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Young Wild and Free? (00000429)
3.4/5 (25 Votes)
I am a 16 year old who has a secret life living as a prostitute. Now I'm not talking about real life I'm talking about an online job. Ever since I was nine I felt sexually active, and had watched porn (gay, straight, anime, furry, etc.) and have always felt like I wanted to be a porn star. I come from a very strict family who knew I did that and took all internet away for the longest time. Flash forward to when I was thirteen I was beautiful (I still am) but I used it in the worst way. I've sent nudes (to more then one person) I talk dirty on the phone, and I masturbate (LOUD) my parents think it's natural but they don't know the things I think about at night mostly kinky dreams like bondage with someone I know or furry sex (wolves) specially teachers with students. Fast forward to know and I have a teacher who likes me and I don't know what to think I go to a private school and on top of that a christian school! my current boyfriend is very pure and doesn't know about my past I wanna clean up but at the same time I don't wanna stop I love it, and I wanna keep doing it! I'm hoping to ask my boyfriend soon if he wants to have sex but if he doesn't me and my ex were going to I will have another sin about him soon but I need help!

Posted on 12.05.2013, 23:57:10 CET
Come on Dad! (00000219)
2.8/5 (11 Votes)
Once, I (f/22) was on vacation with my boyfriend who's 23 years older than me. In our environment, the relationship is widely accepted, but outside of that, there are naturally some awkward and embarrassing situations. Like in Italy this year. We were sitting in a café at the beach and an older German couple began to talk to us. As we said goodbye, the woman said that she was personally very pleased to see a father with such a warm relationship with his daughter because she’d never had that in her life. In order to save myself a long explanation, I simply nodded, turned to my boyfriend, and laughingly said, "Come on, Dad!" I thought that I would never see them again. That evening, my boyfriend and I sat on the terrace of our hotel and were holding hands and cuddling. Suddenly I saw one of those strange bikes for 4 people drive by with woman from the café on it. She gave us a horrified look and grabbed her husband by the arm dumbfounded. I would have gladly explained the situation, but she rode away on the crazy vehicle too quickly. I'll never forget the look on her face.

Posted on 30.12.2012, 07:14:38 CET
Red Herring Salad (00000033)
2.7/5 (144 Votes)
Every new year's eve our family eats by tradition a red herring salad. I had really stuffed my face cause it's delicious. After dinner, I went out with friends and got locked on vodka. At 3 am, when I was absolutely wasted, I got sick. Since I'd eaten so much red salad my puke was really red. So my friends called an ambulance, they thought it was blood. So far, I haven't told them it wasn't blood. Thank god I can rely on my friends.

Posted on 31.05.2009, 18:22:06 CET
Place: Landungsbrücken, 20459 Hamburg, Germany
Not Good Enough (00000540)
3.3/5 (19 Votes)
I'm a coward. I wish I was good enough for the guys who I like. I was interested with one or two cute guys that I felt unworthy of them, and I just decided to keep things to myself.

Posted on 11.08.2013, 21:10:33 CET

Bunny Poeta (00000536)
3.1/5 (25 Votes)
I (f/19) absolutely hate my brother and sister and what they have done to me. I liked this guy and he was emailing me under the name "Bunny Poeta" and my sister has stolen him under my nose. I have told him several times I love him and he plays games with me. I think he is my godparents son and they have been playing games on me. That is why my sister thinks she can throw these dirty old spastic sleazy men at me and this is very very painful. Why would this man abuse me like this for sick pleasure. If it's true I hope some one gives them a good punch in the face, both of them deserve it. My parents are not impressed with my sisters dirty games.

Posted on 11.08.2013, 05:50:36 CET
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