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Shiny white walls (00000024)
2.8/5 (162 Votes)
I am painter by profession, and I masturbate into the white paint. I think the paint is shining more brightly because of it. I'm spunking into the white paint, my customers are extremely satisfied and always say how shiny the white walls are. They call me a magician and are recommending me all around. I have more work than I can compete, my dairy is full until the end of times and they keep coming. I'm delighted; even so I am living with a lie.

Posted on 13.05.2009, 15:22:50 CET
Hookerland (00000132)
2.6/5 (169 Votes)
I made a smartphone mistake: I messaged my mom instead of my very close friend. I messaged her, "Yay, I'm in hookerland!" It was supposed to mean that I was in school. I had to lie to my mom and tell her that I didn't do that.

Posted on 12.11.2011, 16:31:58 CET
Place: Serbia
2.7/5 (178 Votes)
Characteristics of Genre in An American Story. Every year, there are thousands of Immigrants who make sacrifices to come to the U.S. They have to sometimes even be parted from their family for a long time, and may never see their families again.

Posted on 24.05.2013, 18:13:07 CET
Burger Toilet (00000066)
2.8/5 (102 Votes)
A short while ago I was in one of the two big burger chains near us; to be exact, in the one with the crown. I ordered, ate and then had to go to the bathroom. In front of the bathroom sits a woman who is known to let only customers inside, unless you pay her 50 cents. The restaurant is located in a railroad station. Well, I had eaten, so the bathroom should be free for me. The good woman didn't see it that way, however, and asked to see the receipt from my meal. Naturally, I hadn't let them give me a receipt for my 6.79€ fast food restaurant meal. Without giving it a lot of thought, reflexively one might say, I belched into the good woman's face, adding nicely, "As you can surely smell: Big King XXL with bacon, very fresh." After that, I was allowed to use the bathroom without charge, as I deserved. Shortly before I had been to an interview at a bank. It looked to me like it went pretty well, and I had high hopes for the position. That hope dwindled drastically for me after the incident with the john lady. As I found out after using the toilet, the gentleman in the line behind me was the man who I had sat across from for the job interview just an hour earlier. Today I got turned down.

Posted on 08.10.2009, 10:19:17 CET

MILF (00000463)
2.6/5 (140 Votes)
My mom has this hot aged [...]
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Posted on 28.05.2013, 05:48:05 CET

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