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Lustful (00000424)
2.6/5 (133 Votes)
I have an ongoing issue with looking at pornography. I'm so disappointed that I can't seem to put this sin to a stop. I sin against my wife, and our Lord. Father, please forgive me and help me to overcome this perversion by the power of Your Spirit! Thank You for your love and faithfulness to me.

Posted on 08.05.2013, 15:54:30 CET
My girlfriend is too fat (00000304)
2.6/5 (52 Votes)
I have a big problem; for a long time now I haven't found my girlfriend sexually attractive. Since we met many years ago, she has put on more and more weight. The girl of around 10 stone (140-ish pounds) is ancient history – nowadays she could reach a hefty 14 stone (200lbs). She is aware of it and constantly says she thinks she is too fat – but she doesn't see the implications. I do – and it is extreme. So much so that I now am never in the mood for sex, which for me is a very bad sign. Actually that isn't quite right: I do want to have sex. Just not with her. The problem is I look after my body and my appearance. I go to the gym, don't have an awful fashion sense and I am also pretty well off financially. In other words, I believe that I just need to not hide, and when I am completely honest for a moment (because this is Sinr after all), I deserve better. By that I don't mean skin-and-bone models who break just by looking at them, but just a well proportioned body. By the way, I don't care if women have a bit of a belly. The main thing is that if the overall view is good. Basically I need a woman who is sexy. Before you swing your "how can someone be so superficial" bat at me, or tell me that it is what's inside that counts – which by the way is complete bullshit – here is the explanation of why I haven't left her: she is the most wonderful human being that I have ever met. Never has anyone touched my heart as much as she does. Every day. And for that reason I can't and I don't want to go. And it is this conflict that is really tearing me apart. So I'm dancing on a minefield. And no, I am not interested in getting sex elsewhere. I have never cheated in my life and I am definitely not starting now.

Posted on 06.03.2013, 18:15:13 CET
The low cut shirt of my friend (00000567)
2.6/5 (923 Votes)
I couldn't stop looking at my friends tits. She was wearing a super low cut shirt with a tank top underneath. This helped push her boobs up even more. Not to mention her tits are huge. Probably close to a D cup. Anyway her cleavage was massive and the only thing between me and total view was her heat pendant necklace. Luckily for me she is never to worried or concerned about how much she showing. She was goofing around with her friends and started to jump up and down slightly. Her boobs were honestly jiggling out of control. To be completely honest, I wished I could fuck them right on the spot, right in front of my history teacher and everybody else. Also when she walks real fast, her tits are like jiggly heaven. Her ass is so big too. She's not one of those scrawny bitches. She's a good 120 or more pounds. She is so fucking hot. I've had a crush on her for more than three years and she is honestly the most attractive girl I know. She's pretty, nice, funny, and she's hot as fuck. Honestly I would wreck her little box. Not to be creepy. But yeeeaaah.
Tags: Lust

Posted on 07.03.2014, 23:25:54 CET
Ford Thunderbird (00000097)
2.5/5 (103 Votes)
I saw a red Ford Thunderbird on 2 inch rims in the mall parking lot, several people I knew had cars like this but not as nice and I knew they were great cars. I thought this would be a great time to live out my dreams and thrash a dream car. I used a coat hanger to get in the car and my screwdriver did the rest. I drove the car all day sideswiping parked cars until the gas went low. When the car was a total wreck I parked the car in a downtown parking garage destroyed the interior and left it. Later that evening I called my friend "Gary" for a ride to the club. Gary proudly spoke on the phone he told me how he used his summer money to put in a radio in his car buy rims and paint his dreary white Ford Thunderbird in to a Red Sexy masterpiece. He laughed on the phone and said he let his girlfriend drive it to work today. Gary also told me that She had just called him because she couldn't remember where the car was parked and was being driven around in a golf cart trying to find it. He laughed and said yeah I will take you in a few, when she returns with the car. She didn't find the car, The police recovered it and I never told Gary who stole his car. I hate it when he brings up his "stolen car story" because sometimes I think he suspects it was me but never said so. I never stole a red car again.

Posted on 07.03.2011, 23:13:29 CET
Place: Los Angeles, CA

Bedwetter (00000221)
2.7/5 (75 Votes)
The last time I wet the bed was about a year ago. The problem is that at 21, that shouldn't be happening anymore. What makes it even worse is that my girlfriend was sleeping next to me. I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and felt something that I hadn't in a long time: sopping wet underpants and a very wet, wide spot on the mattress. I crept out of bed, put on fresh underpants, threw the old ones in the cabinet, and went upstairs to the bathroom to wash up and get a towel. Unfortunately my girlfriend hears everything at night. You just have to whisper her name and she wakes up. As I came back from the bathroom, she hugged me. She of course noticed that I had been rummaging for a new pair of underpants. I was ashamed to death, but she didn't make a big deal about it. At this point I have to say that I had a stomach operation that also affected my ureter, so I can't hold it for long. After I drink half a liter of water, I immediately have to go to the bathroom. I had nightmares that night too. I was so sorry. A 22-year-old woman who could have gotten anyone with her looks was sleeping next to someone who still wet the bed. Well, we turned the lights on, looked at the mess together and completely remade the bed. I'm still ashamed when I think about it. But I'm so thankful to my girlfriend that she didn't make fun of me and stood by me.

Posted on 02.01.2013, 07:24:50 CET

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