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Wasted (00000302)
3.0/5 (82 Votes)
Everytime I go out drinking with [...]
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Posted on 06.03.2013, 09:27:44 CET
Sibling Love in Religion Class (00000178)
3.0/5 (80 Votes)
In 9th grade, I had to give a speech about incest in religion class. However, I understood the topic was wrong, because when I searched the internet for information about "sibling love," I only found material about sexual contact between siblings, or incest. So I gave a speech in front of my entire class and my embarrassed and shocked religion teacher about sex between siblings. I was not stingy with the juicy details, elaborate stories and descriptions, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to speak for a full 15 minutes. While I was preparing for the presentation, I thought it was a little strange that I had to give a speech about this and it upset me that I had to put up with such an embarrassing topic. I confess that in my childish naivety, I never thought to use my brain and ask about this strange speech topic.

Posted on 09.11.2012, 00:08:27 CET
MacGyver (00000008)
3.0/5 (145 Votes)
I am quite ugly and people generally don't like me. Against all odds, one night I had the chance to get hot and steamy with a hot lady. Totally drunk, she still insisted on using a condom. Of course I didn't have one. But, being resourceful, I reached for my paper tissues all tissues out, plastic over Willy, cello tape around plastic 3 times and off we went... felt like MacGyver!

Posted on 19.01.2007, 12:03:20 CET
Toy Fire Trucks (00000191)
3.0/5 (69 Votes)
When i was five, i visited my grandfather at his nursing home. We were best of friends. One day, I brought my mini fire trucks to play with. On that day, a women who was very old and fragile stepped on my fire truck, She then slipped on them and I started to laugh, she was then shipped to the hospital and was pronounced dead. This had haunted me all my life.

Posted on 16.11.2012, 16:36:49 CET
Place: Baltimore Maryland
Serendipity? (00000337)
3.0/5 (66 Votes)
I miss my ex boyfriend like no other. I may have committed the sin of idolatry or whatever, but I really don't think that was the case. I miss him terribly, and he just gleefully walks past me, and makes it seem like he is okay. He is hurting too. I know, we have the same thoughts all the time. I don't know why he avoids me when he can just come back. I'm waiting. It's just really painful right now. Maybe I will be aching for a while, but I trust Jesus Christ, that His comfort is more precious than the sound of the voice of a lover. I am tired. Will my heart stop aching? Come quickly Lord, sing psalms over me. I am desperate for You. Ignite my heart to love You, and to serve You without any conditions.
Tags: Love Despair

Posted on 29.03.2013, 02:00:25 CET
3.0/5 (53 Votes)
I know that it sounds pretty mad and unbelievable, but this actually happened to me. A good three years ago, I (m, now 28) I worked as an office boy for a lawyer as a part-time job while studying law. My job was just making coffee, sorting documents and bring the post, but I was well paid. As a law student I was obviously interested in all the cases and sometimes read the case files. One case impressed me in particular. It was about a girl from Romania who came to Germany through a large network of human traffickers and had to work in a brothel, so she came to this lawyer. The case was already four years old at that time. I felt so much sympathy for this unknown person and sometimes I almost had tears in my eyes as I read the record of proceedings. A year later I had a different job and had almost forgotten about the case. At one of our flat parties, where there were always new people because friends brought their friends with them, I got to know a young, pretty girl who was studying Art History with a friend of mine. We instantly hit it off and talked the whole night, and after that we organised to meet up over coffee or at the cinema. One day she invited me back to her flat and told me her surname so that I knew which buzzer to ring. The whole time I had the feeling that I had heard the name somewhere before and when I stood in front of the door, the scales fell from my eyes. She was the girl from Romania. At first I didn't know whether to ignore this knowledge or whether I should speak to her about it. I distanced myself for a while and in hindsight I regret this enormously. Finally I made up my mind to say it to her and she was obviously hurt; she thought that I was distancing myself because she was made to sell her body. I felt even worse after that and contact dropped to a minimum. Motivated by friends, because I withdrew more and more, I made a last attempt to say sorry, and luckily she accepted my apology. Since then we have had a happy relationship and a few months ago we even moved in together. My confession is that I was an idiot and because of a few doubts I nearly let the love of my life get away.

Posted on 03.03.2013, 01:16:24 CET
Poisoning the stepfather (00000298)
3.0/5 (53 Votes)
When I was about 8, I tried to poison my stepfather. My stepfather had always treated me very badly, I was often hit and my mother continued to stick by him. After a while I developed such a hatred for him that I decided to get rid of him. I had once heard somewhere that too much salt can kill a person, so I came up with a plan: I would poison my stepfather with salt. Every meal time I mixed in some salt with his food. So that I wouldn't be apparent, I just took less salt. At the time I thought that it would take longer but that it would work all the same. He mostly didn't notice and only complained a few times that the food was too salted. I followed through for a few weeks, but when he was still as fit as a fiddle, I gave up. I only regret that I was too stupid to do it right.

Posted on 04.03.2013, 15:55:23 CET
3.0/5 (52 Votes)
I hate your babies they are [...]
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Posted on 10.04.2013, 01:01:07 CET
Place: your house
The Phone Kiss (00000076)
3.0/5 (103 Votes)
Two years ago I had what was for those days a modern folding cell phone. I used it for about a year and was totally satisfied. Recently, I was on the phone with a friend and he jokingly mentioned that I ought to leave off with the kiss for him at the conclusion, because it struck him as being a bit homoerotic. Ultimately through other people I discovered that that was no isolated instance. I discovered that my cell phone on being folded shut made a funny sound that sounded like "mmwaahh," i.e. like a short kiss. Funny to say, that year I didn't find a job because my potential bosses believed I would kiss them. So, everyone whom I kissed telephonically, it was unintentional!

Posted on 19.02.2010, 01:00:33 CET
Place: Vienna, Austria
Pink and Clear (00000161)
3.0/5 (102 Votes)
At the age of six, I started school and entered the first grade. My brother was already in sixth grade and my mother forced him to take me along so I didn't have to go alone. So I always went with him and his friends to school, but at a certain appropriate distance from them. I often didn't understand what the boys talked about, until one time I heard a few snippets of conversation about a toy. It came in many different colors and you could play great games with it. In my childish innocence, I assumed they were talking about Gameboys. So I spoke up and interrupted the conversation, "Yeah, my brother and I both have one. Mine is pink and his is clear and we play with them together all day!" Everyone burst out laughing, while my brother blushed red, glared at me, and swore. I didn't find out until much later that the conversation was about dildos and vibrators. I'm sorry that my brother was bullied and teased the rest of the year about that.

Posted on 16.10.2012, 23:22:12 CET
Take My Wife and Don't Bring Her Back (00000141)
3.0/5 (152 Votes)
Facebook, one of the Internet's most fundamental stalking tools, plays a key role in this sin of mine. A few days ago, a person who had practically been my stalker at one point went out of her way to start a conversation with me over Facebook. While chatting, I looked up her profile and saw the gist of what was going on in her life. She was 20 years old, married to a trucker, horribly obese, a mother, and apparently unfaithful. On her wall, her husband had posted something that went along the lines of "I am posting this on my wife's wall so that all you a**holes like Nick and others realize that I can find out about my wife's unfaithfulness. If you want her, you can contact me on Facebook and I will give you the address to my house. You can come pick her up, but if you take her then there is no bringing her back." So here I am, chatting with this ridiculously pathetic human being whose husband didn't even want her, and do you know how I feel? Fantastic. Because I love seeing how other people are just wasting their lives while I keep being more and more successful. Their failure only gives me strength. And since I really couldn't care less about the welfare of this girl that I was talking to, I commented on her husband's wall post which pointed out her infidelity. I said "Hahahahaha...oh man. You're seriously worried about other guys wanting to get a piece of that heap of disgusting flesh that you call a wife? Dear God. How low an example of man must you be to want to commit adultery with such a cow. I would try to convince you that it's only blind leprous wretches that you would have to worry about, but...well, who am I to be optimistic about the kind of guys that would associate with your precious spouse. But if that is the case and someone is idiot enough to run off with her, I would consider myself the luckiest man alive if I were you. Hasta luego." So really, I've two sins to confess. 1) I take pleasure in watching the misfortune of others and 2.) I get a blissful release by telling people off who do or do not deserve it, which merely reinforces the first sin. It's good to be bad, am I right?

Posted on 20.02.2012, 04:52:44 CET
Place: Seattle
Coming out in the open (00000335)
3.0/5 (50 Votes)
I am unsure of my sexuality, but I'm pretty sure that I'm at least bisexual. I live in the Deep South of America and come from a conservative Christian home. Today, my mother was watching a show about gay teens coming out and jokingly asked me if I was gay. Of course, I was already on the edge because of the show, but when she asked why my heart dropped. I lied, saying "No way mom! You're joking, right"? She laughed and told me "Good, I don't want to have to deal with all that". I've never wanted to tell the truth so badly in my life, but there's no way I can.

Posted on 26.03.2013, 22:47:19 CET
Gold digger bitches (00000384)
3.0/5 (240 Votes)
Though my success with women was previously mediocre at best, I (m/20) have made a 180 degree turn, since finishing my studies. You would be astonished at how the eyes of some women widen when they hear that you're an investment banker, and even more when you arrive with an expensive car and a nice suit. Women who wouldn't have glanced at me before wink at me and talk to me. At first I really enjoyed it but I have come to a point where the world of women makes me sick. Some of you will surely think that it is just about skanks, but it happens in every group of women. Some look for an idiot to buy their drinks, the others look for idiots to finance their house in the country and a convertible. To my confession: For some time I have been exploiting this and said things to women while hooking up: that I was only pretending that I had money; that I am still a student and intern and the car just belongs to a friend who I live with. You would be amazed how quickly a woman can disappear. At the moment I am seriously considering buying an old Golf and going round looking for a wife wearing just jeans and a t-shirt.

Posted on 24.04.2013, 08:35:45 CET
Strike a pose (00000331)
3.0/5 (133 Votes)
I am a sissy cross-dresser. I try to walk like a woman. I even penetrate myself using a handle. I like to watch women in the street, not for lust but for learning to be like them. I envy them so much for their wide hips, big chests, and smoothly curved bodies. I even took 3 of my mom's underwear, which I wear regularly and hand wash them. I take a lot of pictures of me and post them online.

Posted on 24.03.2013, 22:57:04 CET
Locking my Bike to Another (00000069)
3.0/5 (84 Votes)
On a cold winter's eve, I (m/22) wanted to meet my buddy at the shopping center for a little shopping. We both had only bikes in those days, and he'd arrived earlier than me and had already locked up his bike. Since I regrettably did not have a lock, I quickly ran inside to let him give me the key to his lock. Ran out again, locked my bike to his and then went to make the round through the arcade with him. After an hour we were ready to take off and went out again. Shock, my bike was gone! His stood there by its lonesome. At some point it dawned on me that I had locked my bike up somewhere completely different. Then I ran to said location and, see, there stood my bike by itself and unlocked. It appears that I attached my bike accidentally to a strange one and that by chance the key fit. I can just imagine the guy lying in his bed evenings, trying to figure out why somebody would do something like that. If you don't know the real reason, it can't make any sense whatsoever.

Posted on 14.10.2009, 03:10:19 CET
Place: Magdeburg, Germany
3.0/5 (83 Votes)
So, I'm basically 15 years of [...]
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Posted on 03.11.2012, 21:11:34 CET
Place: Canada
Vacation from School (00000126)
3.0/5 (166 Votes)
Last year in 10th grade, I ditched school for almost two months. This was back when it was just my dad and grandpa living with me, and my dad goes to work early. Every morning, I would hide in my closet until around 3pm or later so they would think I was at school. I even brought my laptop in there so I wouldn't get bored and I managed pretty well. When the school finally called my parents, I lied and said that I was being bullied in my history class. Surprisingly, they believed it and switched my classes and all that. I've always been a liar and I regret ditching because I'm behind in credits, so I'm repeating classes, but no one knows that. I wish I could go back and fix that.

Posted on 23.09.2011, 01:13:32 CET
Place: Granada Hills, California, USA
Hot loot (00000040)
3.0/5 (71 Votes)
My ground floor neighbor signed for a package on my behalf which contained a vibrator. However, she claims she did not take it. Very credible, when I receive a notice saying: "Your package was received on your behalf by Ms. X" I didn't argue with her, it was only a tenner, but I was contemplating revenge. She went shopping and left the back door open, so I snuck in and searched for the vibrator. In the bed side drawer, who would have thought? I covered it neatly in DaBomb sauce ( if you're familiar with it). A knife point of that will spice up a full board of soup quite nicely. I haven’t got a clue if it’s still hot when it dries up, but I do hope so.

Posted on 30.06.2009, 17:27:00 CET
Place: Ibbenbüren, Germany
Pervertion (00000320)
3.0/5 (70 Votes)
I'm a female counselor at a Christian camp that I have attended as a camper for seven years and I'm addicted to masturbation. How can I help other people when I can't even help myself?

Posted on 18.03.2013, 20:32:02 CET
Swap Meet (00000266)
3.0/5 (69 Votes)
When I was 16, we had [...]
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Posted on 19.02.2013, 05:26:05 CET

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