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Brotherly Aid (00000215)
2.7/5 (76 Votes)
My brother (4 years older than me) and his wife have tried for about 15 years to start a family. Unfortunately it didn't work, but the two didn't get discouraged. His wife secretly got tested – I don't know why. It turned out that she was completely healthy and capable of reproducing. She also had my brother tested, but she kept the results secret. She discovered that my brother was sterile. She was devastated. Both of them get/got along so well; they go through thick and thin together. His wife was a childhood friend of mine and so she shared the results of his test with me. I was sad for both of them because they couldn't fulfill their dream. We talked for a long time and eventually we came up with the idea that my brother never had to find out and they could still become parents. In short, I made a sperm donation for my brother's family and then a second about three years ago. Today, 11 years later, my brother and his wife are the proud parents of two of the sweetest children (11 and 2 years old).I don't think my brother has ever noticed his shortcoming because his wife and I never gave any indication of it. He loves both of the children with all his heart and his marriage was only further strengthened. Although it is often very hard for me to only be their uncle, I wish all four the best of happiness. In my opinion, parents aren't parents because they passed on their genetic material to children. They're parents because they give their children security and love, raise them and support them at the beginning of their journey. Therefore, I have absolutely no regrets about my donation or the act of donation. It was only an aid for my brother and his wife. My confession about the whole thing is that I recently saw my brother at a meeting and learned that he and his wife don't want any more children and was going to undergo a vasectomy in order to simplify their sex life. The statement was barely out of his mouth when I was overpowered by a violent fit of laughing so I got up and staggered out the door. Everyone who was there was wondering what was going on and asked me what started the laughter when I got back. I couldn't think of a better excuse than to tell them about a joke that had just popped into my head. I'm sure they didn't buy it. I hope that none of them can take the fifth root of pi (adding 2 and 2 was too easy for this situation) and that nothing gets out.

Posted on 26.12.2012, 07:19:11 CET
Great Moments in the Life of a Toilet Pumper Truck Driver (00000187)
2.8/5 (93 Votes)
In the summer of 2009, I [...]
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Posted on 12.11.2012, 03:15:40 CET
The Disguise (00000184)
2.8/5 (119 Votes)
Between high school and college, I worked at a hotel in the reception. It was a great job that was fun for the most part. Most guests were very friendly and grateful. A small group of guests, however, were hated by all the staff: a delegation from a large company who regularly rented the hotel for meetings, etc., and then slept in the guest rooms overnight. They never said please or thank you. The staff was treated like a vending machine. There was always something wrong and in some cases we were actually yelled at. The gentlemen in their suits (there were no women in the higher levels of the company) simply felt like they were better than everyone else in the world. The worst thing was that after a glass or two of whisky or brandy, they would often assault the female staff. When we complained to the hotel manager, we were ignored without a word. In the last week I was supposed to work, these lovely guests were booked again. At first, everything went like usual. However, since I was responsible for check-in this time, I gave them rooms on the top floors from 9 - 11 on the grounds that the other floors were being renovated. As the first guest, drunk of course, wanted to go to his room. I shut down the elevator using a small technical trick. Every employee can do this with a key. This still wasn't enough for me, so at 5 am I decided that it was time to wake them up. We built in loudspeakers into the entire hotel so we can notify guests in case of an emergency. The microphone is connected to an amplifier by a phone cable which can also be hooked up to an iPod. AC/DC seemed quite fitting. Then I put my uniform and ID badge on my boss’s desk and left. Afterwards I learned that the delegation now regularly visits another hotel and behaves the same there. My co-workers, were particularly the women, are very grateful for what I did. The hotel continues to run great; no one was fired.

Posted on 09.11.2012, 00:02:10 CET
Place: Chicago
A lesson learned (00000182)
2.8/5 (90 Votes)
About a year ago, at the age of 22, I came out of the soccer stadium, and was really frustrated, again. In the tram on the way home, I saw a few young guys about 14-16 years old, who harassed the other passengers. Every time a passenger went past their seats, they voiced out inappropriate comments, young or old they didn't really care, there were always insults like "stupid son of a bitch", or "faggot". I came up with a great idea to walk by the scene and to see if they would insult me too when I it was near my stop. Luckily, of course they did, so I grabbed hold of the closest one, slapped him real hard, and without speaking a word, went on my way. I'd like to confess that I knowingly sought trouble with the young men in order vent my anger. I'm even a little sorry for the stupid kid. He was close to shedding tears. On the other hand, I taught him an important lesson. They should think before they act.

Posted on 16.11.2012, 00:11:59 CET

Almost in the Mile High Club (00000137)
2.9/5 (129 Votes)
A few years ago, I was on an airplane. I decided that it was in my best interest to jerk off in the bathroom. This was before The Hangover, so I felt very accomplished for an original idea. I wasn't caught, and there was something awesome about being surrounded by so many people who had no idea what I was doing. I don't regret it one bit. I guess I'm almost part of the mile high club.

Posted on 05.01.2012, 04:49:10 CET
Place: The sky

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