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Shiny white walls (00000024)
2.8/5 (162 Votes)
I am painter by profession, and I masturbate into the white paint. I think the paint is shining more brightly because of it. I'm spunking into the white paint, my customers are extremely satisfied and always say how shiny the white walls are. They call me a magician and are recommending me all around. I have more work than I can compete, my dairy is full until the end of times and they keep coming. I'm delighted; even so I am living with a lie.

Posted on 13.05.2009, 15:22:50 CET
The Babysitter's Worst Nightmare (00000130)
2.5/5 (88 Votes)
Back when I was little, I had babysitters. I have three older siblings, and the four of us combined were absolute monsters to watch. Never once did we get a repeat babysitter! We were so bad that we actually had 2 babysitters. Anyway, this one time we were exceptionally horrible, stealing shoes and hiding them, cracking eggs under the table, and screaming bloody murder! The babysitters decided to put us all in time out, but we would have none of it! We all stood up and scattered, me running to my parents room. I had just learned the phone number for the police in school, and I picked up the phone by parents' bedside table and dialed 911. The police showed up 10 minutes later yelling at the sitters to take better care of the children!

Posted on 09.10.2011, 10:20:55 CET
Place: USA
Hip DJ (00000104)
2.8/5 (157 Votes)
I lied about myself living a double life as a DJ in China throughout my high school life in order to be accepted.

Posted on 26.06.2011, 17:01:57 CET
Place: Manila, Philippines
The Hand is Quicker than the Eye (00000438)
2.7/5 (91 Votes)
Okay, so I stole a candy from a kid just to see if it was really that easy. What I actually did was, I went up to my sister's friend's room, and started talking to them so, I just took one of their bags then ran away. It was that easy, and the best part was I didn't get caught, now I can mark that experience off my growing up list.

Posted on 15.05.2013, 04:00:45 CET

Lying to the Perpetrator (00000216)
2.5/5 (62 Votes)
A few weeks ago, I (m) was beaten up by a couple of Russians. There was no reason except that they were drunk. The main offender was already known in the city as a violent offender who had already attacked other people for no reason. After the attack on me, someone called the police, who immediately began to investigate the said perpetrator. His name was known so it wasn't a big deal. I had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I've just received a call from the guy. He bitterly and miserably apologized and asked me not to press charges. I heard his apology and told him I would drop the charges. Now for my confession. This week I'm still going to make my statement against these guys and claim my compensation for pain and suffering because I think that this type people don’t belong in Germany or our society. Not because of their nationality or origin, but rather because I think we shouldn't tolerate such behavior.

Posted on 28.12.2012, 13:11:20 CET

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