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Involuntary abstinence (00000387)
2.5/5 (152 Votes)
It completely stresses me (m/20) out [...]
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Posted on 23.04.2013, 11:13:21 CET
Rebound, Offensive or Defensive? (00000372)
2.6/5 (84 Votes)
Well I can't confess of my [...]
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Posted on 15.04.2013, 07:28:53 CET
White Lies and Friendship (00000369)
2.8/5 (108 Votes)
With all my sincere apologies to my friend, I wanted to confess this. I lied to my friend that I was unmarried. She believed it. She was my co-worker. We developed so much rapport with each other, that we shared all personal things except my marital status. I know I was lying but could not help. We became really close friends, and shared lunches, trips to temples, street walks, and even one evening. She dared to ask why I am not getting married. I could sense what could go wrong there, and asked her to keep calm and sleep. It was in my car back to home. Her home was very near to my home. We never visited each other home though. Sensing a much closer, I decided to keep distance and slowly started avoiding her. She also sensed that asked why I am doing so. I did not have a specific answer, but I said nothing like that. After some time, she married someone else and went to USA. I know, I did lie, and I know she was deeply in love with me. But before any damage happens, my senses came back. She is now happily living there, but still sometimes her memories come back.

Posted on 14.04.2013, 15:42:44 CET
Love will conquer all (00000356)
2.7/5 (149 Votes)
I'm the vice chairman at a local organization and we receive international volunteers on a regular basis. I'm 31 years of age, and have become very friendly with one, of 19, who has been with us for over a month, but leaves again in three weeks. For reasons beyond my understanding, practically my ENTIRE family dislikes her, despite that she's genuinely a wonderful girl though. I'm torn beyond description because I absolutely KNOW she will never be accepted, but I love her. I'm in no position (due to myriad circumstances at home/work) to simply move with her when she leaves, yet, even if I could, she still has about two years of university to finish and has a tough family life herself. Her parents having fled dangerous cultural wars in her own country. I haven't so much sinned as landed in a precarious, and very messy situation no matter what direction I go, no matter which decisions I make, no matter what I say or think, something will be ruined irreparably. I see no opportunity for us to be together happily, though I want nothing but! She is amazing, more than likely the one. But, logically, I can't bring myself to do anything other than hope for a miracle, unless I'm missing something. Would someone please help me. What am I supposed to do?

Posted on 07.04.2013, 12:52:14 CET

Positive Scripting (00000344)
2.7/5 (134 Votes)
I've been dating someone for about 2 1/2 years now but the only reason I'm with her is because I'm in love with her cat. I know it sounds strange but we're just in love and we had our first kiss the other day, it was magical and hot. How do I tell my girlfriend without sounding pervy?

Posted on 31.03.2013, 17:39:48 CET

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