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Paranormal Activity (00000400)
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I (m/38) just had three storm-free days; that is to say, my wife and children are not at home. Yesterday late at night I watched the horror film Paranormal Activity 2 and it creeped me out. I was really scared groping through the house in the dark, so I turned on lights everywhere, which I don't normally do. Now to the point. As I was lying in bed, the motion sensor light suddenly came on by itself. It is mounted near the children's beds so that if the baby wakes up at night and you stumble in half asleep, a little light is already on near the bed. It's impossible to activate it from my bed and I was alone in the room. I almost died of fright and I couldn't sleep for ages and had nightmares. I confess, that I as a grown man of almost 40 almost crapped my pants in fear because of a stupid horror film.

Posted on 25.04.2013, 08:49:59 CET
Attracted To The Same Sex (00000493)
2.7/5 (106 Votes)
I'm engaged to a man, I'm obviously a woman. But sometimes, I find myself looking at women very sexually, and I cannot stop myself. I love my fiance but I know that I have this very big lesbian side that I just feel horrible about because I feel as if I'm betraying him. I'm also Christian which just makes me feel even more conflicted. But I know I'm very much attracted to women more than men.

Posted on 16.06.2013, 05:51:10 CET
Me,My Girlfriend, and I (00000262)
2.8/5 (89 Votes)
Well A couple of months ago [...]
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Posted on 07.02.2013, 05:44:13 CET
Special Leave from the Boss (00000238)
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I have to confess here how [...]
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Tags: Work Health Sex

Posted on 21.01.2013, 02:35:51 CET

Lawn tractor (00000036)
2.8/5 (100 Votes)
A friend of mine, an electrician, has told me that in case of emergency the sliding doors of shops open automatically to let possible locked in customers out. When a power cut appeared at 5 am one morning I decided to visit the DIY shop across the road. The doors were indeed open, no lights and no-one around. I took advantage of the opportunity and helped myself to a fully filled up lawn tractor. I drove it home through the street and hid it in my shed. Strange enough, no-one noticed this, but I kept being alert to a possible police visit during the day. It never happened, and currently I am the happy owner of a lawn tractor. As compensation I am now buying all my garden needs at the shop.

Posted on 05.06.2009, 11:34:34 CET

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