5 (117 Votes)
My grandfather has always been there for me, but he's such a jerk, he used to beat my grandmother( who I love very much) but that was before I was with them. Now he never lets me go anywhere, you may be like that just a kid thing but he is just so rude and thinks things differently then most. He thinks that when I go over to friends a house I'm using them and that they'll get tired of me. He won't let my grandma's family stay, like my dad because he thinks he's just coming to use us, he wanted to be with me because I had a cancer scare.

He yells at my crippled grandmother. I just have a terrible hatred for him for almost nothing, he hasn't really done much to me, I just hate him. Sometimes I wish he would die. Sometimes I want to kill him myself, then a couple months back I found out he is dieing and I didn't really care. I know that when he does die I'll feel terrible, but at this moment I really don't know how I feel.

Posted on 03.07.2011, 04:07:46 CET
Place: Quincy, IL
Football Baby (00000103)
2.8/5 (135 Votes)
Every time that I see a baby or toddler I imagine myself punting the thing like a football or curbing it.

Posted on 05.05.2011, 06:57:36 CET
Guilty of not Guilty (00000102)
2.6/5 (144 Votes)
Recently my douche-bag of a neighbor was late for work and drove right passed a School Bus picking up children. From this he received a ticket for $250.00 US from the violation and was confessing to me his innocence. I encouraged him to fight the charge, knowing that if you lose the protest with the judge the cost is increased. Two acquaintances and myself are listed as witnesses. Somehow this just feels right.

Posted on 02.05.2011, 15:20:27 CET
Place: Sioux Falls, SD
Bilking bills (00000100)
2.9/5 (150 Votes)
After getting bilked on the bill for several computer repairs I did for private customers, I started making a DVD backup up each computer's internet browser cache files and cookies. When a customer failed to pay me on time, a simple phone call to the customer saying that I had their internet history on a disk and would be happy to share it with their spouse got me my money within a day nine out of ten times.

When the missing man, thinking he had balls of brass, cursed at me and said that he didn't care, his wife knew all about his sexual habits. This was true: his videos of himself in women's lingerie included his wife as well. So I e-mailed him a copy of his entire e-mail contact list, asking, "Do all your friends and family know as well?" He promptly paid up as well.

Posted on 20.04.2011, 18:56:50 CET
Place: Denver, CO

Summer Vacation with Friends (00000091)
2.9/5 (152 Votes)
This summer, I (m) wanted to fly off to vacation with a couple of former school buddies. I kept asking and asking when we would all drive to the travel agent together to book it. They kept giving me vague answers, that sometime, soon, we would. When I then asked them about it again at one point, they told me that they'd already booked 2 weeks before – just for the two of them. They "supposedly" had forgotten to tell me. Fine. Right away the next day I drove alone to the travel agent and was still able to book something for myself. Booking a single cost about 300-400 Euros more. Same flight there, but a different hotel and return flight than those two fools. Now they have the nerve to ask if I can give them a ride to the airport on the day of departure. The plane will be taking off shortly before 5 a.m, which means that there will be no trains running. It's about a two hour drive to the airport, and the pair lives 25 km in the opposite direction. When I raised the subject of gas money, all I heard from their side was, "Can't you make an exception? We're really short of cash. Please, we don't have any other way to get to the airport." I was already boiling inside, but I answered: "Well, all right, I won't be a hard ass about it." I hope they don't find their own transportation – I've had enough of their shenanigans, and I'm not going to play the fool any longer. That's why I'm not going to pick them up, but let them stand around at home while I drive to the airport alone. I'm hoping they miss the flight. If they ask why, I'll simply say "I forgot."

Posted on 23.03.2011, 04:09:37 CET

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