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Ripped My Hole (00000554)
2.8/5 (324 Votes)
I'm (f) 13, and I masturbate uncontrollably. I can't control it. I've figured out how to have something in my vagina and my ass at the same time. I once ripped my hole and bleed all over the sheets. My mom thinks I had my period, but nope, I was up at 1 am using makeshift dildos, as I do every night. If I don't I can't sleep and the next day I get turned on over every little thing.

Posted on 16.08.2013, 08:46:54 CET
Place: Bernhardberg
Turkey, Anyone? (00000477)
2.9/5 (140 Votes)
One day my mom made me mad because she wouldn't leave me alone. So I picked up a knife, and slit her throat. She didn't die, and immodestly so I repeatedly stabbed her in the heart. I soon chopped her to pieces and fed her for Thanksgiving dinner. I buried her remains underground.

Posted on 04.06.2013, 06:07:40 CET
Beautiful Disaster (00000413)
2.8/5 (154 Votes)
For a year and a half I have been in a relationship with a married woman. She and her husband got a divorce when we got together, but since he has moved back in. She has been having a real difficult time because she can't deal with the divorce while waiting on her dad to have a kidney transplant. Basically, she can't be mature enough to admit she needs his income but nothing else from him until her dad gets his transplant. She doesn't get any type of support from her husband according to her, and most of the time spends a lot of time with me and does all she can to make it work. She and I have both had dreams of fighting through this and ending up together. Obviously it's been tough, but no matter what we always end up not being able to remain separated. I do love her and she is in love with me. I can't even feel attracted to other women, I have tried. Recently the stress of her life has caused her to all but completely shut down on me. She says I love you but its like she really just doesn't care anymore even though she says she does. However, I feel she needs me, and I don't want to be with anyone else but her. I feel if I leave her now I'd simply be weak, and not be there for the girl I love the most. I know it sounds ridiculous but I've known her a long time. She doesn't seem like the type that would play a Guy. I've never been so emotionally attached to anyone and I don't know what we would do with out each other. I can't keep dealing with her current disposition but when I try to talk about it she flies off the handle. It always gets blamed on me like I expect too much from her. She always uses the, "It's your choice I'm not making you stay." but I'm staying for her. I love her to death, and I really just can't be happy with anyone else. I just pray God helps us out soon.

Posted on 06.05.2013, 01:59:32 CET
Boys and Boys (00000181)
2.7/5 (110 Votes)
When I was still in my [...]
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Posted on 01.11.2012, 02:22:28 CET

Fire in the Hole (00000467)
2.9/5 (115 Votes)
My first boyfriend and I were [...]
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Posted on 28.05.2013, 21:40:07 CET

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