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Fellatio (00000273)
2.7/5 (73 Votes)
My husband forbids me to ever stimulate by myself. Well, last night I was lonely and thinking about things I shouldn't be thinking about since he had been away on business for a week now. So, I masturbated despite his wishes.

Posted on 22.02.2013, 11:17:49 CET
Seeking affection (00000253)
2.6/5 (56 Votes)
I am so lonely and so needy. I love old white men and i want a daddy so badly. I want him to love me and tell me that I don't have to be lonely anymore. I want him to take care of me gently and make me his "sexy brown kitten" forever, so i can take care of him the way he would take care of me. Is it something that's too much to ask? I just want a big, tall older white man to be with, someone who would adore chubby, dark skinned girls.

Posted on 01.02.2013, 21:45:18 CET
Swap Meet (00000266)
2.9/5 (18 Votes)
When I was 16, we had [...]
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Posted on 19.02.2013, 05:26:05 CET
Sharp Childhood Attacks (00000541)
2.8/5 (75 Votes)
One Christmas, all I had was a vegetarian sandwich in my bedroom for dinner, because I was in the middle of such a bad nervous breakdown, one of many other ones I have had. I could not eat with everyone. There are times I would shake and get my swallowing phobia from childhood attacks of having a sharp instrument pushed down my throat.

Posted on 12.08.2013, 00:37:26 CET

There's always a first time (00000348)
2.7/5 (19 Votes)
This is a fairly short one. When I was a younger person, sometimes whenever I got home from school, porn would be on my TV. Me and my parents TV's were linked so when one channel changes, both TVs were tuned to it. Every time I saw a glimpse of it, I called my parents to come change it for me. But one time in the middle of the night, I was awake and wasn't feeling sleepy, so I turned on my TV and the phone was on it. It was around 8 or 9 and was suddenly feeling interested in it. I continued to watch for a while and when I heard a small sound abruptly turned it off. That was my first encounter with porn movies.

Posted on 02.04.2013, 04:45:44 CET

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