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Unsettling my faith in beggars (00000419)
2.6/5 (205 Votes)
This morning I gave a beggar 10 cents, whereupon he asked me for more. Since I had to go to uni I went away. 2 seconds later I saw the 10 cents flying towards my head paired with the beggar scolding me; "that isn't enough for me!" The confession is that my faith in beggars has been unsettled and I will not give them money any longer!

Posted on 06.05.2013, 07:39:14 CET
Pink Panther (00000284)
2.5/5 (55 Votes)
I stole my mom's credit card number, used it and got busted! It was so awful having that guilt, but I didn't listen. I got grounded for 3 months, but I should have been grounded for 10 years.

Posted on 09.03.2013, 22:55:59 CET
Are You Watching Phoenix? (00000242)
2.7/5 (63 Votes)
I (f/20) have problems with my ass itching because my skin is very dry. I even have special cream to help with it. Because I'm currently a college student and don't have a lot of money, I'm still living with my parents for a while. And while I was watching a movie, I was putting cream on my ass. But I was sitting on the sofa like I was in a gynecologist's chair. I was using a mirror to see down there. There was nothing remotely erotic about it; it was like painting you nails. As I was applying the cream, my father suddenly burst in to ask if I was watching Phoenix. I jerked together, sat down decorously, and simply said, "No". He acted like he didn't see anything, briefly told me what was going on, and then left. And now I don't know if I can look him in the face again or if I will simply die of shame. Oh God, so embarrassing.

Posted on 23.01.2013, 00:19:40 CET
Stealing from My Mother (00000145)
2.8/5 (129 Votes)
I once stole £1 out of my mothers purse because I'm really bad. She never found out because I'm good at doing it. Fear me.

Posted on 29.05.2012, 20:03:50 CET

Slot Machines (00000074)
2.8/5 (147 Votes)
My father was a penny-pinching and rather sarcastic person. So that's why he explained to me as a child, slot machines in bars were for "people with too much money" and that they throw their money in them to get a kick out of the colorful, glowing symbols. I'm now 24 years old, a student, and just found out day before yesterday, that it's actually possible to win money on these machines.

Posted on 02.12.2009, 02:26:37 CET
Place: Pinneberg, Germany

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