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Trouble with the Boyfriends (00000135)
2.9/5 (130 Votes)
I have 3 boyfriends who all think that I love them, and 5 guys who think that I like them and they like me. But I truly do LOVE one guy, and he is the only one I want, but I'm scared to hurt these other guys. I'm not sure what to do.

Posted on 30.11.2011, 10:58:09 CET
Place: Macon GA
Gifts for the yards (00000110)
2.6/5 (139 Votes)
I, when I was about eight or nine, lived in this very Family-oriented apartment complex. However, I lived in the very back of the apartment complex, and my school bus dropped me off at the very front of the complex, and I'd walk home alone. On my way home, being the little douche bag I was, I'd go into people's yards, take their things, and put it in other people's yards.
One time, I took someone's stepping stone that had their kid's hand prints on them, and put it in front of a house a couple buildings away. Two weeks later, the apartment I put the stone in front of was vacant, and every other house in the complex guarded their things like it was golden.

Posted on 12.07.2011, 10:34:24 CET
Place: Lake Mary, FL
Job application to an egomaniac (00000367)
2.6/5 (54 Votes)
I (m/25) graduated a few months ago and thus I began the big application process began for me. The cover letter is now called the letter of motivation, and naturally "Why do you really want to work for this company?" Obviously because it has been my dream since childhood to be able work for the leading producer of Velcro straps. This example was plucked out of thin air but I hope you all get my drift. Unfortunately this kind of fuss pervades in all companies. Of course as a businessman I wouldn't want to have any old idiot in the company and an appropriate cover letter should be a prerequisite, but sadly some personnel and department leaders are delusional. Here is an extract from a medium sized company, more of a monologue and an homage to the department manager, how great he and his department are. It started when he told me about his work for 30 minutes, how awesome he is, everything that he's achieved, that his department prepares reports directly for the board and so they were basically organised directly under the management (according to his point of view then the secretary must be the acting CEO). After a long 30 minutes came the first question: "Have you applied to other companies?" After an affirmative answer he clicked shut his notebook and said that we could end the conversation at this point, because I apparently lacked motivation. I then answered in a friendly tone that we were living in the 20th century and I would be exceptionally stupid to put my future in the hands of one company for whom I was just an anonymous applicant, often enough you just receive a letter of refusal. I was ultimately invited to a second interview, but I refused, because I have no interest in working for such egomaniacs. Unfortunately it happens in many companies. In the end I took a post in a big consulting firm, where the partner in the interview actually just spoke about the content of my studies, what I expected at work and made a bit of small talk about hobbies. To sum up the application process, I would have preferably just written in my covering letter and said during the job interview that I am a reliable applicant, who works hard for good pay, and who doesn't care whether he is working for a car company or a dog food producer. Sadly I wasn't brave enough which I really regret. If I am ever in charge of personnel and somebody like that applies, that person would be 90% certain to get the job. Oh well, I have a lot of fun at my job, I get on well with my colleagues and I still maintain that the motivation to work has much more to do with the working atmosphere than with the name and the appearance of the company.
Tags: Work Discord

Posted on 14.04.2013, 05:05:11 CET
Dorian Gray (00000535)
2.8/5 (169 Votes)
I (f/21) dream about this actor basket making with me. I would love to live out his movie, be beautiful, and young forever. I love him wearing those clothes in that movie. He is so beautiful and I have often masturbated thinking about him.

Posted on 11.08.2013, 05:45:35 CET
Place: South Jamieton

Locked In A World Of Your Own (00000546)
2.8/5 (176 Votes)
I (m/24) was at a university where there was a virus leak, and I still believe I caught a bad bug. I think someone was stopping me from being at the campus deliberately. People have rubbished me when I have given this theory, but I believe it to be true. Too many foreigners getting into science degrees is the problem. I got very sick and it was frightening, like the worst delirium and zombie state I have ever experienced. It was like living in a dream, heaps of night sweats, shaking, pain, eyes rolling back and fevers, unable to eat much, fits of tears over months and longer, psychosis locked in a world of your own. Sometimes I wish I had it again to face my inner demons and inner spirit. Let out the problem within.

Posted on 14.08.2013, 14:46:39 CET
Place: Cathrynberg

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