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Small, Successful Corner Shop (00000156)
2.7/5 (169 Votes)
About 10 years ago, I (m/32) took over a kind of village shop because my father died unexpectedly. I didn't actually want to take over the shop because I was still very young. Since my two siblings also didn't want to take over the shop because they both had higher goals, I did it, mostly out of love for my mother who was very attached to the business. I always got to listen to the same prophesy rom my dear siblings who said that I wouldn't keep the business for three years since no one stood a chance against the big stores in the cities. They always had a big laugh about that. At first it really was a lot of work. 14 hour days were not unusual for me because I still had to do orders and accounting work after normal business hours. I made just enough money to live and I was lucky that I didn't have to pay any rent for the shop location since I took it over along with the business. I also thought that I couldn't withstand the big stores for long.

Meanwhile, the situation changed against all expectations because the elderly people from our village buy almost everything from me since it is difficult to get into the city at their age. The young client is also increasing since not everyone can afford a car or wants to ride 30 minutes on the bus to the city. In short, I'm probably won't become a millionaire with the shop, but I have more than enough for my wife and two children, I can pay off the house, and can also have a treat now and then. Now for my confession: It's currently not going well for my siblings financially and so they regularly ask me for discounted food prices. I don't agree with it since my other customers have to pay full price. In addition, they always put me down since I took over the store. I offer them quality goods that are about to expire for free. I could slap the both of them when they suggest that I stick the business etc. up my butt and that I'm an egotist.

Posted on 11.10.2012, 15:19:07 CET
The way the cookie crumbles (00000451)
2.8/5 (82 Votes)
The last thing I recall was [...]
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Tags: Sex Lust

Posted on 23.05.2013, 04:43:06 CET
In your face (00000189)
2.8/5 (78 Votes)
A couple months back, It was [...]
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Posted on 15.11.2012, 13:50:20 CET
Mr. Wonderful (00000127)
2.7/5 (103 Votes)
Back when I was around fourteen, my best friend got her first "boyfriend." According to her, he was Mr. Wonderful, he lived in the city, he was 17, and he was super cute. Yeah yeah. Well, what I began noticing after a few weeks of her "relationship" was that 1.) I'd never met/seen the kid before, and 2.) every time I'd go to her house, she would have "just hung up with him" and would never let me speak with him. After a while, I started secretly catching her in lies. After about two months of this, I had completely convinced myself that he was made up, and after a while, I found out that I'd been right, though she still wont admit it. Her first kiss, her first time, everything had been a lie! Why on earth would she think I would care If she was still a virgin? Her "relationship" lasted roughly 10 months, which is a long time for a real relationship for a fourteen year old, but I suppose that if only one person exists in the relationship, you can do whatever you want. She still doesn't know that I know.

Posted on 23.09.2011, 06:51:45 CET
Place: Oklahoma
Addicted to male anatomy (00000561)
2.7/5 (493 Votes)
So I (f) recently found myself addicted to the male anatomy. Not erotically but more fascinated. I love to look at the back, the shoulder blades, the vertebral column, the shape of the muscles and even just the joints. But I've found out that what turned me on on a boy was his skeleton. I've always loved blood and bones for great a long time now, and I still think that's the sexiest part on a men. I just love male anatomy, I can't help it. Seeing how the bones can move with the muscles, the shape of the vertebras, the muscles working, how the bones in the skeleton are placed in a perfect harmony, even seeing the blood rushing from a simple cut or a flesh wound, seeing the life coming out of our veins. I just can't help but love it. I'm a bit crazy I know but that's how I am.

Posted on 11.09.2013, 12:38:49 CET
Our Harmonious Village (00000396)
2.7/5 (117 Votes)
I (f) live in a small town with a maximum of 200 people, half of which are crazy. On the outside they look happy and peaceful while they secretly fight each other. In the middle of summer back when I was a toddler, my brother and I would run through our village stark naked in the heat to visit our friends in a wading pool. My parents received a letter with signatures from a lot of village members that our behavior was shameful for our village and that it would drag its reputation through the mud if we kept at it. I'm 18 years old now and the author of the letter who argued for the good name of the village has since been put in the loony bin after he went on a rampage at his home so bad that the SWAT team had to storm the house. The community wanted to keep the incident a secret , guess who isn't and who is gossiping at school out of revenge.

Posted on 28.04.2013, 09:55:25 CET
Being A Witch (00000524)
2.7/5 (224 Votes)
I have lied to my friend for being a witch, and been into witch craft. I lied to my family for little stupid things. I think going gay that I'm going to force myself to be straight. Is it wrong that you want to be a witch, so you can help people and be a healer.

Posted on 21.07.2013, 04:39:17 CET
Place: South Marielabury
Old McDonald (00000319)
2.7/5 (99 Votes)
I stirred on to a picture of a goat and it was amazing, but I couldn't help but feel bad about it because, you know, it's a goddamned goat. I feel bad but I was really fucked up at the time.

Posted on 18.03.2013, 06:05:01 CET
Flies On Their Tummy (00000490)
2.7/5 (205 Votes)
When I was younger, I would get bullied a lot. Maybe because I was chubby, or maybe not. I don't remember. The girls who bullied me were really mean. So one day, I punched them both in the stomach, and scratched their faces out of the yearbook. Stupid as I was, being only in second grade, I told the teacher there was a fly on their stomachs, and that I scratched their faces out because I accidentally scribbled on it. I was really dumb, but come on, for a second grader saying "There was a fly on their stomach" was pretty clever wasn't it?

Posted on 12.06.2013, 03:02:31 CET
My mother's prank (00000377)
2.7/5 (102 Votes)
This is not a funny confession. In any case it isn't for me. September 24th 1999 was the worst day of my life. My mother was known for her quirky sense of humor and often played pranks on me or my brother. Once she watched a horror film with me and my brother and pretended she was being strangled by someone else's hand behind the door. Often it was about scaring us. On the above-mentioned day I was 14 years old, my brother was 12. I was coming home from school and I heard a faint cry for help. Of course, I recognized my mother's voice and did what I am still ashamed of 14 years later. I shouted back loudly "Alright mum, who's killing you now?" Then I heard a cry for help again: "Call a doctor, I'm lying in the bathroom". From the tone I realized that something wasn't right and I ran into the bathroom. There lay my mother on the floor and she told me to ring 911 and my dad. Naturally, I realized the gravity of the situation and I took action. While the emergency doctor looked after my mother, I just thought about how I would excuse myself to my mother. September 24th 1999 was the day my mother died in the arms of a Doctor inside the emergency room. She had a heart attack.

Posted on 18.04.2013, 04:40:14 CET
Family Reunion (00000082)
2.7/5 (109 Votes)
I was visiting my mom, who had made some lasagna and invited me over. When I got to her house, my father's car was parked in front of the garage, something that doesn't happen very often, because my parents are separated. When I entered the place and went into the living room, everyone was already sitting down at table – my mother, my father, my brother (who still lived with my mother) and his girlfriend. I think at the time they had been together for about half a year. It all seemed pretty odd to me, since familial get-togethers like this at the most happened on birthdays and Christmas. I sat down and took a piece of the lasagna. Then I noticed that my brother's girlfriend wasn't nearly as cheerful as usual. Just to cheer her up a bit and eventually discover what accounted for her peculiar state of mind, I asked jokingly "What on earth is the matter with you? You're not pregnant, are you?" whereupon I started laughing uproariously. Unfortunately, I was the only one laughing.

Posted on 21.05.2011, 00:08:33 CET
Prankster gone wrong (00000198)
2.7/5 (109 Votes)
I shoplift lot, but last year something really funny happened. A joke was played on me. So, being a 21 year old prankster, I decided to shoplift a dildo for my friend as a prank, I took it out of the box since the bar code was stuck to the box and and slid it in my jacket. I was walking away casually with it, as usual. Then when I was halfway out the store in the mall a security guard thought that I was suspicious and started following me. Eventually he ran after me, trying to hold the now vibrating dildo in my jacket and I ended up dropping it while running that my face was all over the mall on the tv set and the loudspeaker was saying "Catch the dildo thief!" To this day I find this hilarious.

Posted on 24.11.2012, 05:37:32 CET
My Romantic Ex (00000226)
2.8/5 (77 Votes)
When I (f/25) was almost 18 [...]
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Posted on 07.01.2013, 05:05:11 CET
The Bully (00000190)
2.8/5 (84 Votes)
A few years ago, when I was 15, on my way home from my bus stop as usual. I had already noticed a boy a few times who bullied his peers. I was really angry with him. He bullied one boy, for example, because he was fat. Another kid was fairly small and wore glasses, and he often threw him off his bike or blocked his way home. They were his age. Those kind of kids really annoy me, the ones that bully people without any background knowledge. The fat boy, for example, had battled leukemia for hears and became fat because of his medication. He still has to take it today, but he is healthy. He damn well can’t help it, exactly like the other boy. Both boys hadn't done anything to the guy and unfortunately let him do anything to them. On the day I mentioned, the bully surpassed anything that had happened before. I had often told him to leave them alone, but because I was a woman and often elegantly dressed, I think he didn't take me seriously. I walked a few meters away from them and heard everything start up again. I was so furious that there were tears in my eyes. I turned around. grabbed the boy, took him by the collar, and after screaming at him hit him with all my heart he was thrown down, and kicked him again. His "friends" laughed themselves silly and his "victim" couldn't suppress his laughter either. He stood up almost crying and ran home, looking back every now and then to see if I was following him. Since then, I think he's left the kids in peace that I've never noticed anything again anyway. I admit that I stooped to his level, but it was worth it. He wasn't responding to words. I haven't told anyone about this because I avoid violence and I can't really be proud of what I did. It just simply had happened, and I ask for forgiveness.

Posted on 16.11.2012, 03:46:50 CET
Come on Dad! (00000219)
2.8/5 (84 Votes)
Once, I (f/22) was on vacation with my boyfriend who's 23 years older than me. In our environment, the relationship is widely accepted, but outside of that, there are naturally some awkward and embarrassing situations. Like in Italy this year. We were sitting in a café at the beach and an older German couple began to talk to us. As we said goodbye, the woman said that she was personally very pleased to see a father with such a warm relationship with his daughter because she’d never had that in her life. In order to save myself a long explanation, I simply nodded, turned to my boyfriend, and laughingly said, "Come on, Dad!" I thought that I would never see them again. That evening, my boyfriend and I sat on the terrace of our hotel and were holding hands and cuddling. Suddenly I saw one of those strange bikes for 4 people drive by with woman from the café on it. She gave us a horrified look and grabbed her husband by the arm dumbfounded. I would have gladly explained the situation, but she rode away on the crazy vehicle too quickly. I'll never forget the look on her face.

Posted on 30.12.2012, 07:14:38 CET
Waiting For Mister Right (00000523)
2.7/5 (144 Votes)
I (f/26) hate other girls who don't like me, because I'm a virgin. I also have a feeling that they think I'm gay, because I'm not interested in having sex with any handsome male in the room. What's wrong with waiting for a person whom I will love? I see these girls as strumpets since they can't stay with at least one boyfriend, and always want another one. Dear God, please, forgive me.

Posted on 20.07.2013, 10:59:40 CET
Place: Henristad
Brutally insane (00000350)
2.7/5 (98 Votes)
I can't help but remember how people have bullied me in the past, and I think about wanting to repeatedly stab them or poison them, or kill them in any brutal way. I want them all suffer. How dare they make fun of my sexuality! How dare they! I hope they burn in hell.

Posted on 02.04.2013, 05:43:08 CET
Wasted (00000302)
2.7/5 (105 Votes)
Everytime I go out drinking with [...]
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Posted on 06.03.2013, 09:27:44 CET
Gun's And Roses (00000534)
2.7/5 (278 Votes)
I (f/23) have an obsession with Axl Rose, I have orgasms to his voice, his videos and his pictures, I know that addiction is wrong but I stalk him everyday, because I love him.

Posted on 11.08.2013, 03:06:38 CET
Place: Ernieview
In Vitro (00000522)
2.7/5 (108 Votes)
I (f/31) got pregnant by in vitro. My husband and I have been trying for years to have a baby, but nothing worked. So we got really desperate and decided to help the Nature and conceive our baby in an extracorporeal way. So we went to clinic, we got through all the procedures, and it succeeded. I am pregnant yet afraid of God's anger.

Posted on 15.07.2013, 21:37:56 CET
Place: Francescaburgh

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