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The Cheater and the Garbage Cans (00000176)
2.6/5 (151 Votes)
My buddy and I (22) have something to confess. He's been with his girlfriend for four years, but recently it's been going poorly, and we both had a feeling that she might be seeing someone else. We all live in a more or less tiny town. Two weeks ago, a friend, who lives across from said girlfriend, told us that she was being visited by a guy once in a while late at night. He always parked his car in a small dark parking lot and then snuck up to her house. Her room is next to her parent's house. It was clear to us that her parents didn't know anything about it because they get along well with my buddy. We lay in wait and as expected, the guy came back on that night. He parked his car and slinked over. Then we realized for the first time who it was. The guy was also a friend of both of us and we had realized all along that it might be him. Naturally this didn't sit well with us and we planned our revenge. After a few minutes, we came up with something. We got ourselves an extra-long rope and took it to the cheater's car. Then we attached the rope to the rear towing eye and to a mailbox and four garbage cans that were in the parking lot. Then we lay down by our friend's window to watch and wait. After nearly four hours, the guy came out and went to his car. My buddy's girlfriend stood at the door to her room wearing a bathrobe and wanted to wave as he drove by. Then he drove off, of course not slowly, but almost in full throttle. That went well for a few seconds, but then the four garbage cans and the mailbox followed behind. You can easily imagine how loud that was on a street with houses on both sides in the middle of the night. Ironically, he then stopped with the whole mess right in front of the girlfriend's door. Her parents and a few neighbors were immediately outside of course. Consequently, a few days later, my buddy was finally single again.

Posted on 07.11.2012, 00:28:34 CET
Red Herring Salad (00000033)
2.6/5 (281 Votes)
Every new year's eve our family eats by tradition a red herring salad. I had really stuffed my face cause it's delicious. After dinner, I went out with friends and got locked on vodka. At 3 am, when I was absolutely wasted, I got sick. Since I'd eaten so much red salad my puke was really red. So my friends called an ambulance, they thought it was blood. So far, I haven't told them it wasn't blood. Thank god I can rely on my friends.

Posted on 31.05.2009, 18:22:06 CET
Place: Landungsbrücken, 20459 Hamburg, Germany
Doggy style (00000019)
2.8/5 (185 Votes)
After a night out my girlfriend and I snuck into her room in her parents house. It's right next to her parents bedroom. We had sex and tried to be as quiet as possible as usually I don't stay overnight. I was just taking her doggy style, and she was about to cum, when her head hit the wall quite loudly a couple of times. Her parents must have heard something cause all of the sudden they were standing in the room, gawking at us with sleepy faces. We really did not know what to hide or cover first. The image of me, taking their daughter doggy style must have been burnt into their brains for ever.

Posted on 22.02.2009, 12:37:26 CET
Place: Kiel, Germany
MacGyver (00000008)
2.9/5 (165 Votes)
I am quite ugly and people generally don't like me. Against all odds, one night I had the chance to get hot and steamy with a hot lady. Totally drunk, she still insisted on using a condom. Of course I didn't have one. But, being resourceful, I reached for my paper tissues all tissues out, plastic over Willy, cello tape around plastic 3 times and off we went... felt like MacGyver!

Posted on 19.01.2007, 12:03:20 CET

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