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Creepy People (00000556)
2.6/5 (261 Votes)
I hate that creepy Abbot and now I hate that creepy Dr. Karl. Yuck! Talk about creepy. I am sick of seeing creepy people. I don't trust them or like them.

Posted on 18.08.2013, 22:39:29 CET
Place: Flatleyfort
The Media Is The Cause (00000505)
2.6/5 (173 Votes)
I'm Dirty. I just talk it, act it, and go online to find it. I really want to stop this habit. I hang out with the wrong kids. Today's society is so under-aged in everything; drinking, smoking, sex, everything. How it spreads sown the generations. Wow, I hate the media. That's the cause of it all. The sole cause.

Posted on 05.07.2013, 07:43:08 CET
Paranormal Activity (00000400)
2.7/5 (162 Votes)
I (m/38) just had three storm-free days; that is to say, my wife and children are not at home. Yesterday late at night I watched the horror film Paranormal Activity 2 and it creeped me out. I was really scared groping through the house in the dark, so I turned on lights everywhere, which I don't normally do. Now to the point. As I was lying in bed, the motion sensor light suddenly came on by itself. It is mounted near the children's beds so that if the baby wakes up at night and you stumble in half asleep, a little light is already on near the bed. It's impossible to activate it from my bed and I was alone in the room. I almost died of fright and I couldn't sleep for ages and had nightmares. I confess, that I as a grown man of almost 40 almost crapped my pants in fear because of a stupid horror film.

Posted on 25.04.2013, 08:49:59 CET
The Idiot Box (00000317)
2.4/5 (82 Votes)
Once a while ago year ago, I had just gotten into James bond. I was blasting the theme from casino royal at high volume, feeling like a goddamn bad ass. I was ninja around the room, and suddenly had the urge to throw a ninja star like a bad ass ninja cool guy. So, I proceeded to grab my brothers drum cymbal and Frisbee tossed it across the room. It curved in the air, and flew right into my flat-screen, literally shattering it from the inside. I was shocked. I just stood there in the basement with Chris Cornell still screaming from my computer speakers. I yelled for my mom to come down stairs. She said, get fucked down here. I pointed to the TV and said "I did that". She saw the destroyed, mutilated pixels forming a big black lightning bolt on the TV. She was shocked too. She got angry and demanded how I did that. So I told her. She laughed so hard it was insane. I wound up, getting off Scott free. She went back upstairs still laughing her ass off while the theme song was still playing.
Tags: Games Media

Posted on 11.03.2013, 23:38:40 CET

The second family (00000310)
2.6/5 (113 Votes)
I must write something down here [...]
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Posted on 11.03.2013, 02:38:47 CET

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