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Sauna lady (00000049)
2.9/5 (57 Votes)
I was on holiday with a few colleagues a couple of years ago, and we decided to visit the Sauna to see how we liked it. Lying down, being bare naked, a very hot, roughly 30 year old woman entered the room. Of course, I got the biggest hard on ever. Being embarrassed, I got up and headed for the door. The woman saw my hard on and shook her head. Being in a crowd, with my colleagues present, I was a dare devil and said to her: "Quite a sight , don’t you think. You’re responsible for that hotty!"

Thinking I'd never see her again I wanted to be funny in front of the colleagues. After summer break I had to return to school. We were getting a new teacher. Guess the woman from the Sauna was the new teacher. The shame. She gave me a queer look, but we never talked about it. I am still embarrassed when I have to talk to her in the mornings.

Posted on 22.07.2009, 09:12:29 CET
Sleeping with the enemy (00000365)
2.8/5 (89 Votes)
Once I was obsessed with the most popular guy in high school. So, I got him drunk at a party and had sex with him. I poked holes in the condom and carried his child. Now I get free money and I keep the child in the closet.

Posted on 10.04.2013, 18:11:21 CET
Espresso Machine (00000038)
3.0/5 (168 Votes)
I (w/23) share a house with 2 guys. One of them owns an espresso machine, and he makes himself this delicious coffee. I find this poser machine to expensive and use the normal, cheap coffee maker. A while ago I noticed that one of them always uses my coffee when he has visitors. Looked like he was too greedy to use his own expensive coffee. I don't mind if it happens once, but it happens all the time. Fed up with it, I grounded a laxative and mixed it into my coffee powder. The next study group ended quite abruptly. I am still smiling today when I think about. I might have over reacted, but I hate greediness.

Posted on 15.06.2009, 14:38:19 CET
Truth or Dare (00000188)
2.9/5 (95 Votes)
I never meant for it to [...]
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Posted on 12.11.2012, 16:05:36 CET
Place: Keystone lane, Canton, MI, USA

No, not really! (00000026)
2.6/5 (69 Votes)
At the critical moment during the wedding ceremony at the registrar's office I said: "no, not really". My ex-girlfriend and her family did not forgive me until this day.

Posted on 24.12.2008, 15:48:29 CET

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