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Bad Ass (00000469)
2.7/5 (166 Votes)
I was walking to school when I saw this cat. So intentionally, I kicked it, and kept kicking it until I was sure it was dead and then, fueled by my rage, I went up to the nearest house, and broke all the windows before proceeding to pee on the walls. After that, I went to school, and beat up the fattest kid I could find, then threw all my books at him while he was on the ground, nearly beating him to death. Next, I kept spitting on him, and telling him he didn't deserve to exist, hitting him once more knocking him into unconsciousness. By that time the teachers grabbed me, but being so big, they could not restrain me, and I started to punch the smallest teacher, but they finally restrained me off of him, and the police came and brought me in to the county station where I refused to do what they said, and attacked an officer. For all this I spent a little over a week in jail.

Posted on 30.05.2013, 20:14:30 CET
Hardware Store Customers (00000236)
2.5/5 (45 Votes)
I've worked for six years at a hardware store. I like advising the customers and always take the trouble to help as much as possible. Unfortunately, Hollywood gives the impression that store employees spend the whole day standing around the store, using their phones, reading books, and not giving a damn about the customers. Because of that, customers often ask a question and simply don't let it go when they don't like the answer. For example, they'll ask about an item. When I tell them, "I'm sorry, we don't carry that here", (even when I double check in the catalog), they'll ask again and again because they think I'm just too lazy to really look or they’ll say, "Ok, thanks", and simply go to another employee to ask again. The same thing happens when the item isn't currently available. I know this is very annoying (not only for the customer), but it happens sometimes. So I tell them that it's not currently in stock because, for example, many people have already asked about the item and I know. Then the customer always asks, "Can't you take a look in the back anyway?" Of course I can't say, "No, you idiot, I just told you that we don't have it currently!" So I'd like to confess that I often go to the stockroom, wait a few seconds (or simply count to three), come back out to the customer and say, "No, I'm sorry, it's not there". But I only do that when I really know that nothing is there.

Posted on 18.01.2013, 04:28:23 CET
Coughing in the library (00000280)
2.3/5 (17 Votes)
Sometimes when I'm sitting in my university library, I cough just to cause a coughing-chain reaction having the same reason as sneezing. I now hold a record is 12.

Posted on 27.02.2013, 21:36:38 CET
Found a Wallet (00000088)
3.0/5 (163 Votes)
Yesterday I found a wallet. Naturally, I tried to contact its owner, it wasn't about stealing it or anything like that. The address was there but because it was out of the way, I called the owner's bank and asked them to give the guy my number. Until noon today, the thought kept nagging at me if I shouldn't just take the cash out. It was only 45 Euros, it's not a fortune, but who couldn't make good use of it? But from the wallet I knew the owner had children and that he wasn't well-off, so I didn't do it. The phone rang today and the young man promised to come by soon. I considered once more: someone might have extracted the cash before I found the wallet. But, no, that would be a pretty shitty thing for me to do. When he came to get his wallet then, he was really unfriendly. He didn't even properly thank me. Just shook my hand and rushed off. And he didn't even look into the wallet. Fuck, I should have taken the money! Moral of the story: if someone gives you back your wallet whole, at least say thank you! Asshole!

Posted on 28.12.2010, 23:51:32 CET

Boys and Boys (00000181)
2.7/5 (93 Votes)
When I was still in my [...]
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Posted on 01.11.2012, 02:22:28 CET

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