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First Love never ever lasts, or does it? (00000446)
2.7/5 (85 Votes)
I had sex twice with this [...]
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Posted on 19.05.2013, 19:37:52 CET
Moving on (00000436)
2.7/5 (73 Votes)
I told my now "exgirlfriend" that I would ride a motorcycle, and that I would drink just so she could be like "baby stop I beg you", and now I'm still in love with her but she's a bitch. Oh, and I would text her from many diffrent numbers pretending to be my "friends" curse her out, call her names, and make her feel like crap, the way how she made me feel! The biggest sin though is I'm still inlove with her when I should hate that manipulative lying blonde's ass, but I don't hate her, although, someday I'll stop loving her!

Posted on 14.05.2013, 23:11:35 CET

I crush you! (00000432)
2.5/5 (120 Votes)
It happened on Christams eve, boxing day, the weather was in any other way, inviting, and I could hear the pitter-patter off the children's soft feet on the beach. This made me very moist. I would like to stress that I took my crush with me because I shit you not she was a sexy 6 year old, with a nice pink arse, and no hair on her vajay-jay. Therefore, I could not play ball.

Posted on 13.05.2013, 15:55:09 CET
Beautiful Disaster (00000413)
2.6/5 (198 Votes)
For a year and a half I have been in a relationship with a married woman. She and her husband got a divorce when we got together, but since he has moved back in. She has been having a real difficult time because she can't deal with the divorce while waiting on her dad to have a kidney transplant. Basically, she can't be mature enough to admit she needs his income but nothing else from him until her dad gets his transplant. She doesn't get any type of support from her husband according to her, and most of the time spends a lot of time with me and does all she can to make it work. She and I have both had dreams of fighting through this and ending up together. Obviously it's been tough, but no matter what we always end up not being able to remain separated. I do love her and she is in love with me. I can't even feel attracted to other women, I have tried. Recently the stress of her life has caused her to all but completely shut down on me. She says I love you but its like she really just doesn't care anymore even though she says she does. However, I feel she needs me, and I don't want to be with anyone else but her. I feel if I leave her now I'd simply be weak, and not be there for the girl I love the most. I know it sounds ridiculous but I've known her a long time. She doesn't seem like the type that would play a Guy. I've never been so emotionally attached to anyone and I don't know what we would do with out each other. I can't keep dealing with her current disposition but when I try to talk about it she flies off the handle. It always gets blamed on me like I expect too much from her. She always uses the, "It's your choice I'm not making you stay." but I'm staying for her. I love her to death, and I really just can't be happy with anyone else. I just pray God helps us out soon.

Posted on 06.05.2013, 01:59:32 CET
Saving for Vacation (00000399)
2.7/5 (83 Votes)
My girlfriend and I were together for three years and we had never really had the opportunity or enough money to go on vacation. Since after a dry spell we both had jobs with average wages, we began to make plans. We both had about 1500 Euros net in our pockets. We quickly discovered that our trip to the USA with everything we wanted would cost about 6000 - 7000. So we decided to set up a savings account with the goal of having enough money in two years at the latest. As soon as the account was set up, I set up a monthly payment of 100. I was so obsessed with the trip that sometimes I added money to the account from bonuses, vacation pay, etc. I was always really good about adding money without looking at the account. But about three weeks ago I was curious and wanted to know how much had accumulated after almost 17 months. I almost died when I saw the account activity. My girlfriend had apparently only added little amounts of 4 - 5 Euros a month and there was even one deposit of 37 cents. That made me suspicious so I got the complete account statements. I figured out who paid what. She had saved all of 67.44 and my lion's share was 2,790. I wanted to talk with her politely, but I got a flippant answer and she asked, "What's so bad about it? We can just book a club holiday on an island. With 3,000 we can definitely enjoy something nice." Two days ago, I withdrew my 2,790 and I've already made some purchases online. Computer accessories, DVDs, a new cell phone, and yet I still have €2200 left. I'm still deciding how the remaining money can be selfishly spent on me. I'm really considering going on vacation alone. And I don't really give a damn what she'll do then. I ask forgiveness!

Posted on 26.04.2013, 06:45:38 CET

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