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The low cut shirt of my friend (00000567)
2.6/5 (942 Votes)
I couldn't stop looking at my friends tits. She was wearing a super low cut shirt with a tank top underneath. This helped push her boobs up even more. Not to mention her tits are huge. Probably close to a D cup. Anyway her cleavage was massive and the only thing between me and total view was her heat pendant necklace. Luckily for me she is never to worried or concerned about how much she showing. She was goofing around with her friends and started to jump up and down slightly. Her boobs were honestly jiggling out of control. To be completely honest, I wished I could fuck them right on the spot, right in front of my history teacher and everybody else. Also when she walks real fast, her tits are like jiggly heaven. Her ass is so big too. She's not one of those scrawny bitches. She's a good 120 or more pounds. She is so fucking hot. I've had a crush on her for more than three years and she is honestly the most attractive girl I know. She's pretty, nice, funny, and she's hot as fuck. Honestly I would wreck her little box. Not to be creepy. But yeeeaaah.
Tags: Lust

Posted on 07.03.2014, 23:25:54 CET
Cheated on my boyfriend (00000562)
2.7/5 (421 Votes)
When I was 16 I cheated on my boyfriend at the time with my other ex. That was the first time I cheated. The second time I cheated on him with an old friend with benefits. I am not proud of cheating on him even though he cheated on me as well.
Tags: Adultery Lust

Posted on 16.09.2013, 23:08:32 CET
A Face Of An Angel (00000538)
2.6/5 (213 Votes)
I (f/21) think Douglas Booth is so dishy cute, I have dreamed of getting it on with him. I don't know if he is straight or gay, but with a face like that who cares.

Posted on 11.08.2013, 20:13:20 CET
Place: Lake Kamille
Dorian Gray (00000535)
2.6/5 (216 Votes)
I (f/21) dream about this actor basket making with me. I would love to live out his movie, be beautiful, and young forever. I love him wearing those clothes in that movie. He is so beautiful and I have often masturbated thinking about him.

Posted on 11.08.2013, 05:45:35 CET
Place: South Jamieton

Gun's And Roses (00000534)
2.7/5 (275 Votes)
I (f/23) have an obsession with Axl Rose, I have orgasms to his voice, his videos and his pictures, I know that addiction is wrong but I stalk him everyday, because I love him.

Posted on 11.08.2013, 03:06:38 CET
Place: Ernieview

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