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Looking Good (00000544)
2.7/5 (212 Votes)
A place to burn old stuff and come out standing up on the top looking good is what I want from this page. Ok guys, I know you are gods here and make my world freaking beautiful. So do your nasty thing and make my world better. Thanks!

Posted on 14.08.2013, 12:54:04 CET
Place: East Herman
Lord I Have Sinned (00000543)
2.4/5 (176 Votes)
I (f/23) sinned last night. Using porn to masturbate and lust after women. Treating them as sexual objects instead of daughters of the Creator. God forgive me. Wash me and cleanse me Lord. Amen.

Posted on 13.08.2013, 16:47:59 CET
Place: Martinhaven
Pot Head (00000437)
2.5/5 (202 Votes)
I have smoked weed twice without my mom knowing and I feel very guilty not telling her. I want to tell her but don't have the guts to, that I know she would be very disappointed. Maybe this isn't the right time, I'msure she willunderstand the stage I am going through as a teenager. Sorry, mom.

Posted on 15.05.2013, 01:42:36 CET
Unsettling my faith in beggars (00000419)
2.6/5 (205 Votes)
This morning I gave a beggar 10 cents, whereupon he asked me for more. Since I had to go to uni I went away. 2 seconds later I saw the 10 cents flying towards my head paired with the beggar scolding me; "that isn't enough for me!" The confession is that my faith in beggars has been unsettled and I will not give them money any longer!

Posted on 06.05.2013, 07:39:14 CET

Teaser Meiser (00000414)
2.5/5 (168 Votes)
Once, a woman stood next to me at the traffic light. And then when I saw that no cars were coming, I began to walk across the road on a red light. The woman, who at this point was standing in the same place as me, asked if the light was already green, whereupon I, because I took it for a telling-off, snapped at her asking if she thought she was my mother. When she then explained that she was blind, my heart sank into my boots. I ran back to her, apologized a thousand times and said that I hadn't noticed, and that the light was still red. Even today I am embarrassed when I think of this story, even though I really didn’t realize and since then I have taken it upon myself to pay more attention to my surroundings and not behave so arrogantly to fellow human beings.

Posted on 06.05.2013, 02:02:14 CET

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