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Hookerland (00000132)
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I made a smartphone mistake: I messaged my mom instead of my very close friend. I messaged her, "Yay, I'm in hookerland!" It was supposed to mean that I was in school. I had to lie to my mom and tell her that I didn't do that.

Posted on 12.11.2011, 16:31:58 CET
Place: Serbia
Picture for my EX (00000009)
3.4/5 (693 Votes)
My (now) ex girlfriend cheated on me 4 times in our long distance relationship. She confessed this in a silly letter:

Dear Robert, I have to break up with you. The distance between us is too far. I also have to confess I cheated on you 4 times since you have left and that isn't right for either of is. Sorry. Please return my picture to me? Thanks, Nadja.

Admitted, I felt like shit for a while, but I really wanted to come out on top in this issue, so I went to all my mates & friends and collected all pictures I could get; sisters, girlfriends, aunts, cousins. I stuck the ones of the pretty ladies, together with hers, in an envelop. 57 pictures. I sent a note with it:

Dear Nadja, I am sorry, but I can't remember who you are. Please take the right picture out and send the rest back. Ciao. Robert.

It felt GREAT!

Posted on 07.02.2007, 13:08:42 CET
Dark secrets (00000258)
2.2/5 (24 Votes)
At the age of 19 I had sexual intercourse with 16 people which was one of my darkest secrets. Until now, I still tell my closest friends that my experience was with only 5, and I have not been faithful in any of my relationships. I don't know how to come about to terms with the thought that I am a slut. As I sincerely believe I am not, although the figures prove otherwise. I work with young children and every day, I apparently am the role model for my younger family members, that I worry my presence will ruin them if my Pandora's box would be revealed, which they would grow up and turn into me.

Posted on 04.02.2013, 22:16:14 CET
The Teacher with No Perspective (00000225)
2.8/5 (12 Votes)
During my school days, I took [...]
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Posted on 06.01.2013, 07:16:06 CET

Motherly Love (00000354)
3.1/5 (19 Votes)
When my wife cheated on me [...]
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Posted on 04.04.2013, 09:32:32 CET

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