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Family Reunion (00000082)
2.8/5 (106 Votes)
I was visiting my mom, who had made some lasagna and invited me over. When I got to her house, my father's car was parked in front of the garage, something that doesn't happen very often, because my parents are separated. When I entered the place and went into the living room, everyone was already sitting down at table – my mother, my father, my brother (who still lived with my mother) and his girlfriend. I think at the time they had been together for about half a year. It all seemed pretty odd to me, since familial get-togethers like this at the most happened on birthdays and Christmas. I sat down and took a piece of the lasagna. Then I noticed that my brother's girlfriend wasn't nearly as cheerful as usual. Just to cheer her up a bit and eventually discover what accounted for her peculiar state of mind, I asked jokingly "What on earth is the matter with you? You're not pregnant, are you?" whereupon I started laughing uproariously. Unfortunately, I was the only one laughing.

Posted on 21.05.2011, 00:08:33 CET
Tonight's the Night (00000410)
2.7/5 (165 Votes)
I did not think even for a nanosecond that my life would become so miserable. It was all due to a single mistake, which I did. I agree that my mistake was no small. But even then, it is very much easy to forgive my mistake. The things I did not were not at all done consciously. And I am sure God knows that. I was in complete chaos; I did not realize my duties, responsibilities towards my family, and the world. I thought I must only do what I liked in the life. I did not think about my parents, who have worked hard endlessly, to make me lead a happy life.In my selfish motive to live my life, I stole my friend's laptop and mobile. Afraid of returning it, I threw them away. My parents paid the lost amount to them, but it hurt them and me. I will never ever repeat any mistake in my life. I did not think about how it would hurt my friends, if they found that I was a bad guy. I was completely selfish, 100%. Those made me do a serious mistake, which almost ruined my career. Yes, it nearly ruined my career. But again, by God's grace, I was saved. Even though I have let him down due to my actions, it was done during my unlucky days. Now God, I know I still am your favorite. I know you have forgiven me. You know that I have reformed. You know that I still deserve one more chance.

Posted on 02.05.2013, 06:31:46 CET
Grill Cleaner (00000099)
2.8/5 (117 Votes)
As some of you know, working at a deli can be a bitch when it comes to cleaning up at the end of the night. Grill cleaning is the worst job because you have to do this when it is still hot, or the cleaner will not work. The cleaner itself is strong, but you always use gloves anyway. I worked with this fat nasty lazy girl that never wanted to clean the grill. She used some excuse like her skin broke out or that she was "sensitive" to it. We all knew she was lying to pass the dirty work off to someone else.

One night when she was in the back doing dishes, I asked her to go get me something from the back as we were stocking up for the next day. I grabbed the bottle of grill cleaner and chugged a load in the dishwater. She came back out and continued doing her dishes without noticing anything different about the water. She left that night not complaining of anything regarding her hands or forearms. She came in the next day, still lazy, nasty and fat, but seemingly unfazed by the grill cleaner. I told the boss what I did, not really worried about what he would think of me.
He fired her a few days later.So, my Sin = Win.

Posted on 22.03.2011, 05:52:01 CET
Place: Harrisburg, PA
The Color And Movement (00000545)
2.7/5 (209 Votes)
I (f/31) need a gift to live out a story I have written and to write another one. I need to live out a dream of love God. I am lonely and I got to live. I have to. I need the ambience. The color and movement.

Posted on 14.08.2013, 12:57:53 CET
Place: New Stanfordbury
2.7/5 (139 Votes)
Nearing the end of the year 2012, me and my best friend were exhausted and sick of school so we decided to skip school for a couple days, but days became weeks which got really worse that the I got caught came. But the thing is, what I dreaded more was that my parents and the police would find out, my friend was not as innocent as I once thought she was. She stole from every single clothing line in the mall, I was absolutely god smacked and impressed by the sum of clothes she took. As a gullible teenager, I once was I surprised her by snatching 2 coke cans, and a mars bar from the supermarket. Together we both stole nearly $600 dollars worth of items. My mother asked me where I got the clothes from I lied to her and said that I 'got them from a friend', but there was that moment of realization i knew that my actions were wrong and I'm probably going to be found out soon so the next day my best friend asked if I wanted to do go and shoplift I said no, a week after she was taken in by police, and I knew it would be the same for me if I continued.

Posted on 12.02.2013, 08:33:13 CET
2.8/5 (91 Votes)
I started feeling sexually attracted to [...]
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Posted on 22.04.2013, 07:25:08 CET
Hash brownies (00000381)
2.8/5 (109 Votes)
Eight years ago, I went to a festival in northern Germany with a few friends. We had decided to bring less alcohol in order to bring more grass with us. It has a load of advantages: you have to transport less and you don't get headaches. Sadly a mate of mine was quite paranoid about grass and getting caught. That he was a law student and our driver also contributed to the worry. In the end we found quite a sophisticated solution. We switched to hash brownies, to eat for a snack together with coffee and cake. They were the perfect disguise and my friend accepted this eagerly. Scarily it happened exactly as he had predicted: we were almost there, near the Hamburg border when we were flagged down by the police. First our driver (the budding lawyer) was questioned. Unsurprisingly he was nervous which alerted the police. We were all made to get out of the car and our bags were opened and more questions were asked. In the end one of the policemen opened the cool-bag with the cakes and the hash brownies. We were all expecting him to realize the situation and understand what was going on. Instead he waved his colleague over and gave a patronizing little speech about the state of youth. The whole thing was topped off when he confidently, and without questioning, took a hash brownie and shoved it in his mouth with relish. Our looks showed him his embarrassing mistake. Straight away came an apology and praise for the mother who had baked the brownies. We were allowed to carry on driving and he wished us a good weekend. In fact what we don’t know what happened to the policeman, but I hope he was able to enjoy his trip.

Posted on 22.04.2013, 02:36:30 CET
Young Love Sweet Love (00000423)
2.8/5 (87 Votes)
I think of doing it with a boy who is really really young. I have problems. I like young, weird stuff, and I am really young too. I think I'm mentally ill or there's something wrong with me. I want to hold hands, and I know it is un-pure to think of doing it with a very young boy. That's my confession. Hope you envy it. WOOOP!

Posted on 08.05.2013, 02:51:35 CET
Brother Next Door (00000107)
2.7/5 (138 Votes)
I need to confess that there is a boy in my condo that lives right next to me and I love how he looks like, he is a nerd one ( as I am a nerd I got attracted to him). Every day I look through my window trying to glare at him just for some seconds, I really want him to become my friend, I even imagine we in the future being like brothers. PS:I am a guy and I just want him to be my "brother".

Posted on 04.07.2011, 17:21:37 CET
Place: Recife, PE, Brazil
My pet mountain goat (00000260)
2.8/5 (105 Votes)
I had an intimate quality time with my pet mountain goat, I have enjoyed every last second until out of curiosity, why not get down and to add, get a fellatio? Unfortunately, the idea had turned out not the way I had thought of it. The furious horned beast bit my genital almost completely off, and now I regret everything.

Posted on 06.02.2013, 13:49:55 CET
Candid Camera (00000426)
2.8/5 (94 Votes)
Last week, my mom asked me to audition at a comedy bar. The director's name was Jacqueline Night. The audition went great. Until they decided I was not fit for the position, and my mom was actually playing a practical joke on me, that's when I loaded in burst of rage, and faced the music. What I'm trying to say is, if she wasn't so mean maybe she wouldn't have to go and play everything, things might have turned out ok, and we wouldn't be so tired. None should ever judge anyone when no one is perfect in this world.

Posted on 12.05.2013, 07:29:47 CET
Come on Dad! (00000219)
2.8/5 (79 Votes)
Once, I (f/22) was on vacation with my boyfriend who's 23 years older than me. In our environment, the relationship is widely accepted, but outside of that, there are naturally some awkward and embarrassing situations. Like in Italy this year. We were sitting in a café at the beach and an older German couple began to talk to us. As we said goodbye, the woman said that she was personally very pleased to see a father with such a warm relationship with his daughter because she’d never had that in her life. In order to save myself a long explanation, I simply nodded, turned to my boyfriend, and laughingly said, "Come on, Dad!" I thought that I would never see them again. That evening, my boyfriend and I sat on the terrace of our hotel and were holding hands and cuddling. Suddenly I saw one of those strange bikes for 4 people drive by with woman from the café on it. She gave us a horrified look and grabbed her husband by the arm dumbfounded. I would have gladly explained the situation, but she rode away on the crazy vehicle too quickly. I'll never forget the look on her face.

Posted on 30.12.2012, 07:14:38 CET
Motherly Love (00000354)
2.8/5 (79 Votes)
When my wife cheated on me [...]
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Posted on 04.04.2013, 09:32:32 CET
Hot loot (00000040)
2.8/5 (86 Votes)
My ground floor neighbor signed for a package on my behalf which contained a vibrator. However, she claims she did not take it. Very credible, when I receive a notice saying: "Your package was received on your behalf by Ms. X" I didn't argue with her, it was only a tenner, but I was contemplating revenge. She went shopping and left the back door open, so I snuck in and searched for the vibrator. In the bed side drawer, who would have thought? I covered it neatly in DaBomb sauce ( if you're familiar with it). A knife point of that will spice up a full board of soup quite nicely. I haven’t got a clue if it’s still hot when it dries up, but I do hope so.

Posted on 30.06.2009, 17:27:00 CET
Place: Ibbenbüren, Germany
Disgusted (00000292)
2.8/5 (57 Votes)
My sister used to date this guy back when she was 22 years old (she is now 28) last night i got very very drunk and went to bed with him. I feel awful and I love my sister very dearly, she is my everything. My world, my idle, my second mom. And I feel so terrible for doing this to her. She is now married to somebody else. And it was 6 years ago that they dated. But this is eating me up. What type of human being does this to someone they love so dearly??! I feel disgusting and used and embarrassed and shamed. I cannot believe I have done this. I pray that nobody ever finds out about this event. I will deny this to the very end. I am disgusted with myself. I hope this guilt and sick feeling disappears soon.

Posted on 02.03.2013, 18:04:42 CET
Ripped My Hole (00000554)
2.7/5 (372 Votes)
I'm (f) 13, and I masturbate uncontrollably. I can't control it. I've figured out how to have something in my vagina and my ass at the same time. I once ripped my hole and bleed all over the sheets. My mom thinks I had my period, but nope, I was up at 1 am using makeshift dildos, as I do every night. If I don't I can't sleep and the next day I get turned on over every little thing.

Posted on 16.08.2013, 08:46:54 CET
Place: Bernhardberg
Young Wild and Free? (00000429)
2.7/5 (133 Votes)
I am a 16 year old who has a secret life living as a prostitute. Now I'm not talking about real life I'm talking about an online job. Ever since I was nine I felt sexually active, and had watched porn (gay, straight, anime, furry, etc.) and have always felt like I wanted to be a porn star. I come from a very strict family who knew I did that and took all internet away for the longest time. Flash forward to when I was thirteen I was beautiful (I still am) but I used it in the worst way. I've sent nudes (to more then one person) I talk dirty on the phone, and I masturbate (LOUD) my parents think it's natural but they don't know the things I think about at night mostly kinky dreams like bondage with someone I know or furry sex (wolves) specially teachers with students. Fast forward to know and I have a teacher who likes me and I don't know what to think I go to a private school and on top of that a christian school! my current boyfriend is very pure and doesn't know about my past I wanna clean up but at the same time I don't wanna stop I love it, and I wanna keep doing it! I'm hoping to ask my boyfriend soon if he wants to have sex but if he doesn't me and my ex were going to I will have another sin about him soon but I need help!

Posted on 12.05.2013, 23:57:10 CET
My Romantic Ex (00000226)
2.8/5 (75 Votes)
When I (f/25) was almost 18 [...]
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Posted on 07.01.2013, 05:05:11 CET
A Colossal Date (00000060)
2.7/5 (122 Votes)
A few years ago, I was 24, I mostly chatted at work; since I'm self-employed, it's not a problem. One afternoon, it so happened I was chatting with a 20-year old, who described herself as blue-eyed, with blond hair down to her butt and very athletic. What really made me glad was she absolutely wanted to meet with me after work. So, I told her to come by the office at 6 pm, which she then did. The bell rang, I opened the door – it took forever and up the stairs slowly up the struggled, I'm not exaggerating, an enormous colossus, gasping "3rd floor, no elevator, thanks a lot." The rest of her, that's to say the hair, eyes and a perfectly pretty face, at least was as advertised. But athletic? Way off the mark. I was shocked and would have liked to have slammed the door shut. Wouldn't have worked, because my office is the only on the floor, and it has my firm's logo on it.

Well, ok, kind and stupid as well as cowardly as I was in those days, I thought, "Man, you can't tell the girl that she's totally fat and what she's hoping for will never happen." So I asked her if she'd like to go for coffee at the Café Forum on Gärtnerplatz in Munich (not far from my office). Knowing full well that a gay friend of mine worked there and because I resolved, to instantly turn gay, and that way would have no problem going out with girls, regardless of their looks. I'll never forget how bit by bit her face sank, because I transformed myself more and more, and told my gay buddy on the way to the toilet that I should be his ex from that moment on and that he was to rescue me, which he did in an absolutely credible manner. Anyway, I then invited her to a gay bar, to which she indicated, yes, sure, just for a beer, but that she was actually very tired already. To make a long story short:

She disappeared, I was relieved and never heard from her again. I confess hereby only that I was too cowardly and kind not to have told her to her face that it was a lot of cheek to lie to me like that and that I would never under normal circumstances have gotten together with her. And over 230 pounds and 5' 6" is not athletic! Even if all of China squeezes its eyes shut! I continue to be hetero but will turn gay in the blink an eye going forward should something like this happen to me again. And that works for me.

Posted on 08.09.2009, 03:25:38 CET
Place: Häberlstraße, 80337 Munich, Germany
Real meat at lunch (00000312)
2.8/5 (93 Votes)
This lunchtime a few friends came to have lunch at mine, since I had offered to cook something for everyone. As I found out shortly before, one of them was bringing a hated acquaintance with him, who I would rather sooner have uninvited. This person is a die-hard vegetarian who loves to lecture so-called carnivores on their eating habits in order to terrorize them. By the way, I have nothing against vegetarians, but rather against egotistical naggers who want to dictate how I should live. I had planned to make lasagna, but now I could forget that. I would have prepared something else straight away, but then this person wrote me a rude text in which she point-blank declared what should be served. I was unfortunately already so irritated that I just made my lasagna and later sold it as this fake meat (I sadly have no idea what you call it but it's not tofu). At first I was sure that the cow would expose me. In my opinion you can taste a difference between fake meat and the real stuff, but no way. She found it delicious and had a second helping. I had to stop myself from dying of laughter the whole time and from observing her too much while she was eating. In hindsight I am already sorry for the whole thing, which is why I am confessing here, but when I think of it, another grin appears on my face. It is surely not one of the worst incidents that are posted on here, but for an otherwise honest and predictable person like me, it is.

Posted on 11.03.2013, 05:39:14 CET

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