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Me,My Girlfriend, and I (00000262)
3.0/5 (65 Votes)
Well A couple of months ago [...]
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Posted on 07.02.2013, 05:44:13 CET
Secret knitting (00000291)
3.1/5 (32 Votes)
Now I have to confess something rather childish. I (m) really liked knitting at nursery and primary school. A few weeks ago, my girlfriend started knitting. Just to relieve stress and for the fun of it. It aroused memories of my childhood and how we used to do it at school. So when I was at home by myself once, I nabbed my girlfriend's knitting and tried to see if I could still do it. However, it didn't look good and I pulled it apart again. But because you can find any kind of how-to video on YouTube, I quickly got the knack of it again. Since then I have been secretly knitting my girlfriend's knitting projects. With a plain-colored scarf it wasn't a problem that it was ten centimeters longer the next day. However, at the moment she is making a multicolored snood and changes the color every few centimeters. Naturally, that makes it somewhat harder to complete her work without being caught. Recently she sat down on the couch and just said, "What the hell have I done there?" I had chosen a completely different color order than she had done before. Somehow I find it really exciting to do her knitting in secret and I just find knitting fun. However I would't dream of telling her that I also like to knit. Instead of that I laugh at her when she knits, to make her think that it doesn't appeal to me at all. That means I will probably have to carry on knitting in secret.

Posted on 02.03.2013, 14:10:53 CET
Doggy style (00000019)
3.0/5 (159 Votes)
After a night out my girlfriend and I snuck into her room in her parents house. It's right next to her parents bedroom. We had sex and tried to be as quiet as possible as usually I don't stay overnight. I was just taking her doggy style, and she was about to cum, when her head hit the wall quite loudly a couple of times. Her parents must have heard something cause all of the sudden they were standing in the room, gawking at us with sleepy faces. We really did not know what to hide or cover first. The image of me, taking their daughter doggy style must have been burnt into their brains for ever.

Posted on 22.02.2009, 12:37:26 CET
Place: Kiel, Germany
Fairly Enough Compensation (00000068)
3.0/5 (221 Votes)
A couple of days ago, I went to the iPhone-dictator, that is to say, my local T-M*bile shop, to complain about my iPhone, which had lasted all of eight months. After I had explained over and over that I would need the iPhone as soon as possible, because I'm always on the road working and depended on my e-mail, they tried to placate me with "your iPhone will be ready in two weeks" and send me home. Politely but firmly I gave them to understand that I don't pay 89€ a month to have to make do without my phone for 2 weeks and that therefore I was not leaving without a loaner. After a few feeble evasions they finally gave me a Nokia that had previously been a display model. Apparently, the service person who was waiting on me had used the cell phone herself for a time as a work phone, as she had to "reset it and erase the memory card." Said lady was really snotty, which definitely rubbed me the wrong way. I was glad to get away eventually, never mind the usual lousy service and my iPhone gone forever. Once back home, though, the impression I had did improve: it was real easy to restore the 256MB memory card and the pictures and video on the card were thoroughly entertaining: the salesperson who, although not a raving beauty but for all that well-equipped, apparently had used the phone almost exclusively for producing private porn. Seeing 6 golf balls squeezed out of a body opening, by the way, I did find fairly impressive. Ever since, I'm happily waiting for the day when I can pick up my iPhone again. I will then ask said lady, if she still enjoys playing golf. Just one more week.

Posted on 12.10.2009, 23:34:30 CET
Great Moments in the Life of a Toilet Pumper Truck Driver (00000187)
3.0/5 (61 Votes)
In the summer of 2009, I [...]
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Posted on 12.11.2012, 03:15:40 CET
Captain Jack Sparrow (00000075)
3.0/5 (122 Votes)
Last summer I was on the road with a buddy in his convertible. I was way drunk, because earlier I'd inhaled several beers. The roof was down and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" song was playing loud. And he also still had his little son's pirate hat lying in the car. As we stopped at a red light, a police car was behind us. Just for laughs, I put on the hat, unlatched the seat belt, stood up and yelled "This is the day that you will always remember as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow" and started laughing. Well, the policemen didn't think it was quite as funny. They waved us over and my buddy took the hit. Since then I'm not allowed to ride along anymore.

Posted on 27.01.2010, 00:22:50 CET
Blue mass (00000039)
3.0/5 (91 Votes)
When I was about 10 years old, I went on holiday to my cousin in France. They are all catholic and keep running to church. I had to come and really hated it. So one day, before a Sunday mass, I poured blue ink into the holy water. Half of the church goers had blue spots in their faces before anyone noticed. My cousin was suspecting me immediately, but couldn’t prove it. I do regret the silly prank today, but it was funny!

Posted on 20.06.2009, 15:34:06 CET
Place: Mulhouse, France
The Bully (00000190)
3.0/5 (60 Votes)
A few years ago, when I was 15, on my way home from my bus stop as usual. I had already noticed a boy a few times who bullied his peers. I was really angry with him. He bullied one boy, for example, because he was fat. Another kid was fairly small and wore glasses, and he often threw him off his bike or blocked his way home. They were his age. Those kind of kids really annoy me, the ones that bully people without any background knowledge. The fat boy, for example, had battled leukemia for hears and became fat because of his medication. He still has to take it today, but he is healthy. He damn well can’t help it, exactly like the other boy. Both boys hadn't done anything to the guy and unfortunately let him do anything to them. On the day I mentioned, the bully surpassed anything that had happened before. I had often told him to leave them alone, but because I was a woman and often elegantly dressed, I think he didn't take me seriously. I walked a few meters away from them and heard everything start up again. I was so furious that there were tears in my eyes. I turned around. grabbed the boy, took him by the collar, and after screaming at him hit him with all my heart he was thrown down, and kicked him again. His "friends" laughed themselves silly and his "victim" couldn't suppress his laughter either. He stood up almost crying and ran home, looking back every now and then to see if I was following him. Since then, I think he's left the kids in peace that I've never noticed anything again anyway. I admit that I stooped to his level, but it was worth it. He wasn't responding to words. I haven't told anyone about this because I avoid violence and I can't really be proud of what I did. It just simply had happened, and I ask for forgiveness.

Posted on 16.11.2012, 03:46:50 CET
The Teacher with No Perspective (00000225)
3.0/5 (59 Votes)
During my school days, I took [...]
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Posted on 06.01.2013, 07:16:06 CET
Boys will be Boys (00000475)
3.0/5 (174 Votes)
While I was in California on [...]
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Tags: Sex Lust Lie

Posted on 02.06.2013, 02:17:41 CET
Place: California
Extra morning flavor (00000095)
3.0/5 (163 Votes)
I get to the office an hour before my boss, at least once a week for the last two years I've been peeing just a little bit into his coffee mug. I have never seen him rinse it out before filling up in the morning.

Posted on 22.02.2011, 16:46:04 CET
Place: Newport Beach, CA
Enjoying Bible Study (00000146)
3.0/5 (129 Votes)
I'm a girl and I think really, really dirty, impure thought about this girl I see at Bible study two days a week.

Posted on 06.06.2012, 07:28:27 CET
Aviatophobia (00000013)
3.0/5 (125 Votes)
I was absolutely agitated when I had to fly. I used to and still are traveling a lot by plane on business. It became so bad that I had to take medication when flying so I wouldn't suffer a panic attack. On a homebound flight from Switzerland I got utterly drunk one time by accident. I only wanted to drown the fear. During the flight I suffered a severe panic attack and drove the other passengers mental. Eventually, an angry passenger got up and gave me a huge punch. I went down and out. When I came around, I was back on my seat with a bleeding nose and a split lip. But, I am cured since then. I have flown 2 times already with no sign of fear. Thank you!

Posted on 24.09.2008, 01:26:25 CET
Place: Zürich, Switzerland
Perversion (00000261)
3.0/5 (49 Votes)
I watch adult movies and stir on it, because of the films I watch, my mind is full of dirty images, I always think about it, and everything reminds me of coitus. I am tired of this and wish to repent forever, however I always find myself returning to this and saying sorry repeatedly to God. But I fear that God is tired of forgiving me for this sin, since I always go back to it. I started watching adult movies at the age of 7, so I fear that this might be the reason why it's such a hard habit to break. I got so use to it. I am truly sorry. I don't want to be like this anymore. I am tired of feeling guilty afterwards and then having to face Jesus, knowing that he saw everything because he is everywhere, how shameful it is of me. If it is possible, please send a prayer up for me, asking God to free me from this spirit of lust.

Posted on 11.02.2013, 08:32:11 CET
Bisexuality (00000192)
3.0/5 (44 Votes)
I have always had a high [...]
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Posted on 17.11.2012, 21:30:42 CET
The Facebook Cat (00000202)
3.0/5 (44 Votes)
I created a fan page for my cat on Facebook to see how many friends he could get. Surprisingly, he actually now has over 300 more friends than me.
Tags: Pets Internet

Posted on 08.12.2012, 05:27:38 CET
Biological Terrorism (00000336)
3.0/5 (110 Votes)
I have given genital herpes to more than 50 men. I am going to keep sleeping around, and spread this disease until I reach 500 people. However, my real goal is to reach 1,000 before I die.

Posted on 28.03.2013, 10:01:35 CET
Identity Crisis (00000439)
3.0/5 (150 Votes)
I have to confess. I'm (f/17) in a religious family, but to the point where they know how to control themselves. They are strongly against gay men, but I am fine with it. I confess that I watch gay porn. My parents don't want me to be Ok with gay people, and I don't know if I really believe in Christianity or not anymore. I have lost most of my faith in God, and I hate going to church. I am so confused and I want to stop, but I can't. I think God is annoyed of forgiving me, since I always do this. I hope I will eventually know what to do.

Posted on 15.05.2013, 13:33:07 CET
Place: Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Found a Wallet (00000088)
3.0/5 (171 Votes)
Yesterday I found a wallet. Naturally, I tried to contact its owner, it wasn't about stealing it or anything like that. The address was there but because it was out of the way, I called the owner's bank and asked them to give the guy my number. Until noon today, the thought kept nagging at me if I shouldn't just take the cash out. It was only 45 Euros, it's not a fortune, but who couldn't make good use of it? But from the wallet I knew the owner had children and that he wasn't well-off, so I didn't do it. The phone rang today and the young man promised to come by soon. I considered once more: someone might have extracted the cash before I found the wallet. But, no, that would be a pretty shitty thing for me to do. When he came to get his wallet then, he was really unfriendly. He didn't even properly thank me. Just shook my hand and rushed off. And he didn't even look into the wallet. Fuck, I should have taken the money! Moral of the story: if someone gives you back your wallet whole, at least say thank you! Asshole!

Posted on 28.12.2010, 23:51:32 CET
Burger Toilet (00000066)
3.0/5 (85 Votes)
A short while ago I was in one of the two big burger chains near us; to be exact, in the one with the crown. I ordered, ate and then had to go to the bathroom. In front of the bathroom sits a woman who is known to let only customers inside, unless you pay her 50 cents. The restaurant is located in a railroad station. Well, I had eaten, so the bathroom should be free for me. The good woman didn't see it that way, however, and asked to see the receipt from my meal. Naturally, I hadn't let them give me a receipt for my 6.79€ fast food restaurant meal. Without giving it a lot of thought, reflexively one might say, I belched into the good woman's face, adding nicely, "As you can surely smell: Big King XXL with bacon, very fresh." After that, I was allowed to use the bathroom without charge, as I deserved. Shortly before I had been to an interview at a bank. It looked to me like it went pretty well, and I had high hopes for the position. That hope dwindled drastically for me after the incident with the john lady. As I found out after using the toilet, the gentleman in the line behind me was the man who I had sat across from for the job interview just an hour earlier. Today I got turned down.

Posted on 08.10.2009, 10:19:17 CET

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