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Espresso Machine (00000038)
3.0/5 (183 Votes)
I (w/23) share a house with 2 guys. One of them owns an espresso machine, and he makes himself this delicious coffee. I find this poser machine to expensive and use the normal, cheap coffee maker. A while ago I noticed that one of them always uses my coffee when he has visitors. Looked like he was too greedy to use his own expensive coffee. I don't mind if it happens once, but it happens all the time. Fed up with it, I grounded a laxative and mixed it into my coffee powder. The next study group ended quite abruptly. I am still smiling today when I think about. I might have over reacted, but I hate greediness.

Posted on 15.06.2009, 14:38:19 CET
Me And My Mutt (00000489)
2.7/5 (64 Votes)
I (m/23) once let my Alaskan [...]
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Posted on 12.06.2013, 01:14:41 CET
Border control (00000037)
3.0/5 (163 Votes)
I (m/27) am working for several years at the customs office in Northern Germany. We regularly search busses and trucks at border crossing in this area. Mainly at the Dutch border. A few weeks ago, something happened to me that I just can’t keep quiet. A big touring bus, as you know them from school trip loaded with German students on their final trip came across the border from Venlo. A higher ranking officer called them off the road and we started searching the bus. We didn't find anything, but the Sniffer dogs were quite nervous. So we had to search all the 50 students. Since we were only with 5 people, we had to place them in rows of 10. I started at an outer end of the line but didn’t find anything at first. After a few students, I hit the jackpot: 5 grams of hash in a back pack. The boy, barely 18 years old started shaking and staring at my colleagues. I thought I wasn't watched (my colleagues were all busy searching their designated backpacks) so I said to him: "I'll keep it, and we’ll forget this ever happened." He nodded in relief and his eyes almost glazed over. A short while later the students were told to board the bus and traveled on.

Posted on 08.06.2009, 23:18:07 CET
Place: Venlo, Netherlands
The hated flatmate (00000382)
2.9/5 (61 Votes)
This year, I got a large repayment on my utility bills of nearly 500 Euros. My former flatmate would be due to receive about 150, but I kept the amount a secret and only transferred her about 20. Reason; without my knowledge she kept a subtenant in her room and sent the key by post, although I am the main tenant and she herself was only a subtenant. She informed me of this when we were celebrating the end of the semester and I had already had a few. When I later called her out on this, she snapped, insulted me, and told me she couldn't get along with my impossible nature and gave her notice for her room. But of course only after the subtenant (from whom she was making a pretty packet) had been paid by our employer. Since the subtenant had already agreed, I didn't want to be mean and ban her, so I said she could stay for three months. During that time my flatmate (because I really am this stupid) just communicated to the subtenant that her parents should come and get her things and so on. This bitch annoyed me so much that I kept the money from her, she saved enough up and I don't owe her a cent! She never transferred her rent on time anyway.

Posted on 22.04.2013, 03:15:25 CET

Unjust World (00000230)
2.9/5 (52 Votes)
Since my father won the lottery a few years ago (and he always had plenty of money as a lawyer), my sister (29) and I (25) receive €2,500 a month from him. He told us that we never have to work again if we don't want to. We'll receive the money either way. Even if he dies, everything goes to us. He invested the money so that the original winnings will never be touched and we can easily live from the interest. I'm the happiest person in the world and I will never have to work again, but that makes me feel guilty. I've enjoyed my life for years and still do today and my character hasn't changed much. Money begets money. If other poorer people win the lottery, they usually have less money than before afterwards. They don’t know how to make their money grow. Despite this, I find it unfair that the poor become poorer while the rich get richer. Since I know this now, I donate €1,000 every month to the city board and to a soup kitchen. This is how I calm my conscience and I can still live well. If he should die, I would give half of my inherited winnings and start a foundation to work on projects in West Germany. There's plenty to do here.

Posted on 12.01.2013, 05:12:13 CET

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