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Shiny white walls (00000024)
2.8/5 (162 Votes)
I am painter by profession, and I masturbate into the white paint. I think the paint is shining more brightly because of it. I'm spunking into the white paint, my customers are extremely satisfied and always say how shiny the white walls are. They call me a magician and are recommending me all around. I have more work than I can compete, my dairy is full until the end of times and they keep coming. I'm delighted; even so I am living with a lie.

Posted on 13.05.2009, 15:22:50 CET
Parenthood (00000290)
2.8/5 (158 Votes)
I hate my parents, although I love them for being my parents and all, they did not molest me in any kind and offered me the best they had so I guess this rant is rather ungrateful. That's the thing, they are just simple minded who flew with the wind innocently, way too innocent and just are being stupid. They just suck plain and simple. My mom doesn't understand anything to life and is afraid of everything that occurs, she's definitely the weakest person I know. My father is somewhat better, he is a good man but he is so stubborn that it keeps him in his loneliness and complete refusal of evolution of life. What I am angry about is that they just kept on making mistakes all throughout my education and I had to make me entirely myself. When I was fat and bullied, they told me I'd lose fat when I'd grow up and did nothing else. When I tried to lose weight by not eating for 10 days straight my nurse of a mom didn't do anything against it. When my mom found out that I smoked, she proposed to buy me cigarettes so I'd not waste money on it (nobody smokes in the entire family). When I smoked pot in front of them they did nothing about it either. DAMN IT WHAT KIND OF PARENT ARE YOU? Now I don't smoke pot anymore and I have a rather decent life but I continuously had to fight the traits I have inherited from them in order to be the person I want to be. I have not made a single step in life without failing considerably and now I am afraid to progress because I know that I will bite the dust. They make themselves look like fools to everyone, particularly me. They do not have any notion of appearance (I'm picky or materialistic at all but they not really dressing like hobos) to the point that I am embarrassed to hang out with them. My mom doesn't know how to cook, doesn't have any sense of style and cannot work her way around a house at all (ironing, sewing, cleaning). She does it somehow but a 5th grader would do better. My father never taught me anything significant and we never had any father-son bond of any kind (doing sports, fishing, road trips, sex talk and so on). They never supported any decision I made, always been like "sure, if that's what you want". That led me to make terribly wrong choices so many times. I could be glad that they had this attitude rather than opposing to everything but a little common sense would have gone a long way. So there I am, have been a loser all my life and fighting recurring depression because of all that, and also for hating my parents. Forced autosuggestion has helped me to achieve good things but deep inside I know that I will never be able to achieve anything great because of these genetics barriers and it tears me apart from my dreams. One of the reasons why I want to have kids is that I never want to make the same mistakes and I want to smash them across the face when they make mistakes and love them limitless righteously and truly make them superheroes of the new generation. My kids are going to rock that earth so bad you'll be sick of hearing about them in the news. So yeah, I hate my parents and I have to put up with their boring crap every time I am in contact with them even though I live across the globe from them and it makes me hurl. I only do it because I feel the duty of being a son but it makes me sick.

Posted on 01.03.2013, 14:10:41 CET
My Boyfriend’s Little Brother (00000172)
2.8/5 (76 Votes)
I (f/18) must make a confession [...]
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Posted on 10.11.2012, 03:18:45 CET
Pit Bull (00000212)
2.8/5 (76 Votes)
Since my earliest childhood days, I [...]
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Posted on 22.12.2012, 04:48:21 CET
Wayward Boyfriend (00000131)
2.8/5 (141 Votes)
I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost four months. It will be four months in just five days. I have had my female best friend for two years, and she has recently gotten close to my boyfriend too. Last night, when I was chatting with another friend, the ex boyfriend of my female best friend, he told me that my boyfriend was telling him that that he's been talking to my best friend. My boyfriend sounds and looks like he's flirting with my best friend, just like my friend told me. I messaged my boyfriend, and I told him if he doesn't want me anymore, then fck him. I told him that I'd rather he just break up with me rather than cheating on me. And tomorrow, I'll see my boyfriend and I'll slap him and my best friend in the face so hard.

Posted on 02.11.2011, 04:51:45 CET
Place: Olongapo City, Philippines.
Love Buzz (00000318)
2.8/5 (143 Votes)
I am in love with my boyfriend for past 10 years. Currently I changed my job, one of my colleague said he will give lift in his bike since my house was very far. I went on his bike for a few days maybe 5 days. But I didn't tell my boyfriend about this. One day my colleague asked me to kiss him and I kissed him on his cheeks without thinking about my love.. I went with him on the bike only because of far away home. Once we were talking in office, he touched my breast for a second, I immediately left the meeting room and went to my seat. He called me to talk, but he did this nonsense. After that I stopped going with him. I stopped talking with him. I didn't even tell this to my boyfriend, who is my husband now. After nearly 3 years of this thing, I am feeling very very guilty now. I really know it's a sin to my true love. It's the biggest mistake of my life. I love my hubby more than my life. I would die for him, but I feel I cheated him. I don't know how to overcome this mistake. Every day its hurting me, please tell me what shall I do. It's killing me everyday.

Posted on 13.03.2013, 18:39:13 CET
Last Man Standing (00000220)
2.8/5 (71 Votes)
I (f/23) have only gotten drunk alone once in my life and I will probably never forget it. I was alone at home and wanted to drink fig vodka, so I got to it. Four hours later, my parents found me shirtless on the couch, which I was using as rear cover like maniacal Bruce Willis in "Last Man Standing". I was also making loud shooting noises which was quite embarrassing.

Posted on 31.12.2012, 01:26:20 CET
Grill Cleaner (00000099)
2.8/5 (120 Votes)
As some of you know, working at a deli can be a bitch when it comes to cleaning up at the end of the night. Grill cleaning is the worst job because you have to do this when it is still hot, or the cleaner will not work. The cleaner itself is strong, but you always use gloves anyway. I worked with this fat nasty lazy girl that never wanted to clean the grill. She used some excuse like her skin broke out or that she was "sensitive" to it. We all knew she was lying to pass the dirty work off to someone else.

One night when she was in the back doing dishes, I asked her to go get me something from the back as we were stocking up for the next day. I grabbed the bottle of grill cleaner and chugged a load in the dishwater. She came back out and continued doing her dishes without noticing anything different about the water. She left that night not complaining of anything regarding her hands or forearms. She came in the next day, still lazy, nasty and fat, but seemingly unfazed by the grill cleaner. I told the boss what I did, not really worried about what he would think of me.
He fired her a few days later.So, my Sin = Win.

Posted on 22.03.2011, 05:52:01 CET
Place: Harrisburg, PA
2.8/5 (101 Votes)
My brother is almost four years older than me, and is ill-tempered. When I was young, he would lose his temper and take it out on my sister and I. I never could remember why he was always so mad about, only that he was brutal on us. Our dad was always away on work and our mother was never around, so he always got away with it. I can still remember him trying to kill us on many accounts. He would strangle us, kick us, and punch as hard as he could, and he did this for years. Whenever we tried to tell our mom she would tell us that's how brothers are and we need to stop bothering him so much. Now, he's claimed that he's changed, and when we say we don't forgive him our mother tells us to get over it, but I don't think I can. To this day I can't stand being touched and it kills me to know that if my brother hit me again and I called the police, my family would hate me.

Posted on 26.01.2013, 04:29:15 CET
Place: Alabama
Digital Revenge (00000121)
2.8/5 (89 Votes)
My boyfriend was cheating on me with my best friend. When I found out, I hacked her phone and sent a message to his whole family containing a dirty picture he had sent me. To this day he thinks that my ex-best-friend did it.

Posted on 06.08.2011, 22:09:15 CET
The hated flatmate (00000382)
2.8/5 (81 Votes)
This year, I got a large repayment on my utility bills of nearly 500 Euros. My former flatmate would be due to receive about 150, but I kept the amount a secret and only transferred her about 20. Reason; without my knowledge she kept a subtenant in her room and sent the key by post, although I am the main tenant and she herself was only a subtenant. She informed me of this when we were celebrating the end of the semester and I had already had a few. When I later called her out on this, she snapped, insulted me, and told me she couldn't get along with my impossible nature and gave her notice for her room. But of course only after the subtenant (from whom she was making a pretty packet) had been paid by our employer. Since the subtenant had already agreed, I didn't want to be mean and ban her, so I said she could stay for three months. During that time my flatmate (because I really am this stupid) just communicated to the subtenant that her parents should come and get her things and so on. This bitch annoyed me so much that I kept the money from her, she saved enough up and I don't owe her a cent! She never transferred her rent on time anyway.

Posted on 22.04.2013, 03:15:25 CET
The Clown (00000002)
2.8/5 (148 Votes)
When I was in elementary school, I had to crochet a clown, who, after all those years, still inhabits a small space in my closet. Sometimes I take him out and talk with him about the politics in a fictional state, where he used to be minister of interior affairs and wants to hold that position again. I am 23 years old, study history and wouldn't in my wildest dreams visit a shrink because of it. After all, we are all a bit nuts.

Posted on 29.06.2006, 19:48:36 CET
Precocious Insights (00000057)
2.8/5 (118 Votes)
Because of an oversight on my older brother's part, at the age of seven I got to see my first porn video. Unfortunately, I drew the wrong conclusions from it: I thought a child comes from a man peeing into one of a woman's two "holes." Weeks later it was Christmas and the annual family feast. At table, my aunt, conversing with my mother, said that she wanted another child but couldn't quite seem to make it happen. I saw a chance to show off my knowledge and asked my aunt in front of everybody why my uncle couldn't manage to piss into her.

Posted on 16.08.2009, 11:20:39 CET
Babysitting (00000113)
2.8/5 (118 Votes)
I'm having sex with my boyfriend while I'm supposed to be babysitting for my mother, watching my brothers and sisters.

Posted on 21.02.2011, 07:06:08 CET
Re-converting (00000264)
2.8/5 (117 Votes)
whenever I drive around town, and see a cop I start to get uncomfortable, and slightly get paranoid. I should relax and shouldn't give a damn, but I easily get irritated if someone tailgates to close. It ticks me off, and maybe should relax. I think too much about the past, the future and get excited to easily that I lose track of reality which I think the only way I could change is by starting to be focused, and motivated though God.

Posted on 13.02.2013, 17:56:40 CET
Coming out in the open (00000335)
2.8/5 (69 Votes)
I am unsure of my sexuality, but I'm pretty sure that I'm at least bisexual. I live in the Deep South of America and come from a conservative Christian home. Today, my mother was watching a show about gay teens coming out and jokingly asked me if I was gay. Of course, I was already on the edge because of the show, but when she asked why my heart dropped. I lied, saying "No way mom! You're joking, right"? She laughed and told me "Good, I don't want to have to deal with all that". I've never wanted to tell the truth so badly in my life, but there's no way I can.

Posted on 26.03.2013, 22:47:19 CET
For Rent (00000073)
2.7/5 (135 Votes)
I've got to unburden myself of something, too: I study in USA and to that end became a renter in an elderly lady's house, whose ad I found on the internet. To be exact, I lived in her garden shed. After everything started out fine with her, gradually it turned out that the old lady, who herself lived in the house, was a right nasty, disturbed, paranoid beast, who constantly terrorized her renters. Always discreetly via e-mail, I was accused of just about every imaginable wrongdoing ranging from theft to dishonesty. To keep my blood pressure down, I'll spare you the details here. After two months of psychological terror, I had enough of this nonsense and gave my notice, but not without leaving her a little present: the old lady always solicited her poor renters on a well-known internet portal. When she opens it now, she's automatically routed to a wild anal-fetishist web page. She shouldn't have always left her PC unattended.

Posted on 13.11.2009, 08:04:30 CET
Place: Berkley, USA
Real meat at lunch (00000312)
2.8/5 (98 Votes)
This lunchtime a few friends came to have lunch at mine, since I had offered to cook something for everyone. As I found out shortly before, one of them was bringing a hated acquaintance with him, who I would rather sooner have uninvited. This person is a die-hard vegetarian who loves to lecture so-called carnivores on their eating habits in order to terrorize them. By the way, I have nothing against vegetarians, but rather against egotistical naggers who want to dictate how I should live. I had planned to make lasagna, but now I could forget that. I would have prepared something else straight away, but then this person wrote me a rude text in which she point-blank declared what should be served. I was unfortunately already so irritated that I just made my lasagna and later sold it as this fake meat (I sadly have no idea what you call it but it's not tofu). At first I was sure that the cow would expose me. In my opinion you can taste a difference between fake meat and the real stuff, but no way. She found it delicious and had a second helping. I had to stop myself from dying of laughter the whole time and from observing her too much while she was eating. In hindsight I am already sorry for the whole thing, which is why I am confessing here, but when I think of it, another grin appears on my face. It is surely not one of the worst incidents that are posted on here, but for an otherwise honest and predictable person like me, it is.

Posted on 11.03.2013, 05:39:14 CET
Special Birthday Cake (00000065)
2.7/5 (141 Votes)
I remember well the time when I crapped on the floor in kindergarten. It happened like this: whenever a kid had a birthday, all the tables would be pushed together in the middle of the room and everybody would sit at them. At some point I had to go to the bathroom very urgently. This I told to the auntie who took care of us. It seems she didn't grant me the relief and kept me from going to the bathroom. Since it became unbearable soon thereafter, I simply crawled under the table and did my business directly in the room's geographic center. Of course, the nasty pile was duly observed after the celebration when the tables had been moved back to their original places. We all had to line up and look straight into the aunties' eyes. In spite of the aunties' intensive efforts to discover the evildoer, he was never caught. They had no choice: they had to dispose of the pile themselves. On the one hand, today I feel a little guilty. On the other, auntie should have let me go to the bathroom.

Posted on 02.10.2009, 02:13:46 CET
Place: Dortmund, Germany
Retard Horn Dog (00000549)
2.7/5 (301 Votes)
My mother is acting stupid and flirty whenever I am looking for a boyfriend, it's got to stop she has to grow up. Is this bloke my dad? She is wanting to fuck him and make a fool out of me again? What is wrong with this retard slut. She said to dad today "Oh well, you got your way" and pulled to cover off the chair. She is acting stupid. I think she wants to push him off on to me and hurt me. She has to stop this childish little horny dirty game of hers. She will get a kick up her face for this. That woman is making a fool of me for some reason. Why? Why is she so jealous of me and some old retard horn dog. No man wants her. She should be made to keep her mind of her husband and get out of us girls cunts and let us have a man of our own. Grow up old lady and stop making a fool of your 2nd daughter. I have had this stupid dogs bullshit. I wish my mother and john move to a low set house nursing home or down to the granny flat and my sister leave all together back to her filipeno shitter. I think my mother and sister have murdered me sexually and its got to stop.

Posted on 14.08.2013, 16:44:43 CET
Place: East Adolfoland

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