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Romantic partner not fit (00000569)
2.3/5 (1430 Votes)
I have a romantic partner who I've been with for a while now. The thing is though, is we don't really fit well as a couple. They are immature, too heavy handed and possessive. Meanwhile, I have a close friend who offers me everything I ever looked for in a partner. I think they like me too and I'm attracted. But I love my actual partner too much to look for anything else. If I lost them, I'd most certainly spiral down into a deep depression. I keep thinking of being with both of them. It's a fantasy of mine, so that I can have the benefit of both. I'd be jealous if either of them when with other people though. I wish I didn't feel this way, but by GOD I do!

Posted on 21.03.2014, 04:46:16 CET
My Friend the Prince of Madness (00000568)
2.5/5 (952 Votes)
I don't feel accepted in society. I don't classify myself to be human, but some monsterous sub-species. I am a personally professional thief and velvet-tounged liar. But the biggest thing is, I masturbate. I have since I was 8 years old. But I'm also Homosexual. I really have nobody except my (call me immature) Imaginary Friend, Sheogorath, the Prince of Madness. I said I was 25, but I'm actually 15. I just needed desperately a place to tell someone these things.
Tags: Cowardice

Posted on 12.03.2014, 14:21:22 CET
The low cut shirt of my friend (00000567)
2.6/5 (951 Votes)
I couldn't stop looking at my friends tits. She was wearing a super low cut shirt with a tank top underneath. This helped push her boobs up even more. Not to mention her tits are huge. Probably close to a D cup. Anyway her cleavage was massive and the only thing between me and total view was her heat pendant necklace. Luckily for me she is never to worried or concerned about how much she showing. She was goofing around with her friends and started to jump up and down slightly. Her boobs were honestly jiggling out of control. To be completely honest, I wished I could fuck them right on the spot, right in front of my history teacher and everybody else. Also when she walks real fast, her tits are like jiggly heaven. Her ass is so big too. She's not one of those scrawny bitches. She's a good 120 or more pounds. She is so fucking hot. I've had a crush on her for more than three years and she is honestly the most attractive girl I know. She's pretty, nice, funny, and she's hot as fuck. Honestly I would wreck her little box. Not to be creepy. But yeeeaaah.
Tags: Lust

Posted on 07.03.2014, 23:25:54 CET
My pillow (00000566)
2.6/5 (931 Votes)
I am a teenager in college and have a pillow fetish. It sometimes gets out of control and things get kinky. It's a struggle. I know it is wrong and I hope that the Lord can forgive me.
Tags: Fetish

Posted on 07.03.2014, 11:52:37 CET

Cheating on my husband on weekly basis (00000565)
2.7/5 (909 Votes)
I am cheating on my husband with mainly two black men and a white man on a weekly basis. I am a 23 yr old white woman married to a 24 yr old white man. We are both catholic (I was before we met and he became one for me when we married). I was a virgin when we got married 2 years ago. Well if you don't count sucking off guys and lesbian sex I was a virgin, has I was never fucked in my pussy or ass by a man before my husband.

I love my husband but he does not fuck me like a whore. He treats me and fucks me like a princess which is good for being treated like one but in bed i need to be fucked hard. The most he does with me is slap my ass hard and call me a bitch but that is not enough. We sometimes have a threesome with another girl but still that is not enough. I wish I could stop it, but I have tried and stayed away from them for two months. My biggest fear is one of them or someone else will either by mistake or on purpose enter my pussy and get me pregnant. Its horrible but I can't stop it.

Posted on 03.01.2014, 08:22:44 CET
Place: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

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