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My Fiancé’s Stepmother (00000205)
2.5/5 (13 Votes)
After 6 years in a relationship, I (f/24) am getting married in 7 days, but everything is balanced on a knife-edge. The reason? My fiancé's stepmother. A quite intolerable woman, who I already hated after our first meeting. Even my future husband has problems with her. She often disgusted him as a child living in his father's house and other jokes. Just because my mother is a lesbian, she thinks that I'm bi. Of course she thinks that's scandalous, but I'm always nice and friendly towards her. I still wanted to get to know her well before the wedding and took her dress shopping with me. Besides the fact that she of course didn't like any of the dresses and she thought I had too much meat on my bones, she started talking about church and religion. I'm a protestant on paper, but I openly don't believe in God, while my fiancé is Catholic. For his family's sake, we're getting married in a Catholic church, with the blessings and everything else. Of course the stepmother thinks that just because I couldn't bring up the future children as Catholics anyway, that I don't know that there is a God. I had already had this discussion with her many times, and she soon noticed that her usual comments weren't bothering me. It was hard when she started talking about my father, who killed himself when I was 12. One way or another, I wasn't in good standing with God, after all, my father never loved me and killed himself. My mother then became a lesbian and it was all my fault. I looked for composure, didn't agree, and postponed the dress shopping since I was in a bad mood, and I still am now. I told my fiancé that evening, and he promised to speak with his father and told me that I should go dress shopping with someone else. When we were invited to my in-laws’ house, my fiancé still hadn't spoken with his father. So I had to prepare myself for more. We quickly found a lead-in: My godfather is like a father to me and I had already asked him to give me away instead of my deceased father. It moved him to tears because he doesn't have any children of his own and it was very important to me too. However, my future step-mother ignored this and said that my future father-in-law should give me a way so that it would stay in the family. But before I objected, my fiancé did and it was the last straw for him. I think that in this moment, all the emotions bottled up since childhood broke loose and he gave his stepmother a piece of his mind. He screamed for almost two hours, during which he made serious accusations not only against her, but also his father. He finished by saying that he apologized to his father and said that he didn't want either of them at the wedding and advised them to start thinking about things. Then he grabbed my hand and we went home. A few days later, his step-mother moved out of his father's house and they separated after about 20 years of marriage. And now for my confession: Although I'm more than happy to be rid of the old woman, I feel horrible about what happened because I'm very fond of his father. Since then he's been more than depressed. And why? Just because I'm too fat, not catholic, and love my godfather like my own father. I shouldn't feel bad, but I still do. Now I'm trying to convince my fiancé to at least invite his father again, but my fiancé is stubborn in this regard. I don't think I'll tell him that I've already done it.

Posted on 06.12.2012, 23:31:35 CET
Mrs. Michael Phelps? (00000452)
3.1/5 (42 Votes)
We were in our swimming unit for gym class practicing our dives and I wasn't really paying attention. I could barely hear my teacher, but all of a sudden I heard, "One, Two, Three" so I dove in the water and totally belly flopped. When I came back up, there was only one other girl in the pool. She was supposed to be doing an example! The teacher just looked up and said, "Okay, so now you have an example of how to do it, and how NOT to do it!"

Posted on 23.05.2013, 06:59:06 CET
The Chicken (00000394)
2.9/5 (39 Votes)
My brother (8) has always been a very quiet and shy child. Unfortunately it's the case that this kind of child is bullied and harassed by others. When I was visiting my parents, he sometimes told me with tears in his eyes how cruel the other children are to him, and sometimes it’' almost unbelievable what goes on at this elementary school. The teacher has long since noticed this problem of course, so I asked her for help several times, but it seems like she isn't doing anything. I've also spoken to the main bully before school many times while his mother was there, but the chicken just laughed at me and went away with his shrugging mother. Now for my confession. A few days ago, I (f/24) was visiting my parents again, and since the weather was so nice, I took my brother and one of his friends to the playground. After about an hour, the bully and another boy showed up. I don't know if he noticed me, but he started cursing my brother and his friend right away. Rarely in my life have I experienced such a negative atmosphere. It's hard to believe the kind of language he was using. Just when I was getting up from the bench to give a piece of my mind to this chicken, he picked up a rock and slammed it into my brother's head. I saw red. I ran over and grabbed the boy by his T-shirt and lifted him off the ground. He looked at me completely shocked, but then he laughed loudly and said, "I'm not afraid of girls!" I was so angry at this moment that I slapped him several times. I only left him alone when he started to cry. I am quite shocked at my behavior. I really love my brother more than anything, but I would never have thought that I would be capable of such a thing. It goes against all my principles, and I'm really sorry. I wasn't in control of myself. I have no idea if this boy told his parents about it or not. But anyway, he's left my brother alone since then.

Posted on 27.04.2013, 23:23:30 CET
Serendipity? (00000337)
2.9/5 (14 Votes)
I miss my ex boyfriend like no other. I may have committed the sin of idolatry or whatever, but I really don't think that was the case. I miss him terribly, and he just gleefully walks past me, and makes it seem like he is okay. He is hurting too. I know, we have the same thoughts all the time. I don't know why he avoids me when he can just come back. I'm waiting. It's just really painful right now. Maybe I will be aching for a while, but I trust Jesus Christ, that His comfort is more precious than the sound of the voice of a lover. I am tired. Will my heart stop aching? Come quickly Lord, sing psalms over me. I am desperate for You. Ignite my heart to love You, and to serve You without any conditions.
Tags: Love Despair

Posted on 29.03.2013, 02:00:25 CET

Rönny (00000235)
2.6/5 (14 Votes)
In mid-December, I was at a seminar for people doing community service from all over Germany. I won't talk about the content of the seminar, but naturally there were introductions. Imagine a very small person that looks like Sylvester Stallone and runs around in 80's clothes. And if that alone isn't funny enough, he also said in a funny accent, "Hello, I'm Rönny from Leipzig", I couldn't stop laughing and shortly my colleagues began to laugh to because I have a very infectious laugh. The seminar couldn't continue for a good 15 minutes. Sorry, Rönny!

Posted on 17.01.2013, 15:52:25 CET

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