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Extra morning flavor (00000095)
2.9/5 (181 Votes)
I get to the office an hour before my boss, at least once a week for the last two years I've been peeing just a little bit into his coffee mug. I have never seen him rinse it out before filling up in the morning.

Posted on 22.02.2011, 16:46:04 CET
Place: Newport Beach, CA
My Boss is Forcing this Confession (00000086)
2.9/5 (244 Votes)
My boss, vehemently and in no uncertain terms, is forcing me to make a confession, because he has caught me several times reading confessions here. Right, so I now confess: I'm fascinated by what bad or abnormal things other people do. In the future, however, I will cease visiting here during working hours and see to it that I get internet access at home.

Posted on 31.03.2010, 18:28:44 CET
Super glue (00000044)
2.7/5 (99 Votes)
I (m/26) am working in a supermarket. My manager has one of these coffee cups with a text on it:" I'm the boss, you're nothing." It totally does fit her, she is a real pain in the ***. I got hold of some superglue today and glued it to her table; I have to add though that she had just filled it with coffee. I wasn't fortunate enough to see her response, but I do hope she never finds out who did it.
Tags: Revenge Boss

Posted on 10.07.2009, 00:17:49 CET
Place: Wolfsburg, Germany
The drinking roofer (00000029)
2.5/5 (279 Votes)
I (m/29) work as a roofer. My boss reminded me yesterday to quit drinking. So I reminded him to quit whoring.

Posted on 13.05.2009, 17:02:06 CET

Raise for all (00000027)
2.7/5 (137 Votes)
At the right moment I hi-jacked my bosses PC today and emailed all employees over our internal email system to advice them of a global raise of one cent.

Posted on 01.04.2009, 16:15:09 CET

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