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Pins and needles (00000251)
3.1/5 (26 Votes)
My cousin and I with our boyfriends had set up a party at home. When she and her boyfriend got drunk beyond comprehension, that they were getting ready to have some fun, her boyfriend went to the restroom leaving his phone, and wallet on the coffee table, she went to the bedroom, presumably to get "ready" she too had left her phone on the table. I proceeded to search through each. His phone was empty, and a condom in his wallet. Texts between my cousin and her best friends talking about how I'm a whore and such. My boyfriend had leg by that time, so there was no one to stop me from what was about to happen. I took the safety pin that held the cover to the couch on and made several, fairly large holes in the condom. My cousin is now currently pregnant.

Posted on 31.01.2013, 03:06:28 CET
2.9/5 (61 Votes)
Whenever I looking to her eyes there is always something reminding me that life has a lot to offer, and that giving up would be the worst decision someone could ever make. I jusr find it really unbelievable that when the same situation happens ir turns out to also be the most erotic. Now I am the father of 8 children.

Posted on 08.05.2013, 02:01:31 CET
Place: NoneyaBizzness Park Drive 47337
Waiting For Mister Right (00000523)
2.9/5 (73 Votes)
I (f/26) hate other girls who don't like me, because I'm a virgin. I also have a feeling that they think I'm gay, because I'm not interested in having sex with any handsome male in the room. What's wrong with waiting for a person whom I will love? I see these girls as strumpets since they can't stay with at least one boyfriend, and always want another one. Dear God, please, forgive me.

Posted on 20.07.2013, 10:59:40 CET
Rainbow Bright (00000441)
2.9/5 (34 Votes)
I ate an indigo, a red, a yellow, an orange, a green, a purple, a blue, and an indigo crayon all at the same time, then waited for at least 6 hours, although my hurt like it was being ripped open with a blunt knife, I pooped out the crayons i ate, and out came a rainbow! It really did hurt though.

Posted on 16.05.2013, 20:20:59 CET

No, not really! (00000026)
2.5/5 (60 Votes)
At the critical moment during the wedding ceremony at the registrar's office I said: "no, not really". My ex-girlfriend and her family did not forgive me until this day.

Posted on 24.12.2008, 15:48:29 CET

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