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The Morning After (00000169)
2.3/5 (16 Votes)
My boyfriend and I recently had [...]
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Posted on 07.11.2012, 03:32:23 CET
Fairly Enough Compensation (00000068)
3.1/5 (169 Votes)
A couple of days ago, I went to the iPhone-dictator, that is to say, my local T-M*bile shop, to complain about my iPhone, which had lasted all of eight months. After I had explained over and over that I would need the iPhone as soon as possible, because I'm always on the road working and depended on my e-mail, they tried to placate me with "your iPhone will be ready in two weeks" and send me home. Politely but firmly I gave them to understand that I don't pay 89€ a month to have to make do without my phone for 2 weeks and that therefore I was not leaving without a loaner. After a few feeble evasions they finally gave me a Nokia that had previously been a display model. Apparently, the service person who was waiting on me had used the cell phone herself for a time as a work phone, as she had to "reset it and erase the memory card." Said lady was really snotty, which definitely rubbed me the wrong way. I was glad to get away eventually, never mind the usual lousy service and my iPhone gone forever. Once back home, though, the impression I had did improve: it was real easy to restore the 256MB memory card and the pictures and video on the card were thoroughly entertaining: the salesperson who, although not a raving beauty but for all that well-equipped, apparently had used the phone almost exclusively for producing private porn. Seeing 6 golf balls squeezed out of a body opening, by the way, I did find fairly impressive. Ever since, I'm happily waiting for the day when I can pick up my iPhone again. I will then ask said lady, if she still enjoys playing golf. Just one more week.

Posted on 12.10.2009, 23:34:30 CET
A Taste For Women (00000509)
2.9/5 (96 Votes)
I (f/21) like this other girl, and I am a girl. She has a girlfriend and they both are my best friends. I'm really not sure what to do because homosexuality is a sin. But I still love girls. Help?

Posted on 09.07.2013, 08:05:24 CET
Discovered (00000032)
2.4/5 (121 Votes)
I (w/23) had a date with a guy I met online. Since he was living further away I was going to stay the night. Before I left I thought I should get some hot lingerie, just in case. So I bought a few and decided to wear one straight away. I ended up without clothes indeed. Suddenly, he discovered a price sticker in my pubic hair for the amount of 7.50 Euro.

Posted on 29.05.2009, 17:56:07 CET
Place: Bad Hönningen, Germany

Love will conquer all (00000356)
2.6/5 (61 Votes)
I'm the vice chairman at a local organization and we receive international volunteers on a regular basis. I'm 31 years of age, and have become very friendly with one, of 19, who has been with us for over a month, but leaves again in three weeks. For reasons beyond my understanding, practically my ENTIRE family dislikes her, despite that she's genuinely a wonderful girl though. I'm torn beyond description because I absolutely KNOW she will never be accepted, but I love her. I'm in no position (due to myriad circumstances at home/work) to simply move with her when she leaves, yet, even if I could, she still has about two years of university to finish and has a tough family life herself. Her parents having fled dangerous cultural wars in her own country. I haven't so much sinned as landed in a precarious, and very messy situation no matter what direction I go, no matter which decisions I make, no matter what I say or think, something will be ruined irreparably. I see no opportunity for us to be together happily, though I want nothing but! She is amazing, more than likely the one. But, logically, I can't bring myself to do anything other than hope for a miracle, unless I'm missing something. Would someone please help me. What am I supposed to do?

Posted on 07.04.2013, 12:52:14 CET

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