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Cyber Sex (00000502)
2.7/5 (80 Votes)
Despite having had sex with guys [...]
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Posted on 26.06.2013, 13:43:29 CET
Serendipity? (00000337)
3.0/5 (66 Votes)
I miss my ex boyfriend like no other. I may have committed the sin of idolatry or whatever, but I really don't think that was the case. I miss him terribly, and he just gleefully walks past me, and makes it seem like he is okay. He is hurting too. I know, we have the same thoughts all the time. I don't know why he avoids me when he can just come back. I'm waiting. It's just really painful right now. Maybe I will be aching for a while, but I trust Jesus Christ, that His comfort is more precious than the sound of the voice of a lover. I am tired. Will my heart stop aching? Come quickly Lord, sing psalms over me. I am desperate for You. Ignite my heart to love You, and to serve You without any conditions.
Tags: Love Despair

Posted on 29.03.2013, 02:00:25 CET
Looking Good (00000544)
2.8/5 (164 Votes)
A place to burn old stuff and come out standing up on the top looking good is what I want from this page. Ok guys, I know you are gods here and make my world freaking beautiful. So do your nasty thing and make my world better. Thanks!

Posted on 14.08.2013, 12:54:04 CET
Place: East Herman
The Embedded Tooth (00000093)
2.9/5 (154 Votes)
When I was 5 years old, I got my first loose tooth and naturally wanted to be rid of it as soon as possible. I bit down hard into an apple. Regrettably, I swallowed the small piece of apple with the tooth embedded in it. My father then explained to me that it would emerge when I sat on the toilet. Over the next few days I wanted to have the tooth and tried passing it, but succeeded only while in my kindergarten. So I brought a nice, fat, brown clump to the kindergarten lady, asking her to find the tooth for me, and then I went back to playing. I confess that because of me that poor woman probably had the worst coffee break of her life.

Posted on 11.05.2011, 01:05:52 CET
Place: Rainer-Langen Weg, 41812 Katzem, Germany

Helping cup (00000046)
2.8/5 (67 Votes)
I (w) was about 12 or 13 years old when I woke up one night because I really needed the loo. When I opened my bedroom door to go, I heard the moaning of my parents. They were having sex and their door wasn't completely shut. Since the bathroom is next to their bedroom, and I had to pass their bedroom going there, I hastily closed my door again. I almost cried, I really needed to go. Than it occurred to me: I still had this morning’s hot chocolate cup in my room with a little bit left in it. So I dropped my knickers and relieved myself into the cup. Unfortunately I did not only hit the cup, but also my fingers and the carpet. I emptied the cup out of the window, completely ignorant of the fact that we had a white wall and I should have used a bit more momentum throwing it out. My room also had a nasty smell, but I fixed that with disinfectant (loads of it). All that was left was a yellow-brownish stain on our exterior wall, but that disappeared with the next rain. I told my parents that throwing tetra-packs at each others wall was the latest trend among teenagers. Thank god they were never looking for the burst packs. Even today, 5 years later, I still cannot drink out of that cup anymore, and every time my parents have sex I get the chills.

Posted on 11.07.2009, 10:09:17 CET

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