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I touch... (00000353)
2.8/5 (81 Votes)
Stimulation and lustful thoughts have occurred, and I am so sorry for my sins. I always wish I could take things back but there is no way to do so, and I hope that God can forgive me because I wanted to do confession now, and there is no way of me being able to get to a church at this point, and time.

Posted on 03.04.2013, 17:14:48 CET
Me,My Girlfriend, and I (00000262)
2.8/5 (89 Votes)
Well A couple of months ago [...]
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Posted on 07.02.2013, 05:44:13 CET
Bedwetter (00000221)
2.7/5 (81 Votes)
The last time I wet the bed was about a year ago. The problem is that at 21, that shouldn't be happening anymore. What makes it even worse is that my girlfriend was sleeping next to me. I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and felt something that I hadn't in a long time: sopping wet underpants and a very wet, wide spot on the mattress. I crept out of bed, put on fresh underpants, threw the old ones in the cabinet, and went upstairs to the bathroom to wash up and get a towel. Unfortunately my girlfriend hears everything at night. You just have to whisper her name and she wakes up. As I came back from the bathroom, she hugged me. She of course noticed that I had been rummaging for a new pair of underpants. I was ashamed to death, but she didn't make a big deal about it. At this point I have to say that I had a stomach operation that also affected my ureter, so I can't hold it for long. After I drink half a liter of water, I immediately have to go to the bathroom. I had nightmares that night too. I was so sorry. A 22-year-old woman who could have gotten anyone with her looks was sleeping next to someone who still wet the bed. Well, we turned the lights on, looked at the mess together and completely remade the bed. I'm still ashamed when I think about it. But I'm so thankful to my girlfriend that she didn't make fun of me and stood by me.

Posted on 02.01.2013, 07:24:50 CET
The lavatory. (00000256)
2.8/5 (92 Votes)
I played a prank on my roommate and left the toilet seat up intentionally one night. Just as I expected, My female roommate fell for it not noticing the seat was up and found her pretty much confused if it had been her fault, or otherwise a set up. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Posted on 03.02.2013, 03:18:11 CET

Sauna lady (00000049)
2.7/5 (89 Votes)
I was on holiday with a few colleagues a couple of years ago, and we decided to visit the Sauna to see how we liked it. Lying down, being bare naked, a very hot, roughly 30 year old woman entered the room. Of course, I got the biggest hard on ever. Being embarrassed, I got up and headed for the door. The woman saw my hard on and shook her head. Being in a crowd, with my colleagues present, I was a dare devil and said to her: "Quite a sight , don’t you think. You’re responsible for that hotty!"

Thinking I'd never see her again I wanted to be funny in front of the colleagues. After summer break I had to return to school. We were getting a new teacher. Guess the woman from the Sauna was the new teacher. The shame. She gave me a queer look, but we never talked about it. I am still embarrassed when I have to talk to her in the mornings.

Posted on 22.07.2009, 09:12:29 CET

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