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Retard Horn Dog (00000549)
3.0/5 (246 Votes)
My mother is acting stupid and flirty whenever I am looking for a boyfriend, it's got to stop she has to grow up. Is this bloke my dad? She is wanting to fuck him and make a fool out of me again? What is wrong with this retard slut. She said to dad today "Oh well, you got your way" and pulled to cover off the chair. She is acting stupid. I think she wants to push him off on to me and hurt me. She has to stop this childish little horny dirty game of hers. She will get a kick up her face for this. That woman is making a fool of me for some reason. Why? Why is she so jealous of me and some old retard horn dog. No man wants her. She should be made to keep her mind of her husband and get out of us girls cunts and let us have a man of our own. Grow up old lady and stop making a fool of your 2nd daughter. I have had this stupid dogs bullshit. I wish my mother and john move to a low set house nursing home or down to the granny flat and my sister leave all together back to her filipeno shitter. I think my mother and sister have murdered me sexually and its got to stop.

Posted on 14.08.2013, 16:44:43 CET
Place: East Adolfoland
Need for speed (00000254)
2.9/5 (99 Votes)
It may not be a big of deal compared to other confessions on this site, but I needed to get this one off my chest. Today I cut someone off hard, purposely because I was angry that they were driving too slow on a fast lane. They were obviously upset and tried to catch up to me. After I did it, I had immediately regretted it. I'm sorry to whoever was driving the silver Volvo with led headlights.

Posted on 02.02.2013, 04:12:13 CET
Losing My Baby (00000143)
2.8/5 (96 Votes)
I was 14 when I got pregnant. I had just broken up with the father (16) about a month before I found out. He and I had been together since I was ten, and at that age, we thought we were ready for sex. When I went to his house, everyone was either drunk or stoned. I freaked when I found out. I didn't want to be stuck with this guy for the rest of my life. I didn't want a kid in that kind of environment. I was still a kid myself. There was a rather large bottle of muscle relaxers that his mom kept on her bed side table. In a split second, I made a choice. I sent my older cousin a text, telling her to come get me. I opened the bottle and dumped out a handful. I swallowed it, and dumped another handful. I remember going to sit in their living room down stairs to wait to be picked up, and sitting on the couch reading the "Big Book of Baby Names" that my ex's sister had. I don't remember anything else. When I woke up, my mom slapped me so hard, there was a hand shaped bruise on my face for a week. I was told what I did. I had almost slapped my mom. I had punched my cousin when she tried to put me in the car. My blood pressure had almost dropped to nothing, and I should have died. I would have, if not for Michael. I lost my baby, and I know that the only reason I'm still alive is because he left to keep me here. If I hadn't been pregnant, if there hadn't been another soul for death to take, I would be in the ground. I killed my baby, who would have been named Michael, after his father. I have to live with the guilt of that everyday, and it eats away at my soul.

Posted on 23.05.2012, 19:32:06 CET
Place: Kansas City, MO, USA
Divine Intervention (00000224)
3.0/5 (53 Votes)
Recently I got out of prison for unpaid fines. I live in Mexico, but I'm from New York. While I was in the Mexican prison, someone looked me in the eye and said "Jesus loves you". I replied "I love Jesus, too". A few hours later it was shower time, and I was scared to say at the least. A large Mexican man standing at about 6.5ft tall approached me and said "I love you". I didn't want to anger the man, but telling another man I loved him was a sin, so I said "I love you, Jesus". The man grabbed my by the hair and pushed my head onto the shower floor. He pushed his body against mine, and I could feel his pulsing erection against my backside. Slowly, but painfully he inserted his penis into me. It was the most painful experience of my life. Once he was done, semen dripped from my backside. He looked into my eyes and smiled. When we were back in our cells, my cell mate turned to me and laughed. I was still in tears from the experience. That's when he told me the man I had encountered in the showers was named Jesus Rivera. Was it my fault that this happened? I still feel bad about having sex with a man, even if it wasn't by choice.

Posted on 04.01.2013, 05:43:19 CET

Bilking bills (00000100)
3.1/5 (127 Votes)
After getting bilked on the bill for several computer repairs I did for private customers, I started making a DVD backup up each computer's internet browser cache files and cookies. When a customer failed to pay me on time, a simple phone call to the customer saying that I had their internet history on a disk and would be happy to share it with their spouse got me my money within a day nine out of ten times.

When the missing man, thinking he had balls of brass, cursed at me and said that he didn't care, his wife knew all about his sexual habits. This was true: his videos of himself in women's lingerie included his wife as well. So I e-mailed him a copy of his entire e-mail contact list, asking, "Do all your friends and family know as well?" He promptly paid up as well.

Posted on 20.04.2011, 18:56:50 CET
Place: Denver, CO

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