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Being A Witch (00000524)
2.7/5 (224 Votes)
I have lied to my friend for being a witch, and been into witch craft. I lied to my family for little stupid things. I think going gay that I'm going to force myself to be straight. Is it wrong that you want to be a witch, so you can help people and be a healer.

Posted on 21.07.2013, 04:39:17 CET
Place: South Marielabury
A Letter To Remember (00000482)
2.7/5 (224 Votes)
In 7th grade, I told my classmate about a friend I had seen yesterday, thought he was pretty cool, and that I might see him more often. It turned out my classmate knew the friend so she wanted me to give a very important letter to him. I didn't question it, and never thought to because she told me it was personal but it was very urgent that he got it. So, on my way home with the letter my mother had told me that the day we were flying to move had been rescheduled to tomorrow because the flight that we were originally planning to take had been cancelled, or something like that. So, I put the letter in a box with all my little belongings, and told my neighbor who goes to my school to apologize to my classmate. So we move, and now 8 years from then, 2 months ago, my mother wanted to thoroughly clean the attic since summer is coming and she wanted to have more room. So I sit there for hours and I come across an envelope, with notebook paper folded inside with the front labeled "TO: (name withheld)" It took me a few minutes to realize that, that was the letter to my friend from my classmate. I figured since it's been almost 8 years I can read it. So I read it and basically it was saying how my classmate thinks she got pregnant from one of her friends because the condom was broken when they finished having sex. Also that she knows how my friend's father works at a drug store and she wanted him to steal some birth control for her to prevent anything. She didn't want her father to know because he might beat her so she desperately needs the birth control. I feel horrible. I don't know if it was true and I know it's 8 years too late but I feel horrible that I didn't give it to another friend to deliver it.

Posted on 08.06.2013, 01:52:13 CET
Secret love affair (00000462)
2.6/5 (113 Votes)
So I'm sort of in love with a guy in my home town and recently he went on a huge group trip to the beach where he started dating this girl whom I assumed was my friend. He didn't know of my feelings so I soon forgave him. She on the other hand, knew well of my feelings and absolutely shit on them. So enraged I decided to do something absolutely vicious, but I couldn't think of anything legal. I always talk to him and some other guys at the local campus hangout where all of my year awaits first classes and in the first month of their damned relationship he didn't sit with us he sat with her with us being me, and most of our football team, it does suck being one of the boys but a good few of them have the hotts for me! Anyway I hid the fact that I hated her with a hellish passion and when she confided in me about their first argument I decided the next day when I came to the spot I'd have to look spectacular. And spectacular wasn't a strong enough word for it. When I walked in he immediately started looking at me and then he said words I've been waiting to hear for awhile "Wow you look great". And later I found out they broke up that evening. Within a week I asked him to come to a going away party for me, I was leaving for Europe the next week , and when we hugged at the end of dinner he practically wouldn't let go. So the next night I sent a message to a friend if mine but I "accidentally" sent it to her detailing a wonderful dinner with him and how amazing the conversations the following days were. It's not a major sin but I showed that whore.

Posted on 28.05.2013, 03:44:55 CET
Place: Alabama
Friends without Benefits (00000460)
2.6/5 (79 Votes)
My friend had a thing with [...]
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Posted on 27.05.2013, 03:57:32 CET

My very young mistress (00000379)
2.6/5 (116 Votes)
I (51) work in a big company and am pretty much on the shelf, although I am young at heart. I am pretty happy in my role, I earn a lot and still have time for my family. That many of my former colleagues changed to other positions, departments of even companies for career reasons didn't bother me particularly, I was happy. Of course, with time the average age sank because of new recruits and I had problems getting along with the new colleagues. Hardly any of my colleagues are married or in serious relationships. For example, a new conquest would be talked about a lot in the office and the impression that they thought I was too old to join in with these conversations grew. I have been happily married for 20 years, but it doesn't mean that I'm prudish. So I was often left out; obviously my colleagues thought I was boring. Alongside these conversations they also discussed work and friendships built up, which slowly but surely started to topple my authority, since they gave certain pieces of information to their favorite colleagues first before it was made official to the team; they passed me by. On top of this, and I must admit this honestly, I felt old and boring. Around Christmas I broke a leg on a skiing trip. Since my daughter (22) only has to make a small detour to go to my work on the way to uni, she took me with her in the mornings. She would help me out of the car, I would thank her and say, "Have a good day, Sweetheart". My daughter would blow me a kiss on her way out. I have to add that she is as pretty as a picture: long dark hair, big eyes, long legs. This game repeated itself for a few days until a colleague, also married, but who shags intern after intern, took me to the side and advised me not to openly present my lover if I didn't want my wife to get wind of it. After a moment it became clear to me that there had been a misunderstanding which they had already discussed in the department. Thus I confess: Since my colleagues have been thinking that I have a young, beautiful mistress about which my wife has no idea, I am back in the middle of everything that happens. It has lasted a few months like this, and I have quite a bad conscience , because I have sort of lied to my colleagues and I enjoy knowing that they think I am a real stud. I plan to tell them soon that my "Mistress" was becoming too dependent and therefore I left her. By the way my wife found it quite funny. And they still tell me that women over 40 are worth nothing!

Posted on 21.04.2013, 18:21:04 CET

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