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Sleeping with the enemy (00000365)
2.9/5 (109 Votes)
Once I was obsessed with the most popular guy in high school. So, I got him drunk at a party and had sex with him. I poked holes in the condom and carried his child. Now I get free money and I keep the child in the closet.

Posted on 10.04.2013, 18:11:21 CET
Extra morning flavor (00000095)
3.0/5 (163 Votes)
I get to the office an hour before my boss, at least once a week for the last two years I've been peeing just a little bit into his coffee mug. I have never seen him rinse it out before filling up in the morning.

Posted on 22.02.2011, 16:46:04 CET
Place: Newport Beach, CA
Tuned Scooters (00000249)
2.5/5 (64 Votes)
I confess that people who ride all over with their scooters and mopeds really upset me, especially in the spring and summer. I have to explain that I live right on the main street in a small town. After a strenuous work week, I look forward to sleeping in on the weekends, but apparently this is too much to ask. Some people ride scooters at the most unlikely hours. Many of you have probably heard loud scooters before, but the ones here are doctored and extremely loud because it's some kind of trend to manipulate the exhaust of these things to get noticed. Since I know which people use these scooters (16-18 year olds) and they drive around at the crack of dawn, I simply gave the police an anonymous tip. Today, they really stood near my house and controlled all of the scooter riders. I laughed to myself when a driver was nabbed. It's their own fault. If I rode one of these things, I would have the decency to not be so loud.

Posted on 29.01.2013, 02:12:34 CET
Hallway Onanism (00000067)
2.8/5 (85 Votes)
I (m) would like to tell you something very embarrassing from the days of my youth. I was around 14 and often had the desire to masturbate, which I did regularly, of course. One day I'd forgotten our apartment key and was forced to wait on the staircase for my mother. Of all things, I got the urge to masturbate there in the staircase, and so I did. I never thought at all about someone coming out of the apartment next door to ours. Anyway, I was about to come as a bunch of young people emerged from the apartment and I, in lusty urgency, simply let it squirt. Not realizing what I was doing, I took off with my pants still down, and almost ran into the arms of our downstairs neighbor. You can imagine that from then on I avoided crossing paths with the neighbor. For several years, to be exact!

Posted on 09.10.2009, 23:30:10 CET

The Unbeliever (00000495)
2.7/5 (71 Votes)
I (m/26) stopped believing in the bible, but I don't want the god I don't believe in to see me as a sinner! I don't want to burn for eternity in a hell I don't believe in, how do I save my soul from God's wrath?

Posted on 16.06.2013, 21:45:22 CET

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