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Tonight's the Night (00000410)
2.7/5 (171 Votes)
I did not think even for a nanosecond that my life would become so miserable. It was all due to a single mistake, which I did. I agree that my mistake was no small. But even then, it is very much easy to forgive my mistake. The things I did not were not at all done consciously. And I am sure God knows that. I was in complete chaos; I did not realize my duties, responsibilities towards my family, and the world. I thought I must only do what I liked in the life. I did not think about my parents, who have worked hard endlessly, to make me lead a happy life.In my selfish motive to live my life, I stole my friend's laptop and mobile. Afraid of returning it, I threw them away. My parents paid the lost amount to them, but it hurt them and me. I will never ever repeat any mistake in my life. I did not think about how it would hurt my friends, if they found that I was a bad guy. I was completely selfish, 100%. Those made me do a serious mistake, which almost ruined my career. Yes, it nearly ruined my career. But again, by God's grace, I was saved. Even though I have let him down due to my actions, it was done during my unlucky days. Now God, I know I still am your favorite. I know you have forgiven me. You know that I have reformed. You know that I still deserve one more chance.

Posted on 02.05.2013, 06:31:46 CET
Coming out in the open (00000335)
2.8/5 (69 Votes)
I am unsure of my sexuality, but I'm pretty sure that I'm at least bisexual. I live in the Deep South of America and come from a conservative Christian home. Today, my mother was watching a show about gay teens coming out and jokingly asked me if I was gay. Of course, I was already on the edge because of the show, but when she asked why my heart dropped. I lied, saying "No way mom! You're joking, right"? She laughed and told me "Good, I don't want to have to deal with all that". I've never wanted to tell the truth so badly in my life, but there's no way I can.

Posted on 26.03.2013, 22:47:19 CET

A heart for employees (00000299)
2.7/5 (82 Votes)
I am one of the commissioners in one of the biggest companies in Germany. At present we have around 2000 employees in our office. In order to explain the exact situation, I will describe the ratios and how they are distributed in my department. In my department we have all kinds of subdivisions. Basically we have four higher ranking department managers, who each have between four and six smaller department leaders below them. In this department there are 68 employees. I know every single employee very well, there is a casual tone and a relaxed working environment and working relationships. Even the trainees who do their business management training with me speak to me in an informal manner. Alongside spouses, some of whom I have personally met and got to know, I know all sorts of things about most employees, I keep informed of their familial situation and I lend them a sympathetic ear for their problems which then takes on the form of an appraisal interview. I have just been told by my boss that we are going to cut 12 jobs from my department. In other departments they will cut up to 40 jobs; but they are correspondingly bigger departments anyway. My personal problem with this is that I know each and every one of the employees. At the very least I say a quick hello and goodbye and allow myself a bit of small talk with them. Therefore I have tremendous difficulty in culling employees. Even those who I don't get on with so well are at least very hard workers and irreplaceable in terms of their knowledge. Therefore I went to my boss and told him that it would be absolutely impossible to cut jobs in my department, because we are understaffed as it is. In general that isn't true because we don't get given so much work that everyone is busy for the whole eight to twelve hours. My boss has temporarily accepted it, but I know full well that He will come back to be and want to cut jobs. But I wouldn't dream of letting one of my employees go, because I know them all and they have a little place in my heart. Besides, many of them are parents, which makes the whole thing morally more difficult for me.
Tags: Work Audacity

Posted on 04.03.2013, 20:53:16 CET
The patriot (00000289)
2.5/5 (119 Votes)
I am the founder/leader of the American Liberation Front. Although small, we have the intent of global dominion. I really would rather have everyone get along and respect one another, however a vast number of people have spoken. All of them have been silenced. I am upset and angry about the ignorance and disrespect that has bred this generation of humans, in North America especially. At the meager age of 17, I see the "Adult World" greeting me with hostility and unhappiness, dooming me to a life as a slave to the banks, corporations, and my corrupt nation. I do not set out to hurt anyone. I will not break into homes, kidnap, murder unarmed people (even soldiers or the police), I will not steal from people (banks/corporations/insurance rackets aren't people), I will not involve anyone who didn't involve. I hope I can live with my decisions and I hope the families and loved ones of my enemies can, through the heart, forgive me for doing what I think is right. I do it for my future children, I do it so everyone has a chance to think any way they want, I do it for you. So, please, forgive me for my actions. I'll be seeing you all in the newspapers.

Posted on 28.02.2013, 09:11:50 CET
2.6/5 (152 Votes)
I (f) am 33 years old and work as a German and History teacher in a grammar school in Germany, which, named after a famous German writer, specializes in languages. Sounds great, but it actually means nothing. The school is hardly different from any other, apart from maybe the technology facilities. In every unassuming room hangs a Smart board, which many of my older colleagues can't get to grips with. The boards can't be used without the technology, so if the technology fails, the teaching is pure improvisation. What's the use in all this apparently helpful technology and the Net books for IT classes? This school is in a sink estate. I have nothing against foreign pupils or students from poorer backgrounds, but even the younger years take a dim view of learning. Nobody wants to do homework, study, or even just listen, let alone take part. The higher up the school you go, the percentage of students who have to repeat a year increases. I have to answer questions like "what does reinforce mean?" coming from 16 year-olds. Recently, a girl in year 8 asked if Europe was a continent! I am driven to despair by my job. The parents shift the blame onto the teachers for bad grades, the teachers lose their drive, and each year, the students get more and more stupid. They know how to use the Smart board, but they have no idea whether the Weimar Republic (which was a liberal democratic republic in Germany) was a dictatorship or not. Once, I was so pissed off, that I threw a piece of cucumber at a pupil. I was extremely embarrassed, but it was generally assumed that I was joking. I just can't see why I should waste my time preparing an interesting, varied lesson for a bunch of primitive apes that aren't capable of concentrating for more than five seconds. So this is what I have done, although it upsets me, because I didn't study for years to do this: have intentionally become every pupil's nightmare. I give out homework every day; I force the children to stand up when I come into the classroom. As soon as anyone speaks out of turn, that pupil goes straight outside and gets a "D" whoever hasn't finished their essay or presentation gets a letter to their parents. I know that instilling fear isn't the best way to teach, but lately it has been wonderfully quiet. I carefully read finished homework without getting into a fuss. I think I'll carry on torturing the pupils a while longer, and when they have internalized their good behaviour, I will be a bit more lenient. When I was at school, I liked those teachers most, and I learnt best from them.

Posted on 27.02.2013, 05:18:24 CET
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