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Wrong Kind of Fame (00000063)
3.5/5 (221 Votes)
I (w/27) must confess that I have a small supporting role in a German television series. Now and then it happens that somebody recognizes me on the street, never mind that my part is so small that they don't know my name or can't quite remember the series. Then, mostly they say something like "I know you from somewhere," or "aren't you on TV?" When it's a male accompanied by girlfriend or wife I respond without fail "sorry, I only do porn movies."
Tags: Lie Media

Posted on 29.09.2009, 15:27:55 CET
Place: Berlin, Germany
Seeking affection (00000253)
2.7/5 (39 Votes)
I am so lonely and so needy. I love old white men and i want a daddy so badly. I want him to love me and tell me that I don't have to be lonely anymore. I want him to take care of me gently and make me his "sexy brown kitten" forever, so i can take care of him the way he would take care of me. Is it something that's too much to ask? I just want a big, tall older white man to be with, someone who would adore chubby, dark skinned girls.

Posted on 01.02.2013, 21:45:18 CET
Different From Others (00000519)
2.9/5 (34 Votes)
I'm a bisexual, and I'm in love with my best friend, my parents don't know and they'd hate me if they found out that I'm different from what they have thought I am.

Posted on 13.07.2013, 16:40:58 CET
Creepy Crawlers (00000041)
2.9/5 (48 Votes)
I (m/20) am afraid of all creepy crawlers. I have spend the night in my closet once because of a mosquito.

Posted on 29.06.2009, 22:50:55 CET

Babble Attack (00000023)
3.0/5 (95 Votes)
One day, when I was in 11th grade my classmates and I smoked a stick during lunch break and came back to class completely and utterly spaced out. Unfortunately I fell foul to a babble attack 5 minutes into class and spend the rest of the time talking to my teacher. At the end of the session, she pulled me aside and told me she gave me the best grade for my verbal attention today.
Tags: Drugs School

Posted on 03.10.2008, 15:07:42 CET
Place: Forchheim, Germany

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