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Coughing in the library (00000281)
2.8/5 (99 Votes)
Sometimes when I'm sitting in my university library, I cough loud enough just to cause a chain reaction same as whenever someone sneezes. My record is 12.

Posted on 07.03.2013, 19:58:46 CET
Super glue (00000044)
2.7/5 (96 Votes)
I (m/26) am working in a supermarket. My manager has one of these coffee cups with a text on it:" I'm the boss, you're nothing." It totally does fit her, she is a real pain in the ***. I got hold of some superglue today and glued it to her table; I have to add though that she had just filled it with coffee. I wasn't fortunate enough to see her response, but I do hope she never finds out who did it.
Tags: Revenge Boss

Posted on 10.07.2009, 00:17:49 CET
Place: Wolfsburg, Germany
Mail from Venezuela (00000164)
2.6/5 (69 Votes)
When I was still in school, I was often bullied by my classmates. They slashed my bike tires, stole my clothes, slapped me, and so on. The worst was when I had to invite my classmates over for a group project and my piggy bank was stolen. I was saving up for a plane ticket to America. Despite my suspicions, the thief was never unmasked, so I never saw my money again. Meanwhile, I'm now 29, went to college, married a beautiful Latina, and have a little daughter. Thanks to Facebook, it's easy to track down my less-affluent classmates. Since I often spend time in my second adopted home in Caracas, Venezuela, I always anonymously send packages containing white powder to my previous tormentors. Recently I met an old school friend who lives in the same apartment building as one of my childhood bullies. I learned from him that plainclothes police officers had searched this young man’s apartment a few weeks before. I was secretly as happy as a lark. Forgive me and I'm sorry.
Tags: Revenge Drugs

Posted on 21.10.2012, 00:23:48 CET
Warm batteries (00000020)
2.9/5 (198 Votes)
When I feel lonely, I disconnect the warm batteries from the charger and hold them against my skin to imitate a human touch.

Posted on 22.08.2007, 16:00:00 CET

I killed our baby (00000114)
2.6/5 (167 Votes)
I'm sorry, angel. I killed our baby. You keep saying you are sorry. You keep blaming yourself for the miscarriage. Your body was carrying him (now we know it was a him). But you did nothing to cause this. Yes, you drank. Even after we found out, you kept drinking. You drank to the point you fell down. You took all those pills. I was afraid of the damage you were doing to our baby. I was afraid that I'm so broke I work two jobs and can't pay my mortgage. I was afraid that you kept trying to tell me to leave and let you raise the baby alone. I was afraid you would leave and take my baby. I didn't want to be separated from my baby. I didn't want you to keep putting those poisons into our baby. I didn't want the baby.

You were supposed to be 6 weeks along. I bought the pills from India. They came in the mail. I'd been making you take vitamins, so I just pretended they were the vitamins you had been taking. Thats why I held you so close that night. Because I knew, and you didn't. At six weeks, you would have had a heavy period type bleed and we could start over. At 16 weeks, he was already a whole baby. The paramedics had to collect the tissue from the toilet. I looked in the container. He was tiny and beautiful and looked so wrong to be in that plastic bio-waste bucket. The Doctor told us it was a him. I'm sorry. When you told me how scared you were, I wept because I knew. When you told me you had to break the cord to leave the toilet to call 911, I wept because I knew. When you begged me for forgiveness for losing my son, I wept because I knew. When they asked what name to put on his certificate, you said to honor me, and I wept because I knew. I will never ever tell you. You are my angel. Someday we might be blessed again. You could never forgive me. I hope the Goddess will forgive me. I hope the Goddess will bless us again. I'm sorry angel. I killed our baby.

Posted on 05.03.2011, 22:55:17 CET

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