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How I Get Around (00000506)
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I'm easily influenced by my friends. I told myself that I shouldn't do it but I did. There was just so much anger in me. She was one of my best friends, and we're totally still tight. That was when I was young, though. I never told her because I feel like if I did she would look down on me for following her terrible example. I was just hating on my sister that day, my 3 years older than me sister who thought that she knew everything. My friend had told me it was funny. I thought it was funny. The deal was done. I lifted up the toilet seat and shoved her toothbrush in the toilet. Swished it around some. I put my sister's toothbrush, inside of the freshly urinated-in toilet. Someone save my soul.

Posted on 07.07.2013, 00:37:29 CET
Place: Inside of the Bathroom.
Toy Fire Trucks (00000191)
3.0/5 (72 Votes)
When i was five, i visited my grandfather at his nursing home. We were best of friends. One day, I brought my mini fire trucks to play with. On that day, a women who was very old and fragile stepped on my fire truck, She then slipped on them and I started to laugh, she was then shipped to the hospital and was pronounced dead. This had haunted me all my life.

Posted on 16.11.2012, 16:36:49 CET
Place: Baltimore Maryland

Reading at work (00000285)
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I (m, 22) currently work in a care center for the elderly. There I have been assigned a female resident who I have to take to the toilet after lunch. She needs quite a while, often about 15 minutes. One time, when I couldn't really help her, my gaze wandered around the room and lastly to her bookshelf. I found a relatively interesting old classic and flicked through it for fun. However, I quite liked the book, so every day, while the lady goes to the toilet, I have carried on reading between two and five pages each time. This work is 531 pages long. I have already read about 2/3. I confess that I look forward to bringing her into her room, even though I could be helping my colleagues during that time. Sorry guys, but I only have a 30 minute break; I need to unwind somehow.
Tags: Work Media

Posted on 27.02.2013, 06:50:33 CET
Facebook, in my head (00000180)
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I developed an obsession for a man on Facebook. He is so sexy, handsome, and manly! More manly than anyone I have ever known! I get turned on every time I look at his picture that he is driving me crazy. I just keep thinking about him all the time, what would it be like to kiss him, hold him, and yes you guessed it, sleep with him. The fantasies are racing around in my head. We are friends but we have never met, and I keep praying he will at least send me a message or say hello and just say something nice. I don't want to jeopardize the pretty much anonymous friendship, as I don't want to loose that, so trying to keep myself under control. I don't want to scare him off by telling him how I feel either. But think he knows I'm mad about him anyway.

Posted on 10.11.2012, 18:54:35 CET
Computer genius (00000003)
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I have set up a screenshot of the with all symbols as desktop background on the PC of a mate of mine. After that, I hid all the symbols, moved the taskbar to the top of the screen and hid it as well. After hours of him trying to work it out and failing and I was unfortunately neither in any position to help him, he had to re-install.

Posted on 22.12.2006, 10:41:59 CET

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