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Pervertion (00000320)
2.9/5 (73 Votes)
I'm a female counselor at a Christian camp that I have attended as a camper for seven years and I'm addicted to masturbation. How can I help other people when I can't even help myself?

Posted on 18.03.2013, 20:32:02 CET
Wayward Boyfriend (00000131)
2.9/5 (118 Votes)
I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost four months. It will be four months in just five days. I have had my female best friend for two years, and she has recently gotten close to my boyfriend too. Last night, when I was chatting with another friend, the ex boyfriend of my female best friend, he told me that my boyfriend was telling him that that he's been talking to my best friend. My boyfriend sounds and looks like he's flirting with my best friend, just like my friend told me. I messaged my boyfriend, and I told him if he doesn't want me anymore, then fck him. I told him that I'd rather he just break up with me rather than cheating on me. And tomorrow, I'll see my boyfriend and I'll slap him and my best friend in the face so hard.

Posted on 02.11.2011, 04:51:45 CET
Place: Olongapo City, Philippines.
A few good men (00000351)
2.8/5 (123 Votes)
I was seventeen with my first [...]
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Posted on 03.04.2013, 05:54:47 CET
My mother's prank (00000377)
2.9/5 (80 Votes)
This is not a funny confession. In any case it isn't for me. September 24th 1999 was the worst day of my life. My mother was known for her quirky sense of humor and often played pranks on me or my brother. Once she watched a horror film with me and my brother and pretended she was being strangled by someone else's hand behind the door. Often it was about scaring us. On the above-mentioned day I was 14 years old, my brother was 12. I was coming home from school and I heard a faint cry for help. Of course, I recognized my mother's voice and did what I am still ashamed of 14 years later. I shouted back loudly "Alright mum, who's killing you now?" Then I heard a cry for help again: "Call a doctor, I'm lying in the bathroom". From the tone I realized that something wasn't right and I ran into the bathroom. There lay my mother on the floor and she told me to ring 911 and my dad. Naturally, I realized the gravity of the situation and I took action. While the emergency doctor looked after my mother, I just thought about how I would excuse myself to my mother. September 24th 1999 was the day my mother died in the arms of a Doctor inside the emergency room. She had a heart attack.

Posted on 18.04.2013, 04:40:14 CET

Ultimate Experience (00000457)
2.7/5 (73 Votes)
When I was 14 my sister [...]
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Posted on 26.05.2013, 07:27:34 CET
Place: 10th avenue, new York, NY, USA

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