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Daddys sausage (00000004)
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My wife and I had a little mishap a while ago, which must be confessed. When we brought our 8 year old daughter to school the other day, and we said goodbye to her in front of the school, amidst many other parents who were making sure their kids were safely dropped. My wife asked our daughter, who was about to leave without saying anything, why she did not get a good bye kiss. My daughter answered, in front of all the parents: "I am not going to kiss you, Dad's sausage was in your mouth last night."

Posted on 23.12.2006, 19:15:21 CET
What goes around comes around (00000203)
2.8/5 (35 Votes)
There is a certain girl in my school although i pray to god she wouldn't be able to see or read this coincidentally, who is the stereotypical popular bitch. I am a keen amateur photographer, so I often take my camera to school discos, and on same events. One time, in a burst of vengeful inspiration, I decided to stalk her, to see if I could find a way for the perfect revenge due to all the rumors she'd spread about me over the years. I saw her in the courtyard outside the school hall, going at it with a boy a couple of years older than us. Let's just say that a picture of this little encounter found it's way into the locker of her trophy boyfriend who, incidentally, my best friend had a massive crush on. Now, none of the boys want to go out with her, because she has a reputation. She still doesn't know it was me who took that picture.

Posted on 04.12.2012, 22:57:25 CET
In Death is Life and In Life is Death (00000448)
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I hate myself so much. I see everyone as I walk through life, and they're all so happy that I wish I could just be happy but I always end up walking in circles and end up a loner because I'm afraid of people. No one knows how lost I am I don't even know why I was born I don't deserve to exist. These are my thoughts and so I've tried to kill myself twice, and I'm still trying to kill myself but no one even notices, I don't know how much longer I can live like this

Posted on 20.05.2013, 03:35:01 CET
Cheated on my boyfriend (00000562)
2.9/5 (343 Votes)
When I was 16 I cheated on my boyfriend at the time with my other ex. That was the first time I cheated. The second time I cheated on him with an old friend with benefits. I am not proud of cheating on him even though he cheated on me as well.
Tags: Adultery Lust

Posted on 16.09.2013, 23:08:32 CET

The Embedded Tooth (00000093)
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When I was 5 years old, I got my first loose tooth and naturally wanted to be rid of it as soon as possible. I bit down hard into an apple. Regrettably, I swallowed the small piece of apple with the tooth embedded in it. My father then explained to me that it would emerge when I sat on the toilet. Over the next few days I wanted to have the tooth and tried passing it, but succeeded only while in my kindergarten. So I brought a nice, fat, brown clump to the kindergarten lady, asking her to find the tooth for me, and then I went back to playing. I confess that because of me that poor woman probably had the worst coffee break of her life.

Posted on 11.05.2011, 01:05:52 CET
Place: Rainer-Langen Weg, 41812 Katzem, Germany

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